05 February, 2007

I see chinese~! I see chinese every where~!!!

You know it's that time of year yet again~! Well, I don't like the crowds....it drives me nuts~! But what I like is the mandarin oranges when Chinese New Year is coming. I think I'll get my own crate of oranges instead of snitching on my mom's stash like I normally do. So, every race has their own festivity and celebrations. No, I do not participate in any of the parties although I do get invitations. Damn.....All the food surely looks nice...yes yes I know it ain't halal. I am just saying it looks nice.
It's really something to observe your fellow Malaysian get into the preparations for the new year. I can't see a more united and fun time for the Chinese other than this time of year. Hehe....and I do get the occasional angpow. Money is still money man.
I don't really understand the whole sequence of events towards Chinese New Year but what amazes me is the family dinner. Everyone and I mean everyone gets back home in time for the family reunion dinner. Hmmmm...that's an attitude that the rest of us can adopt. Compulsory attendance for family dinner.
Those who lives in KL well...what a bliss it would be for at least a week. No traffic jams~! Well, a bit unlucky if you happen to stay in a Chinese majority area.....the fire crackers will simply crack your nerves. But I kinda like it....I love to wait till the end just to hear the wallop of the last bang of the fire crackers. I dare say it sounds damn good~!
So until that much celebrated day comes the rest of us just have to keep up with the Chinese crowd doing their shopping and simply infesting every single shopping mall available. The good thing is? Well most stores are on sale. So why not we join in the fun and whip out our credit cards and cash ey? Owh and this is a tip....do get to the malls as early as 10am on weekends or else it would simply take you an hour just to find parking. I have paid my time at OU very well.


Kate said...

Well it's just a couple of weeks till Chinese New Year and it's about time people are excited about it...the time for all the fun and frolic and some quality time with friends and family...well hey also drop by my blog sometime and share some of the festive spirit...have a great year ahead!!!

zewt said...

sad to say... in about 20 years time... all these will be a thing of the past.