07 February, 2007

An Idiot Malay lecturer.

Do I have to always be race specific? Why yes certainly....or else how could you identify the nuances a specific race develop? So yeah....this lecturer of mine here should very well know the policies of the establishment that he is teaching in. There is already a schedule and a system so just bloody hell stick to it right? Apparently not....changes it as he pleases.
Now the policy is not to have any classes on weekends. But this here moron decides to have one anyways and it will stick till end of semester. Look I am working on alternate Saturdays. I have told him this so bloody many times. Even deafness does not justify this. That is why I am saying he is an idiot.
Why is it so bloody hard for people to simply just follow as how the policy states and the system dictates? Here is this lecturer who is suppose to preach and teach about systems. But somehow is completely oblivious to the very thing he preaches. Makes you think that this dude is incompetent right? Right now, seriously I do think so.

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zewt said...

keep it going mate!