06 February, 2007

Mulling over age? Owh...I bet they need viagra just to stand up~

Age of retirement for civil servants could be raised from 56 to 60 years old. You have to be kidding me right? Even as of now the young ones are so slow in doing their work that I wonder how on earth 60 year olds gonna do their job efficiently? Well I hope they have some ambulance on stand by....some might just drop dead or something.
Straits Times reported Pak Lah for saying being in one's 50's is to be in their prime. Higher life span, better health care? really? I am highly sceptical of this move....first is there are so many civil servants that wants to get promoted. So if the old farts are not forced to vacate their spot I doubt many will ever get a promotion.
Second, I believe for a better civil service more young bloods need to be recruited. So, by setting the retirement age a further 4 years this would make the process of change slower. And there is a saying "You can't teach old dogs new tricks" you betcha' the old farts are going to refuse more changes.
Third, since I think we are still in the process of going paperless for public administration and placing plenty of some information system here and there do you think some 50 year olds want to be cooped up in some fish tank and learn how some new system works? Hell they are still struggling with the old ones before the MSC came along.
Finally, this is some "kesian" thing going on Pak Lah's head. Kesian orang perkhidmatan awam tak dapat cari makan kat luar biler dah pencen. Well....why not he helps a bit by getting married to some civil service janda? Yeah....that sounds like a good idea....get married man.

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zewt said...

Our boss say 56 is too early to retire. Maybe it's an indication that he doesnt intend to retire at all.