14 February, 2007

Aaackk~!!! I see hearts everywhere~!!!

It's that time of year again. Lets see how many fools of love will be out there celebrating. From insanely priced dinner for two...to the *cough* hotel stays. The love birds are out in full force~! You'll see flocksof them here....and a few flocks over there. Happily hand in hand with one holing flowers and chocolates and perhaps that sweet dainty trinket and the other with a very carbon fibre light wallet and nose deep in Mr. Visa and Mr. Master 555 notebook.
But here is a the thing. We have heard the guy who travelled from Penang all the way to Camaron Highlands just for the insane amount of roses he bought for his girlfriend and I don't know what else that will end up in the papers this year. Somehow this is the time for ridiculous spending and adding to that Chinese New Year is very near. Damn, that is a lot of money to go to waste ain't it?
Then there is the depressed souls. Those people with no companion...or just ended a relationship. These must be really a hard time. This is when girlfriends go out together and give the much needed hug, that big tub of Baskin Robbins and the collection of friggin old romantic DVD comes to use. The guys however will chill over a few beers and perhaps head to a club and try to get some booty call. You see the connection here? The single guys will be out in full force in search of some liberating action with the women in such a vulnerable state tends to fall prey to these dicks.
Well, that is one way to look at it. Another way is that perhaps the singles will have some singles party in the hope of finding a partner or soul mate or bed mates or whatever mates you can figure out. There is a demand and there is a supply....great...Valentine is like your Sunday wet market.
As for me? Yaaahahhahhaaa....I will be out...having teh tarik with the girlfriend. Minimum spending...quality time.

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Jujubes said...

Quality time...Something I have been craving.

Yeah Valentine's means nothing to us, never celebrate it. Just don't make sense to us, plus very costly. ;)

Wow, teh tarik...