13 February, 2007

Race specific mosque?

I think this is totally nonsense. I was trying out my 3G wap service and went to Monster Blog and read the article Mosque for all. Ok here is the dumb thing....There are Indian Muslim community mosques. A good one is Jalan Masjid India. Second It's not about being racist~ some of the comments left were really ridiculous~! All talking trough their noses.
I can still pray in an Indian Muslim mosque. No problems....even if they read the Friday sermon in Tamil or Hindi it does not matter. So what if the Chinese Muslims want to build their own mosque? Well....personally I think it's a great idea. For one thing it shows that Islam transcends across all borders and appeals throughout races. The delivery might be in a different language but the meaning is the same.
Some bunch of immature minds and perhaps some politicians who I presume have archaic mentality. And some claim that other places of worship is being torn down to make way for development. Come on....the government will not be that stupid to tip the scale of balance that Malaysia has. If this is a racial fight that some god knows who than I might say all of us would be stupid to fall into this childish game.

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menj said...

I commented on the issue and its similar to what you have posted here.