09 February, 2007

Woohooo~! I now have mp3 ringtones~!

Yeah...I am really lagging behind on this one. But I am the sort not to simply change gadgets as when the latest come into the market. I was thinking of getting a new phone but not anytime soon as the last time I checked my "old" T630 was still going strong and I really loved it. I get attached to my gadgets a bit too much.
I guess the T630 had feelings....it' suddenly went kaput. Well not really kaput as in not functioning at all but the keypad was all going haywire all the sudden. Pressing for 1 became 2 and vice versa. While the directional pad simply wont budge unless I push them with all my might. Right....so obviously I had something in mind already but it's gonna be really tight on me. Miraculously, my saviour came and the pinch became just a nudge. Cool~
I have a RizR Z3 on mind ever since I saw it in GSM Arena. Damn, I think slider phones are really cool. So with girlfriend off I went to see how much it would set me back. Went to one shop that offered credit terms. But after much calculations I will end up paying almost RM200 more and that is not inclusive the normal Visa card charges. That could very well be in the RM1400 region. Damn....hard pill to swallow. Went to another shop but no credit terms. But just for the heck of it I asked what would be in the range of an RizR Z3....he promptly showed me SE K618i.
Well...I was a bit down because the slider form factor that I want will breach my budget a bit. But the salesman did a good job by letting me test both phones side by side. He even let me test the K618i againts it's own sibling higher up the range. Bloody good salesmanship that chap. So for the AP set the K618i was RM970. A bargain to me when it is a 3G phone with Walkman features and really competent camera functions.
Right...in my humble opinion don't get the Z3. Its all flash without the flesh...get what I mean? It's a chick's phone as the salesman puts it. But on one side I would and could have gotten the Z3. It's just that this guy was really honest (I tried to ask for a memory upgrade but he said he can't give me a better deal and a new memo card will set me back RM230) and open to a potential customer's demand. Well....I didn't have my card on me at that time so I said that I'll come tomorrow.
Usually a salesman won't be hoping much when someone says that. But somehow I felt really good interacting with the dude. Thus I did get back to the same shop and ask the service of the same guy. I sat in front of him and I said "OK...I'll take the deal you gave me yesterday". He didn't recognize me at first but soon he remembered..."Ok, if you want to upgrade memo card I can give you better price...add RM170 only for upgrade to 1GB...plus you get the screen protector". "Can you sell me a carrying case too?" I asked. "Weehh...can-can...I give that wan also FOC lor."
Wow....so also by luck he accepted to take my old phone for trade in. The total bill came to RM1070. To me what makes it such a satisfying buy was the way the guy was selling. Not the lan-see or Kan-cheeong type. I wouldn't really mind if he didn't give me a good price for the memo card. I just loved his service. Simple as that.

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