09 February, 2007

How to get away from celebrating Valentines.

February is the month of love some people say. What different is it from other months? Because it is the shortest month in the year? Or it has the ability to add a day every leap year? Or is it because of some saint did some saintly thing? Whichever or whatever it is, I get away from investing in this ridiculous celebration simply because I don't celebrate it.

I have done the normal Valentine thinggy before but that as way during school days where all I need to do is ask for the cash from the father or mother. Now just because of this so called day for love everything is at least double the price. Some dumb asses we are, to be duped every year into these mushy stuff.

There is this huge ass love shape props at Cineleisure. Suddenly it hit me.... now I know where those in my friendster list took their pictures. Yuck.... I would rather have pictures taken at the Curve. The CNY deco is really nice and yes cerainly less corny.

I have made it clear to the girlfriend even before we started out that ain't no way am I celebrating Valentines. Besides it is a tad of a taboo issue because I am a Muslim and Valentine is taken after some Christian saint.

Anyways, for the guys my advice if you want to save your dosh....stay home. Or simply apply for an outstation stint from your company. You save and you earn all at the same time too~! As for me, the girlfriend has thus far not made any querries about it. But just in case she does I think I'll just pop into 7-Eleven and buy some Kit Kat and Coke for her. Hope I can still do the puppy face and get away with it.

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