06 February, 2007

Aroma in the bushes.

Over dinner last night among other things I had this conversation with the girlfriend, and to me it is really a pretty disgusting feat. Why do I say a feat? You will get my point soon enough. The conversation revolved around the adage of personal grooming or the lack of it. The gender in question is women, girls or whatever else we men can and may refer them to.

We see plenty of these women magazines on the news stands. Some foreign and some local publications arranged neatly on shelves or pinned on a string. I dare say tips on personal grooming is very much accessible to one and all. Can't afford to buy them? Well just take a glance and jot them down in a notebook seems not that a rude thing to do. Somehow, these things elude a minority of women. The girlfriend answered simply "It depends on their background or upbringing". Bah~ I simply do not agree.

I mean do shavers and shaving creams really cost that much? Or are the various brands of deodorant is simply out of reach of all undergraduates? I could understand the term "Kampung" but legs with hair follicles protruding and piercing out of track pants must be really a turn-off don't you think? I certainly do think so. Lets not mention body odour~ Yeesshh....bad milk smells better sometimes.

Ladies and I bet those types I am referring to very hell well don't go online and read blogs or let alone have one themselves but to those who are ladies and do know a few like I have mentioned do you think it is bloody icky? Well, some are decent enough to keep them furs under wraps at all times (imagine the stench~!) but it does not give a good kinda feeling knowing what might lurk underneath right?

I remember the time when I was a young teen and my mom and I decided to take the KTM Komuter train to KL....it was during the lunch rush hour and yes the air was stifling humid. This girl or kakak that I can refer to as a cute little thing stepped into the train and grabbed the nearest passenger handle (those things that you hold on to when the train starts to move) and for the love of everything that god created the stench was simply horrid....to the point I think I went cross eyed a few seconds. My mom gave this snort and retorted by speaking very clearly...at least half of the car could hear her..."Dik, kita nie perempuan. Perempuan kena jaga kebersihan diri sentiasa. Lain kali pakai deodorant yer?". God bless, the girl than quickly put her hand down and practically shrank to the nearest corner she could find.

Fine yeah, my mom at least put her point more discreetly but I guess she had to do it as quickly as possible before she passes out herself. I do understand certain initiatives that some universities or faculties conducts a grooming and etiquette workshops just before the end of each semester for final semester students. At least I know UiTM does it. I think that is a good thing because in preparation to an interview not only a fresh graduate should know how and what to say they should very well know what to wear and be presentable.

But to me I guess it has to be taught during young. I feel so sorry to those whose parents do not teach their daughters on how to do their own personal grooming. I also do know many do want to try and learn but perhaps a case of too embarrassed to ask for help. Now that is a barrier that sure hell causes more cross eyed encounters in the public.

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