13 February, 2007

Hoi Melayu~! Bangga kah anda~?!!!

This has truely disturbing visual content. Discression is advised. Now on to my issue...

Here is another topic set in Malay. Since I have denounced that I am no longer Malay I now have a good graphic proof of why. Mind you I have never seen other races go to this extreme. Makes you wonder why on earth do these sort of things in broad daylight and in a public park? What crazy assholes. Seriously....take a good look.

Now I got this stuff trough my mail from a friend. Some of you may already know and seen this set of images but what seems to be my point is what the hell is becoming to this particular race? Seriously I don't care if some authority wants to charge me in court for this because these are facts of the Malay society. This is how desperate some people are and this is not why our forefathers fought for independence.
For all the shit....for all the great shit that Malays want to claim for their race I certainly vote otherwise because from these images I don't think they deserve it. While some of us work the hell out and fight for everything while those like these two here simply rip the dignity of it all away. Tsk tsk tsk....simply ungrateful.


temujin said...

melayu boleh..

oh crap, that sounds like a porno site

anyways, malays are weak and it shows. perhaps not everyone but i would say most of them

being a malay myself saddens me when this happens (and has been happening since long)

maybe malays need a kick up their ass?

maybe malays need to stop being spoonfed all the time?

personally i don't give a damn.

malays are, have always been and always will be malays.

this reality sucks btw.

Anonymous said...

You are so stupid by blaming all Malays are like that. You are an asshole & lesser than an idiot for thinking that all Malays would agree to that kind of immorality. Lastly, get a fucking life rather than blogging about other people's lives, you moron! You wanna delete this comment? Go ahead, you dickless bitch!

Jujubes said...

OMG. That is SO disgusting.

What were they thinking anyway? Get married lah~ Aiyo

I can't think anymore.

Anonymous said...

tapi kan buat benda2 tu sedap tau! takkan kita nak jual VCD cetak rompak, benda tu cina dah jual, kita tak dapat turf, so kita merempit its a subculture yg dah jadi mainstream culture, kalau ko tak caya, pergilah mana2 kampung melayu and see budak2 5-6 yrs old on their bicycle doing wheelies.... NOTHING the UMNO or BN gomen can do anything about this, We are proud to be exhibitionist malay and whellies malay, we are ultra hedonistic in our lifestyles, tengoklah mana2 orng melayu yg berjaya sikit mesti bukak cawangan lebih...yayayayayaayayayayay

Adam said...

I blame it on the fact that they can't go to a hotel or at a house and do it there (outside) due to the fact that they may be caught by the Khalwat people anytime. It's stupid but ...

zewt said...

to be fair... chinese does it too... just more discreetly.

Anonymous said...

sometimes ppl like to do stupid things without thinking the consequences...n that is when they are not human yet not animal.

they got no money to get marry ka. and one more think...they thought no one is watching; yet they were : GOD and peepers...lol.

may GOD forgive them n show them the right pth.