13 February, 2007

That was a trip to memory lane. Thanks shorty.

Shorty gave me a link to his blog this morning. First, I didn't know he had a blog (Cheap Thrills and Bigger Spills). I didn't know he had time for it and the bigger surprise is he wrote and showed pictures of how the gang has moved on in life. And damn do I look caught in action~!
Damn you GoHak~! I wished I did not bring my camera for that event. Now I am all over the big triple W having my hands around a girl. But hey...that was way back during our high school years. Now, looking at the past and present pictures it surely does bring back memories. The times were not that bad and owh we were the first ever school to host an event where our whole audio was running on MP3~! Not forgetting an LCD projector which GoHak (me thinks) did the multimedia presentation with Macromedia Director. Mind you...these were great achievements way back in the late '90s.
And some innocent timid looking chicks in those days turned out to be a real looker now~ sigh....the missed opportunities. But anyway....It's good to know everyone is doing well. Shorty works at Fly FM. GoHak I don't really know where....Alvin works with Shorty. Radar is a pilot...JT the ultimate geek in school has a knack for reviewing the underground scene where he resides now. Gibby is a doctor....Khai Yong is a doctor and married. G-Man should also be a doctor by now and the occasional junkie. Balan @ Vice heads the infamous KLG Sqwad. Faizal is and engineer....and the list goes on and on and on.
Owh and thank you for the reminder Shorty. I still do wonder till today why the hell you call me by that name.

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