14 February, 2007

Respect to our women.

This is an Asian country where many races live together and each has it's own stigma and cultural taboos. But I would like to look-up to our Malaysian Women to speaking up and breaking the age old silence to talk about sex. Highlighted in The New Straits Times today may not seem that significant but in actual fact for those who came forward to answer really personal sexual life questions it can be said there is a positive shift on the subject of sex.

Even more encouraging is that the study done found out that our local women between the age of 40 to 65 place sexual satisfaction high on their list. So men out there listen up. It's not an embarrassing thing to talk about your erectile dysfunctions. If only the problems are heard and acted positively upon we might have a better understanding and rewarding relationship.

This in turn shows that our women are really sophisticated and educated. They know what they want and all they want to do is help. So...dude....uncles and atuks....do allow that tender hands of your wife or partner take care of your Excalibur for it is she who is your number one fan~!

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