06 February, 2007

Siti going to walk on red carpet? Please do not utter a word in English~!!!

This is it....the date is set....and she has the invitation. Chanel fabric and Bernard Chandran's mighty needle that would surely hold up for the night. I could say this is really a proud moment for Malaysians but I really do hope she does not utter a word in any other language except Bahasa Malaysia.

The last time I remembered that she did say something in English it came out all wrong~ But seriously...this time if she has no practiced lines to say than simply just smile and wave. Thats it....really simple.

But you know what, I could be wrong....for being married to a wealthy Datuk does carry some weight and responsibility as to not make an embarrassment of herself let alone her husband. So, she might do a surprise....may be since her early virgin days she has taken classes to improve on her English or something. We'll never know...until she opens her mouth that is.

So I'll keep my fingers and toes crossed that this icon of our country's music industry will not tarnish the name and utter some utter gibberish on the night that showcases and celebrates talents of exceptional calibre the world has ever seen.

To Datin Siti: Kalau tak boleh cakap Bahasa Inggeris dengan sebutan betul tolong lah cakap Bahasa Malaysia sahaja. Terima Kasih.


Nickel Rain said...

Well said! Anyway, some ppl try to defend her saying that her English has improved ever since Mahadzir Lokman taught her during the concert at the Royal Albert Hall. Personally, I think her English has improved, but not much.

zewt said...


Are those jokes about dimple being nipple and winnie the poo-oooh and 'siti tak masak' being her recipe of success real?