12 February, 2007

From the cradel to the grave.

Believe one thing, how you were brought up that's is exactly the way you will end up being. I am not referring to materials or possessions. It's a mindset or way of thinking. Depends who you grew up with, what you read and understand and what you eat. This is one way for certain that being a Muslim entitles me to think. But this is not a religious blog and I am not an expert on it either so lets just leave that point as that.

Some may be wealthy but still lacks decent human behaviour. I need not be specific, my readers are smart enough to think what is decent and what is not. I want my readers to think...not tell them what to do. As far as aspiring bums there are plenty out there. Alarmingly with such affordable education some still opt to be bums. Why is that? Certain mindsets flourish with cascading effects. One thing starting may trigger another at a later time.

And when responsibilities are neglected, we have those like corrupted politicians or those who embezzle money, lower down are the rapists, snatch thiefs, murderers, adulterers, Mat Rempit and other sociol political sins. Even legit businesses tend to avoid the law and not pay the taxes due.
So yes, you and me might be friends with one or any of the combination mentioned. Now that is a scary thought. The epitome resides in the heart. I don't think anyone(my self included) is pure at heart anymore. There is a twisted fate to everything and anything we do. Thus we pay heavily in anger and violence to a certain degree.
Don't forget arrogance. Well so it does help in a few instances but its like superhero powers. "With great power comes great responsibility", I keep hearing those in movies. With unmoral attitudes, shortchanging in business, back stabbing between friends what a more pleasant world to live in these modern times.
But somehow everything is perfect. Cause and effect plays it's part really well....but still we carry all from the cradle to the grave. Just at different speeds. Just remember...for everything done the cascade will eventually hit you. the question is simply just...will you realize it when it comes?

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