05 February, 2007

You want your taxes? We want reports~!!

3 projects, 3 budgets, which has blown the budget. Or was there a budget? I was detached from the world during the weekend. Which in a way was good....got my mind off and had time to do a few things. Apart from the annual bonus and the so called shopping I had in mind I cleared some debts to a few people. So now with less financial burden going into February I have more energy to concentrate on work and yes rant on current issues. To whoever that has been loyally reading my blog should know that I don't post on weekends.

The Sunday Times did a good front page report. Government projects that has blown their budget. Well, the highlighted cases were only 3 but I bet there are more out there that we don't know off. The usual question would be how did the hell this happen? Well simple...we voted for the government and hence indirectly we voted for it to happen.

Instead of pointing fingers to those big weeds in the upper echelons of public administration I would rather like the question where did we the rakyat did wrong? Was it because of our obliviousness that we did not see this coming? How on earth that we did not realize this awful blunder waiting to happen?

Lets rethink a few steps back and reflect....for so many years we have all been comfortable with the government administration and seldom gave any query as to how things are being done. Maybe we should take things differently....we should think that the government as an investment entity. We invest in it hoping for good returns. So what do we normally want from these investments while waiting for it's returns? Information, news and frequent updates.

Detailed reports should be published to the rakyat as to know where and what has been spent on. If the government can ask for us to furnish more details on our personal income for the purpose of income tax why now we request the same from them? We can't be waiting for the fruits to simply grow right? We do want to know the progress on how are the trees are doing? I say we should the rakyat should shake some leaves up there and let them know who is actually boss.

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zewt said...

cool bro.... we need more ppl like you. you make me feel there's hope for this country.