15 February, 2007

We offer Degree (Hons) in Caberat and Stripping.

Gathering a few keywords form Harian Metro Online a friend and I came up with these to show of Malay students in some IPTA in Arau....well....urmm...why just not see for your self....word of caution...explicit content~

What other stupid things that kids do these days? Hmmm...perhaps it's a form of Performing Arts Degree or something. Go figure...

Well the truth is there are mighty plenty of these things on You Tube. But let put it this way. What if one day it's your siter, aunt, mother, grand mother or some relative? An the face is stark clear for the whole world to see~

If ever the government would want to moderate these things....they should start with you tube and get rid of these oil in the milk.


Jujubes said...

Hahahahhaa~ it's stupid and embarrassing. I think they're from UiTM?

Perasan nak mampos. Sapela yg upload kat youtube, mesti pedajal ke ape. If not, then they're desperados. Tak kesah la nak dirty dancing ke ape, but keep it to yourself and your husband later.

Oh and the pronunciation! It's killin me!

Anonymous said...

very interesting

Anonymous said...

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