12 February, 2007

From one thing to another....Women.

Ok I read blogs of others a lot. Espacially from Petaling Street. There are good writers out there but it all depends on your preferences. But some times I come across things that sickens me or makes my mind wonder.
I could figure why women want to look beautiful. Apart to attract men there is the confidence boost which they get. Good...I love beautiful confident women. But there are things that go a tad on the far side of sanity. There is still the ever popular cosmetic surgery, botox injections, fitness clubs (I get this vision that people look very similar to hamsters when they are on treadmills, exercise bicycles and step contraptions). But to take it step too far is this Lip Embroidery.
It is actually just a tattoo but instead of scribbling images or words it's actually the colouring of the lips with the tattoo pen. I understand that it would cost RM 1K. Completely nutters I tell you. Why would you want to go trough that much pain when all that is needed is a lipstick?
Living by the saying "No pain, no gain" is very encouraging indeed. But this lippy thing is a bit on the far side of the universe. Imagine if something terrible happens? You could very well be disfigured for all eternity. Wanting lips like Angelina Jolie but end up looking like a walrus~! Yeeshh...

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Jujubes said...

God. That's crazy!!!! Just imagine the pain!