10 February, 2007

Mama's Birthday present.

What would you give a 50+ year old women who is your mother for her birthday? I was asking myself this exact question throughout the week. What can I give her? She almost has everything already. I don't normally but presents for my parent's birthday but since I have started working why not splurge on them a bit eh?
Choosing a present for the dad is not that hard but for the mother now this was a challenge for me. I know for one thing she loves Bohemian Crystals. That's a bit out of my league...handbags? She has tonnes of those. Shoes.....I can't buy her just any shoe, she uses prescription orthopedic shoes and it costs a bomb and a few limbs too.
Buggers....I was scratching my head for a long time too. This is a tough one. Tried asking the girlfriend of what she thinks...she answered the typical women stuff. Hmmm....not that much help. I guess I just have to window shop and see where my feet takes me. Went to One U, sheesh....wallets are really ugly and expensive these days. Perfumes? Er....damn I don't know what she likes really. I think I'll leave the women stuff to my dad.
So still stuck without an ounce of inspiration I went to the Curve and Ikano dragging the girlfriend along. Walking almost aimlessly we passed Hock Sing Leong (Electrical appliances shop) than it suddenly hit me. We don't have a DVD player at home~! So with girlfriend in tow I went in to see whats on offer for the maximum of RM300. HSL The Curve has hopeless stuff like really outdated crap. I remembered that Harvey Norman was next door. Goody~!
Tralalalala....trotted off to Harvey's and we saw huge signs saying "SALE". Perfect~! In 20 minutes I got me mother a Pioneer DVD player for RM299. Cheap considering the features it has and the budget constraint. The plus side is.... everyone in the house can use the DVD player....hahahahah~! Killing 2 birds with one stone~! Great...now all I need is to save up for a new TV so I could take the old one and put it up at my own place. Hehehehe...~!

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