05 February, 2007

Are media reporters deaf or simply do not know how to count or friggin read?

There seems to be something really stupid going on in the media. Especially the newspapers....notice the reports of the Subang Parade Poh Kong robbery? Do you notice something really stupid when you compare the reports between one newspaper to another? My eyes can't be wrong because I see very different details from one to the other.
One states the case was solved in 8 hours, another says 9 and if I am not mistaken there is somewhere that says 7. Owh....to add to that is the loot worth RM1 million or RM800+ or as some Malay newspaper puts it at RM1 million +. Weh.....What the hell lah man....you think readers are dumb is it? Now which report are we to believe lah? If a simple robbery case already is already reported like this so what about the rest of the reports on other issues?
The press are really thinking they can win readers over with this stupid ploy? You people can't count or what? Or you have no idea what the hell does accurate reporting means? If you can't count go back to school...if you can't hear, go get some cotton buds, but if you editors and reporters are dumb? I can't help you there.....would wrapping you up in the newspapers you are trying to sell and set you guys on fire help?


Anonymous said...

Cool it my friend! It is a matter of interpretation. The robbery occured at about 8.30pm saturday and when they arrested the 4 at Bandar Sunway Hotel at 3.30am it was within 7 hrs and if they include the 3 at Rantau Panjang at 5.30am then it is within 9 hours.

As for the loot amount, it was an estimate - and a rounded off figure of RM1 Mln is good for a short headline

zewt said...

hahaha... u know, i just dont bother to read at all.