30 March, 2007

I got me Kanye tickets~!!! Woohooohoooo~!!!

It's been ages since I have gone for a concert...Wanted to go to Muse but somehow I had to pass that. So the moment I got to know Kanye is coming I collected all my coins and spare change and mustered everything to come up with enough for the free standing ticket.

It's a surprising thing. Just when the local Hip-Hop scene is hitting rock bottom suddenly there is all the buzz. Now there are rumours and there are rumours but who is Kanye bringing in to stand along side him in KL? No body knows...and apart from that what has Too Phat has to offer. I have heard the international edition of their latest album. It's good...it's good...perhaps it's a tad too hardcore for commercial listeners.

Now from a good roll call that I have...the who's who of local hip-hop is coming. Hey...we might even see the pioneers of bringing local Rap and Hip-hop in the same space. Just a mention...I got info that Point Blank just completed his video shoot of Ipoh Mali. So the vid should be out really soon....included will be Jac Victor of 1st Malaysian Idol and I heard Radhi OAG is in it too.

Sasi the Don got the recognition of being the most outstanding Indian artist in some local Indian entertainment ceremony recently. Good job man....keep 'em coming. Yogi B is being heard and turned up in the airwaves of India. Now he has come a long way. I am still waiting for a few other acts to get their stuff out. Ultimet seems to have something up his sleeves. It sounds good...and stands out with a very distinctive style. One hearing and you know it's ultimet.

Hope with after Kanye there will be a rebirth....a fresh new beginning for Hip-Hop in Malaysia. In the meanwhile...i'll ogle at my Kanye ticket. Hehehheeh~!

29 March, 2007

We are bitches.

So we move on and on and on...but then we look back and ponder did we do things right? Not really so, as guilty as I am the rest of us a equally guilty too. So lets get on with a random topic that I have chosen. What is a bitch like? A bitch is a female dog. But exactly what types of bitch are there? There is the mongrel full of ticks type, than there is the home trained mongrel that does not really shit around and mate behind your grand mother's pandan bush. There are the groomed types which we see people bring to serviced pet shops on Sundays to have it's ass trimmed, nails clipped and fur shampooed. But really...bare down basics is that bitches will be bitches.

So why am I bitching about bitches? Well lets see...we humans do act on a moderated amount just like bitches. The biggest difference is that we are not born with a wagging tail every time a male canine passes by. We humans wag...urmm...something else. But as how do the behaviour of dogs relate to us is fairly simple. We get jealous we throw a fit....we are desperately hungry we'll steal and so on. There we are no more different than any animal in fact...but using a bitch as an example gets my point across louder and clearer.

So don't be surprised to here a guy being called a bitch. Because guys too bitch about others...me included. It's just a thought that has been running in my mind. Maybe I would try to relate us humans to some cuter animal in the near future.

Goes to show that racism is inculcated ever since young.

Racial integration is kicking up a worrying fuss. But why make noise now? In fact it has been forgotten for so many years. So what is the penalty for forgetting that we are all Malaysians? The seeds of hating differences starts sprouting. An d when that happens some would just love to see all of us fighting. But the system is part of the reason why there is racial divide being whispered here and there.

Today's newspaper could be an eye opener to some but just another news report to the ignorant. And I dare say the majority of us are ignorant. Those who have the mindset of one nationality exists only within a strict set of backgrounds. How would you expect this racial integration is suppose to work if there are mechanics that prohibits it from working in the first place? Firstly UiTM, second the Bumi status for land purchase all the way to government projects, third would be MRSM, fourth...and so on. Get rid of these things...it helps only one race and not Malaysians as a whole.

Even in the Dewan Rakyat there was a debate solely on what the Agong said in his official speech and what is his personal take on issues. With an MP voicing out that by whatever it takes, he shall stand by his Agong. Now that is a commendable pride. Just wish if all of us has that pride....everyone solemnly pledges to one point of cause or leader. Wouldn't it be nice? Why not all of us simply pledge to this country? Why not we forget the word race and racial? Why not we just call all of us malaysian? Why not omit all the entry for race in application forms?

Reading the front page news in The Star today has ultimately got me ticked off. If these kids have that sort of a mentality...I could only imagine the worst off their parents. But like I have stated in one of my old articles....I am not MELAYU....I am Malaysian.

Nik wants apology from Star.

The self proclaimed "Tok Guru" and Menteri Besar of Kelantan Nik Aziz demands an apology from local media The Star on the said report on some barren hilltop land that seems to be such an issue.

He claims that the report was misleading and in his own words "dibuat-buat". Now I know he is from the opposition and shit but hey...just a little short sentence and the senior politician can't swallow it? What sort of a leader is that? Owh...if anyone did watch the prime time news on TV3 last night...he even can't speak for himself or even say a complete sentence without help. Pfftt~!!

I guess no one is at home in The Star HQ as this dude in this image here peeks in to see who was in yesterday~ Hahahaha~!

28 March, 2007

Shmuck~and rolling bus tickets.

Should all reality come to bare all that is woven in the very chest of our society we would very well be a developed nation by now. But that only exists in either movies or some fantasy novel written by some Jewish dude. Why hide it I ask my self everyday...why put up an act that everything is ok? Just to live for another day they say.

In black and white everything is as good as it can be. The economy has recovered and so called development is in full swing. There is something fishy going on here. Somehow there are many things wrong but it's been well covered with the hype of fancy political shmucks.

A good shmuck is the cluster schools. So what would it do for the kids? So called autonomy in the administration is not a clear indicative measure to heighten knowledge and breed critical thinkers. Its more like stalling them for a few years. And stalling is never a good idea. I wonder what is still not good enough for our education plans. It seems we change a bit here and there after every general election. Before the trees could bare fruit we have already uprooted the plan.

Yesterday in the news on TV I witnessed the debate on Bank Pertanian. Then it hit me...what on earth all the government sanctioned banks are up to? This MP from Labuan was going on and on about how loans are given to those with big capacities and large lands to put in as collateral. It's the typical "What about us little ones" cry. It's really that certain issues that has been around for years gets shoved to the back just because someone else has a jucier story. More and more everyday, the political and public service seem to be making the rakyat look like fools. Perhaps we are...since we voted them anyways.

What is smart to do these days? Hopping on the LRT and stuffing your ears with a hard drive full of podcasts should be it. Well, when the Sony introduced the Walkman it was not much of a fuss. Like how many cassettes can we bring in our pockets everyday right? I remember when everything used to be revolving around human interactions. There was bus conductors, there were movie ushers and there were locals filling leaded petrol into your gas tank. Now? you slot your ticket in a slot and the gate unlocks, present your movie ticket to the guy at the gate and get it torn in half and you are left to your own devices and you pay RM1.92 per liter to only fill the tank your self inhaling the petrol fumes that gives you a high like weed does.

Day by day we interact lesser with our friends and counterparts. Want to know if she loves you? SMS...FREE~! Want to send a love letter? Urm....whats a letter again? Hell, we pay a premium just to hop on a cycling contraption and dance around it overlooking a busy street when I would be outside looking at them and think it's just like watching hamsters at Pets Wonderland~! I do love the simple things in life but sometimes the hassle of it all is exactly what the "simple things" are.

I wonder when will be the day when we would enjoy watching the conductor take our change and tear the coloured ticket and punch a whole through it. While waiting for our stop we would be carefully folding or rolling the ticket into some origami simply to sooth our nerves.

Ribena has no vitaminC.

Ribena the wholesome blackcurrant drink that has always been known for advertising that it contains Vitamin C has been found not to contain the vitamin at all. So as I can recall my childhood I had lots of those stuff. But it came to a point that the doctor realised that I had wheezing thus among the things that I had to stop drinking besides cold water was Ribena. Imagine my dismay.

Anyways, how come after such a bloody long time only that 2 students decided to do a study on this delicious blackcurrant drink? Must have been a spur of the moment thing...so what happens? The manufacturer of the famous drink will be fined around 200K++ NZ dollars. That's it....for a lie that spanned easily more than 10 years all they got away with a fine equivalent to loose change. PFffpttt~!

27 March, 2007

Waaachaaa~!! Rempit tergolek dok~!

This is another funny report from Utusan. But it's really a violent way to go. Cousin's husband kicks rempit dude off the bike he lent. Now I can imagine why is the dude pissed but it must have been one mighty kick~!

Apparently the rempit dude was told to get off the bike but refused...so that explained why he suffered from such a wrath. Now this is really problem solving from grassroot level. I figure that the more of some relative kicking anothre reletive who is a rempit, it should very much make a difference.

All I can say is serve the rempit right. Huhhuhuuh~

Nik Aziz tickled me this morning~ Ngeeheheheheh~!

On occasions I read Utusan Malaysia. Simply because there are lots of stories that does not get published in English Media. Somehow Utusan has a better sense of humor when reporting... Take this good example..

Here it states that Nik Aziz suggest policemen to read sermons while holing on to their firearm. His reason seems to be that the Prophet Muhammad held a sword during his time reading the sermon. But I do figure that instead of only becoming a symbol of authority the time when the Prophet held that sword were really times of great conflict. So I reckon the sword is an early warning to would be attackers to stay away.

But yes Nik Aziz has a good point to symbolize the authority of those who preach in god's faith. But an M16 is simply too extreme to my liking...we are not in Afghanistan to wave AK-47s like lunatics.

26 March, 2007

I like blogging, everyday I buy catfood, I love playing cards...what nonsense.

Against all odds...against everything some still wants to share their insignificant life to the world. How do I claim it insignificant? Now here is an example. You write an article and post it in your blog telling the whole world what time do you wake up, or what your cat ate today or how much does your neighbour spends time hanging out their clothes to dry.

Relate your life similar to a game of cards and how good does it do to mankind just to play this game. Some simply don't see the purpose of blogging... we might have many reasons but to drop so low by writing on oneself that does not remotely benefit others in any other way is a simple ignorant waste of time and web space.

I know a few individuals who does blog what they do every god damn bloody day. Remember the friend that you use to have in school that tags along wherever you go and tells you what he or she did last night over at a so called hip and happening party which pretty much exists only in their imagination? Yeah, some simply do blog that way. The lucky thing for the rest of us is that we have a choice to read it or not.

There seem to be a great habit that some people believe others would really love to know about their misadventures of going to lets say buying cat food? Or perhaps moving furniture for the hundredth time in a month. I don't see any benefit in writing that unless there they list the many types of cat food and which is best for what type of cat.

I guess its an annoying thing that writing creativity of some idiot in their late 20s to end all their posting with a "Have a nice day", or "peace" or even "Da~". Somehow their vocab must have been restricted to the silly games they play for a so called life they have. Isk...how sad that some simply seeks attention in the wrong way for the wrong reasons. They must be lacking really good friends.

But my 2 cents is really...if you want to blog do it with creative valour and great passion for writing your minds out. And always, always and always assume responsibility for all that you have written.

Sniff-sniff....no pirated copies here captain~!

In the true great spirit of being Malaysian this is how it should be done~! No enforcement agency can stop them. Take 10 million worth away and another 100 million comes into the market the next second. Naaahahaah~!!!

So the tip offs and the famous canines made these pirates go into hiding. But not only they went into hiding they come up with a comeback plan and used technology to counter the enforcement agencies sophomore techniques.

Sorry lah kan.... what else? I bet those officers will start to rethink and starts tapping fingers on their desks.

Hantu? Jin? Why laaahhh....it does no good really.

Be it among races, religion and languages we somehow find a keen thing for spooky stuff. So spooky lah kan? Are the showcases in museums do any good some may ask...while the rest of the public seems so fixed into it. But seriously should it be fit to exhibit it in museums?

Isn't it enough that we get seasonal ghost on the silver screen annually...ang the occasional ghost stories whenever we go back to our hometowns? Sincerely...these exhibitions on something that most of the time exists only because we believe in them too much gives no more benefit than Akademi Fantasia installments. A total waste of emotional energy and time.

Some might think being highly educated might eradicate this belief of the mumbo jumbo-ness. But I guess not.... It's really hard when it has been hardwired into the generations before us. But I do think that these kinds of stuff is fun to know. It's just a marvel that how on earth do some people believes in this kinda of crap as if their lives depended on it. It is part of our culture and we should remember it but lets not remember it for all the wrong reasons...remember simply because that was how we used to think and believe and look forward to what we have become. We should mark progress not look back and regress into Casper and friends.

24 March, 2007

Squat on the the floor and move it...move it~

Let me admit to this one fact. I have acted as a bastard and punch up a whole lot of ruckus to more than tick off a few feathers. But does this mean I lack respect for others? A point of view does not mean a definite right or wrong. It's just a very individual centric answer to the rest of the world that we are trying to make sense of.

But hey, its really a simple deal. You read something and you don't like it simply don't ever come and read anymore. So why bitch about it even? Apparently it's for some self gratification. If there is a rebuttal than it will fulfill the need for a different perspective.

Now that I have that out of my way there is a turn around point for everything. But change is pretty much hardwired into everything. The first few months is very hunky dorry...as time press on it gets weathered and stained. Depending on which way you look at it. It may be good...or bad. Its like a pair of good sneakers. It's new looks really fresh and every weekend you pullout the toothbrush to clean the stains of and polish the scuff markes out. But as some are worn in it feels better and gets better to wear. At this point you just can't stop wearing it everywhere everytime.

I would figure that relationships to be that way. Its hard worn with scuffings but still is bloody comfy to live with. I had that call last night. But I woke up today feeling it was well worth it. Some might take a 30 minute walk to the local 7 eleven for smokes. Some would just stay home and skip dinner or just be alone for awhile. But somehow time sorts things out just fine. It's just the patience thats a commodity.

It's the weekend...and the party started early this week. So chilling sounds good to slow down. Get back to loved ones...and even perhaps sacrificing Kanye for something more important in the long run. But should all else fails....what is there left to do? Go figure...I haven't found a solution to that one yet. Never been in such a tight spot to do so.

So if someday a fatty chinese opera singer would win AF in which I would be waiting for that one there is always a sunnier side up to be inspired and look forward to. Have a good weekend people~!

23 March, 2007

Saudi undergrad found with drug stash.

I have written about this before titled More foreign students?! Yay~! More social ills~! ...the implication of letting more foriegn students to study here. And I had comments about how a racist I am. But I guess in the papers today proves my point exactly. Now what else need I say? All I know is this....this wont be the first and last report in the media.

Casanova parade.

Don't they ever learn? I mean Casanovas out there are using age old techniques and still do get results. But I guess the victims are very gullible and easy to manipulate. So posers pimped themselves with what they do not own. Shameless and totally not an ounce of pride exists in them. But how do we actually pick and isolate them from the crowd.

Casanovas are simply just posers. They claim to have this and that but they don't. How to catch them? Simple beat them at their own game, just do a deeper research on what they claim to be or have. Their answer will never be consistant. But still year in and year out people all do get played out. Such is the sad case of some gullible people out there. But it's the victim's fault as well for easily being conned.

It's goes over and over again. So until we become smart enough...these Casanovas will reign a tidy campaign sheet.

22 March, 2007

I was told off to conduct the event in Malay~! Bloody hell~!

No I am not particularly pissed at this one. But it just strikes the amusing chords in me. I was designated the task of becoming MC for this seminar. All the materials were prepared in English. Even the supplied notes were in English. So as I started the seminar doing all the stuff according to protocols, came the time for me to invite the Dean to officiate the thing. And the first thing he had to say in the mic was to tell me that to conduct the proceedings in BM~!

Weh...is he the master of ceremony or I am? The farking nerve that the bloody Dean has to tell me off. But anyways I did what I was told to do since it concerned of me fulfilling the requirements for this semester. But as a matter of doing things proper...it is common sense that if all materials are prepared in a said language than it should be delivered in that language. I guess once you are a Dean you tend to be stupid or just ignorant of the protocols that others has to do. Well...as stupid is as stupid does. His speech was a in manglish anyways. Duh~!

DPM on how to become good leaders...Hmmm....

Now I keep on preaching in this blog. About this and that...some controversial bits and some nonsense. But this is one point where I think what I preach here so far is very much what makes good minds and individuals. I am not saying that of my self but lets just try to fulfill a good 3/4 of the things needed we could be saved from really stupid leaders in the future.

I have to certainly agree to the DPM as to shaping mindsets. Cultivating the way of thought is indeed no easy task. He also mentioned about social harmony. I don't know for how long since social harmony is very much disrupted by irresponsible individuals or organizations. There are too many ethnic centric based organizations out there that does organize programmes very specifically to certain groups. So the normal segregation will be by ethnics. Eradicating these sort of activities and replacing them with another which does not concentrate on a certain ethnic in my opinion should be just the ticket for social integration.

Thursday shorts...from dogs to the boys. Wheehehehe~!

Taiko's most wanted, the two dogs that can sniff out fake DVDs and CDs has a bounty on it's tails...err..heads. Now these dogs has to be guarded at all times. Now usually we hear people are guarded by dogs...some mighty dogs these pups are. Flo and Lucky (thats what the dogs are called) are given VVIP treatment, I bet they even have food testers to determine if their food are laced with poison. Ngaahahahah~!

On something related to humans, this old fart married sisters. Now how could there be such a thing going on... and only now this case has been found. He took on a second wife apparently the sister of his first wife like some mighty plenty years ago. Now the kids are all grown up (both sides). With that to the most is he gets a fine. Well...to me, I would rather throw him into jail for a few years. At least this will be a strong telling that the country does not tolerate such fetishes.

Some might have realised that I did not post yesterday....well I had no time you see because of the seminar I have mentioned
earlier. Well now that the thing has gone and passed I have this to say...En. Mohd Danial is a cool guy. He works as the 1st Assistant Director of one of the divisions in MAMPU. What he exposed is that in deploying information systems for the public service is no easy thing. It can't be remotely compared to a multinational corporation Strategic Planning of IS. So I do say he has the goods in knowing what he was talking about. As for the second speaker...it was practically a promotion of UiTM library services to the students. In direct meaning to me would be BORING.

Now I am back at the office....hardly had a wink of sleep as I was chilling with my boys the entire day of yesterday till 6 this morning. And the crazy idiots are planning another chill out session and this time the guess list huge~ My only hope is that everybody would not go overboard with the bottles. Now that's a bit too much too ask I guess.

20 March, 2007

There is education for RM1 per day~!

I was reading NST online and this article about a lady who built a place to teach how to read the Quran and English to orphans and the under privileged was so touching.

Now this is one thing that the government need to do. More of such facilities need to be built. Give incentives and guideline to individuals who wants to earn a living by teaching the less fortunate. And the fee is just a meager RM1 per day. I think it is a realistic and fantastic idea.

Sometimes we fail to see how little things gives greater impact to the larger society. Just the whole idea of cluster schools sparked debates lasting 8 hours~! Now why not equate that 8 stupid hours into RM sense and see how many of the underprivileged can receive Quran and English lessons? The dumb farts~!

Lusty government servants identity has leaked~

They were caught on tape in a lift smooching and grabbing passionately. I did personally get to watch the video and seriously it was disgusting. The man was balding on top while the lady really ain't hot. Sifting through my mail this morning I got a mail from a friend who works in a governmental organization. He usually get this kinds of stuff...this time it was a boring e-mail I thought. But upon scrolling further down the full names and designations of the horny couple were stated. Right down to which department and their contact numbers~!

Well honestly I can't say that it is 100% true and the names are correct but hey if someone wants to ruin anothers life I think this should have hit the sweet spot. Anyways the mail has been deleted on my end and shall not be forwarded any further. But if any of you happen to come across it do be wise that it may not be the right couple that did the 5 minute to stardom vid.

19 March, 2007

Monday shorts....Ngaahahahaha~!

A hectic but cool weekend has passed. Went back to where my roots were cultivated and at the same time gained new friends and share some thoughts on life and music. It's completely different from my other weekends simply because I spent more time at a place which never fails to make me feel at home. There were some issues raised by close friends of mine on my blog as most of them discovered that I am dangerously doing a balancing act.

I gave my reasons as usual but above all I do have to take heart that these bunch of fellas care for me in a way that no one else ever could. To them my answer is I would always put my face to my name for my actions and the opinions that I voice out in my blog or in anywhere else for that matter. Thanks guys.

There is a lot of buzz for the coming month. It's pack full of events. F1 season just started and Ferrari with Raikkonen took 1st place in the season opening. It will be an exciting season. We'll see how the new teams and drivers take Sepang on for a challenge. The next biggest thing going around and getting a lot of buzz is Kanye West's concert next month. Among the local hip-hop scene, people are trying to predict who is Kanye bringing in to start alongside him for the event. The kids are going dizzy about this I tell you. There is a 80% chance I'll be catching it.

AF5 participant quits. Zana finds AF5 and the allegations of nudes pics of her to be a bit too hot for her to handle. I do not follow the AF thing but it comes to show that to some reality TV shows is a bit too reality (or is it too fake) for them to handle. Whatever it is I would rather watch CSI or any classic Malay movie any given day.

The government decides to be shark hunters. Co-op between 5 ministries are to come up with a long term plan to create awareness and educated the public not to resort to Ah Longs. Hehehehe....so sooner or later the loan sharks will be an endangered species. :P It's funny really...this claims that Ah Longs, normally associated to the Chinese race are to be the only ones involved. I bet there are other races that are into this "business" as well. So why the cultural prejudice? I wonder if anyone out there has official stats on how many percent does the Chinese constitutes to the total amount of authorized money lenders and Ah Longs. I won't be surprised if other races are not too far apart in terms of participation in the market share pie.

Year in and year out it's the same thing for poor old Karamjit. For the love of the sport he still keeps doing it even if he had to use a 10 year old car. I say the youth and sports ministry should take his plight and send his places. Surely he would make all of us proud no questions asked. So much talent and a proven track record of achievements tell me can't the government at least give him some financial backing for solely developing the Malaysian Rally scene and sprouted many various motor sports endeavour that we enjoyably watch over the weekends on TV or some car park? I bet he is inspiration to many budding race car drivers and to top it all off he has a very clean and professional image. Give the man some love and dough man. Hello Datuk Azalina~! You hear me?

All right enough ranting for a god blessed Monday. I shall doodle off and so some mundane work...perhaps I'll continue with issues that tickle my fancy later if I have the time.

16 March, 2007

Malaysia boleh products.

This is not to be confused with Made in Malaysia Products. This is to simply highlight how advanced are we at duplicating original products and pass them as the real thing. That should mean we are good for something at least right? Sometimes you wonder how they do it.

  1. Falsified ICs (before mycard)
  2. Falsified Passports (the chip less ones)
  3. Movies (VCD and DVD )
  4. Music (Cassettes and CD)
  5. Leather goods (bags)
  6. Shoes (mostly popular sports brands like Nike and Adidas)
  7. Software (CD and DVD)
  8. Cigarettes
  9. Cars (Kereta Potong)
  10. Alcohol and Liquor
  11. Clothes
  12. False Professional Certificates
  13. Tickets (Any public transport, Toll and even entertainment venues)
  14. Vehicle Parts
  15. Business registrations
  16. False promises (typical from the government)
  17. Lives...(double life)
Well, there is plenty more I bet. But this is what I can think off in 5 minutes. Perhaps it's not entirely made in the country but at least the market demands are here and that's why it sells. :P

Playful Lazy Media.

Media have reporters right? Now, they are trained and qualified to gather information and facts that would interest the public. I guess in the old days they are suppose to scout high and low for stories to publish the next day. But somehow these days they have been having it really easy.

Now what do you see? Well, for one there are is the publishing of that report on sexual activity of girls not long ago. First they give one huge alarming figure and today there is this saying only a tiny amount of them actually have done it. Don't you think there is a scam in the media?

Just to increase sales they do a trilogy of a story of sorts. They engineer the story so that it sparks debate for awhile and then publish subsequent stories which satisfy the tremendous lashings from many quarters. So what difference does it make? More hot stories from other sources? Metro is so bloody good when it comes to this shit...on the front page a few days ago was this story on this 22 year old who "services" VIPs. That is pretty much a normal case but because of the study these kinds of stories seem to attract more attention.

One other thing that I have noticed is the increasing reports where the sources seem to be from You Tube. So what? Tell me they are paid to surf the net for a living and report based on sources from the net? So what good are they doing for journalism? For all we know the reporters manipulates You Tube to their advantage. Perhaps a whole scene can be faked and posted on You Tube by the reporters themselves.

There should be some responsibility and professionalism by journos...perhaps these young crop of journos simply miss the point of journalism. What happened to the thrill of finding the elusive big story. Have they lost their passion? Or simply lazy? Go figure....as the You Tube link in NST that's a bit too easy. Even I can do that.

15 March, 2007

Fire Fly? What sort of name is that?

Malaysian products and services has by far been really creative when it comes to their names. Lets take PROTON for example they have satria, waja, iswara, perdana, juara, tiara...How about Perodua? Kancil, Kenari, Kelisa...or how the police names their ops...ops sikap, ops nyah and many more. Now this one comes as a surprise as it lacks local flavour.

Fire Fly? What were they thinking? How about let it have a local flavour? Kunang-kunang or Api-api perhaps. Personally I think how a product or service is named is very important. Especially when we have lots of myths an taboos on almost everything that we do.

I just wonder what the logo will be like. Somehow the name reminds me of a B-grade animation series of the mid 90s.

Speak for the sake of speaking~

This coming Wednesday there will be a talk on Strategic Information Systems Management at the Faculty of Information Management UiTM Puncak Perdana. So I was told to be the MC for this thing. Okay fine...I was not told or asked to but more like being ordered to without asking me first. So that didn't really matter....but what ticks me off is that why do they invite 2 individuals that has no or little relevence in the subject?

For some reason I figure these invited speakers are good liars. Because one is essentially a librarian and the other is some dude from MAMPU who not at all to my best knowledge is in the know of what Strategic Information Systems is. All from government agencies~! That alone speaks for it's self.

This I will surely take a back seat and watch as to what are the contents like. Yes I am very sceptical as to me Strategic Information Systems Management is really a high level responsibility and decision to make. It actually changes how a firm does it's business and it does generate more services and revenue.

Sure not even a head librarian can muster such ability but then again I might be proven wrong. My point here is early planning is very important and they picked out these speakers in like 2 weeks to the event. Now that is not propper planning. On that day it is up to me to totally make it as if it's interesting and on top of that make them look good. Well, I would most certainly not do such things. So, may god help them.

14 March, 2007

SMK Sg. Munir ~ Schoolkids bloodbath~!!!

This are some really gorry pictures...so discression is advised.
Scarry stuff from schoolboys... it's a bloodbath~!

Check out these images~!
Reports states that the brawl was not really serious but I guess it was really otherwise.
Now shall we rethink what it was like when we were in school?

Iran shouts foul over 300

I don't know that a fictatious graphic novel with the basis of history can kick up such a fuss. Perhaps it's the potrayals of so many freaks and gore in the movie. Must have striked a tuneless chord within the Iranian hearts as they said that the potrayal of the Persian army in the movie is all wrong.

Well it is a fantasy thing...so Frank certainly used a lot of his imagination right? Somehow it seems to me that from a well directed movie it has become a political propaganda. Well obviously certain things were wrong, but unless stated based on a true story I don't see a reason what the huuhaaa is all about. Some are just too sensitive to laugh it all off.

Fee..Fii..Foo...Fuum..I smell pirated DVDs.

Snif snif~! Arf~! Arf~! Now there are dogs to snif out fake DVDs. figure this is a really good thing but I am a bit sceptical on how do they train these dogs to snif out DVDs, fake ones at that. So is there a distinct smell to original and fake optical discs? If this can be proven trough scientific study than that would be great.

So...what if tourists brings a few CDs from our famous Petaling Street to be given to friends and family as souvenirs? They do contribute to the economy somewhat, I guess they would be scared now to bring a few pieces home and show how good the quality is here. I mean we do produce really good pirated DVDs.

I wonder what next will they be able to snif out? A cheating husband perhaps?

13 March, 2007

The SPM leaver rackus will start soon.

Now all the smart ones are in the papers. SPM results are out and how does the media reacts to it? With pictures of course. Certainly this is a proud day for parents. All those endless nagging, the diets, those tuition fees....some may think it will never end. But certainly is that it? Now those ho get the grades will be on their peeing end to hope for a good placement in the university or college of their choice. And the top colleges wants the best students. But seriously will the top scores in SPM be translated into top graduates?

I highly doubt so. There is so much what anyone can learn from books and doing written tests. There is so much more from practical training....I do believe that book smart ones will normally fail when it comes to on the job experience. Problem solving ain't all that easy. They can't be flipping books on the job.
So how would the government respond to such demands from the high flyers? Give them whatever they want? Make sure JPA sponsors all of them? Life can be too easy sometimes. And perhaps parents simply don't plan on their children's future that well that they demand that some parties take their children up for sponsorship. It's really a funny thing. I would certainly say that the best education need not be at the best universities or colleges but it should be the attitude that the students themselves carry in when they register.

This is nuts....more low quality malay graduates coming up~!

In Utusan online here I read something that could be good news. However I sense there is a great problem awaiting to happen. 200K students for UiTM? Really? Now not long a go I have posted an article on the highest number of unemployed graduates is proudly heald by UiTM graduates. Now this? have they gone utterly mad?

So they might not want to increase those in the main UiTM but more for franchise programs held in private colleges. Still this is really not helping. Now does Pak Lah really know the real deal in the administration of UiTM? Perhaps the fat lanun Abu Shah has clouded the PM's eyes. I would seriously want to dare and see if the Student council will invite the PM for an honest discourse on any matter regarding UiTM. Those thousands of us who studies there are simply getting 2nd class facilities with 3rd class qualifications.

Restricted web access, bad transportation system, subject registration is completely absurd and the lecturers can't even speak proper English when in fact they are told to teach in that language~! So what is this? Lets be jolly and increase the margin of stupidity of our children and cramping them into sardine cans so when it is time anak Me-layu will be slaughtered in the career market and resort to growing belly button lint in fat chairs of government institutions.

There...that sounds really realistic right?

10 March, 2007

Farking cun sial~!!!

"Waaarghhhh~!!! Cun sial~!!! I want one~! I really Farking Want one~!"

I bet that would most of us would say when we see this new updated version of the much beloved Myvi. Myvi SE has premium equipment in it's segment and I can bet you this...It looks is on par with the Toyota Yaris and Honda Jazz at a much cheaper price the selling point are the leather seats~! Owh my God....I think i'll head down to the nearest showroom to get the reel feel of it with my tushy bum.

Now again I want to ask....what the hell is the farking PROTON doing? Built tough konon...so tough until your skin is numb aren't you? Really no shame and sense of competition. Keep on selling designs which was probably sketched by designers employed ever since Tun M did the ribbon cutting shit at their manufacturing plant.

Honestly the last good design that has come out of Proton must really be say err...zilch....nadda...nuthin'...owh wait...the new Satria Neo. Even that its either you like it or you really hate it. Not really head over heels stuff. Owh... and the recent Waja face lift? It is simply Botox at all the wrong places. I haven't seen any on the road yet. Wanna guess why? You do know...we ain't that stupid.

Shut up pundits...EPF will do just fine with RHB.

EPF has acquired RHB. Does that come as a surprise? Certain quarters already think that EPF will do more harm than good. Considering the funds are from the working class rakyat some feels that it is going to be ill managed. Well those are the pessimist's cry and these includes mostly opposition inclined who obviously do not read much but their political daily that can most possibly be just simply ramblings similar to a tabloid. All Huu and Haa but simply empty inside.

The way I look at it, it's going to be a point of no return for EPF and it will also be the smartest thing to do if lets say an organization wants to get into an industry quickly. I see that they do have a sound judgement on why they should buy RHB. What about us you ask? My best bet is that it's even better for us. The buyout simply means that the banking and investment group will be the ticket for more investments opportunities. With the rakyat's funds the EPF can use RHB's services and products to really good effect. Do take note that Bursa Malaysia is slowly opening the doors to a bigger market. There is also word that Bursa will allow investors to trade in other stock exchanges through them.

Now won't that be spiffy for us? Well, everything has it's risks but what is life without risks right? Possibly if we have a little bit more faith EPF may start rewarding depositors with much higher dividends. Now tell me isn't that simply a brilliant thing? Cash in the Billions and all the working class rakyat are the only ones to benefit. We can't change and improve if we can't bag our balls and stand up for it right? My vote and bet goes to EPF, they are taking a huge risk but their judgements ever since is really for a good common goal....sustain and build a nation to greatness.

09 March, 2007

Malay awek....thong thoing-ings.

As some of my readers have known I went for Junk Night and all has been said and done right? Nope, there is certainly an issue...but I kept it all to myself until I have the chance to write it here.

I was having an early dinner with an old school friend. He has never been to my place and the surrounding he says is very nice and quiet. Really ka? Well to me I don't think so. "I bet there are some chicks here that can be easily turned over" he added. "Probably so..." I answered. But they are all undercovers here (referring to the UiTM chicks that were around). I told him that he'll be surprised what these so called goody two shoes become once night falls and the ladies night starts. He didn't really believe me.

Fast Forward...Just as KLG finished their set I say these bunch that strikes a familiar chord in me. Somehow I have seen them somewhere before. Upon further inspection their faces did certainly ring a bell. And the bell didn't really ring a sweet tune. I won't grafically describe how they were dressed, lets just say in was simply butt crack ajar thing.
I guess each of us has an alter ego...we are someone else at every other place we go to. Probably just to fit in or perhaps to get that extra milage to wherever it is they may be heading to. Alright, I understand....it is a dog eat dog world but that does not mean we all have to be bitches right? Some people simply try too hard when actually it only takes a small effort...completely overdoing it and getting the staring stares. I was amused...really.

Hurrah~! The courts does something good to divorcee.

Today is a good day...it is really. I read this article while actually clapping my hands. Such justice gets done and it's really a slow process but hey... good is still good ain't it? With this case solved and publicized all women out there whose life was ceremoniously disrupted caused by a third party they can hope on to at least get what they deserved for the stress and emotional torture. I just hope that the process gets faster though.