30 April, 2007

Grooaann~! I feel like a zombie~!

Effectively I have not slept for 24 hours. Craps....No thanks for the Super Lazy Sunday I had of sleeping for more than 12 hours. Went to the office only to be pestered by really dumb LAN set-up. And pretty much half of my work was delayed. So, I did the most natural thing to do....took short naps when the boss was not looking.

Buggers, now back at home I still can't sleep for more than half an hour. Something wrong with my internal clock perhaps. I think I'll smoke my self so high till it gives me a splitting headache. If that does not help I do not know what else would.

Visit Singapore at half price.

I say it is a brilliant idea~! Now I don't know about other fellow Malaysians and the whole thing about Singapore in the political sense. But I guess while making a quick buck there is actually some good in the whole thing. I think we should do the same or have special rates for fellow Asean countries.

A really "Muhibbah" thing I tell you. Sometimes there should be a stop to all the differences and see in what other ways we and the Lion Island can work together on. Partly I figure it's because the fight of old stories and what happened when Singapore left the Malay states. But I think the bitter end to that tale is very much suppose to simply end. I don't get these politicians...now this is something Singapore could gain from Malaysians...why not we Malaysians simply do the same?

29 April, 2007

KLG @ Bojangles Hartamas

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Pitcher Plants and Venus Flytraps

I came by these pitcher plants and Venus Flytraps in Subang Parade. The stall owner said that there are people that actually collect these plants. So it was actually my first time seeing these plants on a commercial scale. I think it looks really cute...especially the tiny Venus Flytraps~! Go have a visit, the stall is at Subang Parade top most floor on weekends. Near the escalator before Celebrity Fitness.

28 April, 2007

Charity Event - Music Aid

Music Aid is a charity AIDS awareness Campaign/Music Concert that will promote AIDS awareness among the youths of today. Organized by the Interact Club of ACS Klang the venue will be at Klang Executive Club on the 4th of May 2007. Starts from 7p.m to 9p.m. Tickets are priced at RM20 and it is open to the public.

Invited performers are Dragon Red and KLG Sqwad.

For more info please call:
Sharmraaj @ 012-2434768
Micheal Yap @ 012-2852731
Lee Tze Shern @ 012-2892045

27 April, 2007

Crown Prince?

Pfftt~! So many holidays recently and the bank account is very dry. "Miss Shu~! Bila Gaji keluar?" I blew my horn this morning. "Ini petang pergi bank in lor" she replied coolly. Shit...that meant I wont get my pay till earliest Thursday afternoon. No thanks to our local banking day end processes that takes 3 farking working days just to process inter bank cheques.

So what is going on today. I didn't get to catch the King's coronation. Well it's the 13th king so what is different than the last 12 right? But In a way having a young King to me is a good thing. Someone still energetic, is very much in the know of the most current event and could act with more gusto and conviction. I am not saying the previous ones were simply boring. But hey we have some really unique character as Sultans you know. Each have different ways and hobbies. Each have very different charisma. That's one thing that I don't think we could ever find in any other country in the world.

My fond memory of a state monarch was the very cool late Sultan of Selangor. I can only relate to him because he is the only sultan that I have ever met in person. It was not for some award or anything...more like after Friday prayers having a cup of tea. Now that is really hard to believe right? It actually happened in Klang next to the old Royal Mosque. I can't remember the name. I find that the way the late Sultan speaks is really funny. No, I am not making fun of him. It is a pleasant thing to hear him speak. Each word is spoken very clearly and with a passion like no one else I can possibly think of.

Well, the monarch has their way. But their lives are pretty much concealed within the walls of the palace they reside in. Don't talk about Kerabat lah. Those stories we even hear from the random makcik buying Cincalok or Sawi in the morning markets.
Some would wonder how is their daily life is like. How how is it like to grow up as a Crown Prince. What would a kid do? Is he like Ritchie Rich? Get every single toy he wants? Or get to watch cartoons all day everyday? Have hot looking teachers to teach them Science? I could only Imagine. If there is one reality show or documentary that I wish the local TV would produce is one that is titled "Sehari Dalam Hidup se Orang Putera Mahkota". It's just to feed my curiosity.

Altimet new single and video~!

Altimet has a new single and video out. It's different...really typically Altimet style different. In some ways I personally think that the video is not something to really shout about but as hip-hop videos go it's a good step forward. And I bet there a better videos soon to be released by other hip-hop acts in Malaysia. One to really wait and shout for should ne Phlowtron's. But any how... Here is to Altimet's wicked concept. Owh and the song is "Altimet-ly" malay.

Sayang sayang... enjoy~!

25 April, 2007

Waahh..liaawww..weehhh~! Ten Hottest female bloggers~!

I stumbled into this and they have finaly tabulated the results. How they do it I also don't really know or care but to know that there are blogs out there that can make you tiny hearts leap with lusty joy just because their authors are simply CUN is a good sign. Right?
So I instead of stealing the post why not I just link to where I got the results from....
Drum roll please... presenting the Top Ten Hottest Female Bloggers~!!! Kaaaa-chingg~!
errr...you still have to click here...heheheh~!
Thank you 5Xmom~!

The stubborn cripple Karpal.

Karpal's Stupid debate in The Dewan Rakyat.

Do read the link that I have provided above. Usually I would take a snippet from the original report but I guess it is better for my dear readers to read the whole thing first.

Personally I think Karpal is simply a silly old man. What is he trying to prove? To me the argument is just to make mock The Dewan Rakyat. The way he (Karpal) took the matter simply just shows on how much respect he has for the house that proudly stand for our liberation to run our own country. Making an MP looking like an idiot is simply unprofessional and unethical.

When will this old fart understand that The Dewan Rakyat is not like the civil courts that he can shout or bark his points simply to win a case...which later I bet he gets paid handsomely. I wish his time may pass to give way to a more cultured representative. But it strikes me as a surprise too that he was not stopped by the chairperson. I guess this crippled old fart is damn stubborn too.

Zouk Ghetto Heaven 3rd Birthday Bash Pictures.

Here is a slide show of the said event. Thanks to Erwan @ Official Photographer of KLG Sqwad. For those interested in his services do take down his details below....

23 April, 2007

Brainless mindless acts that would certainly not preserve harmony~

I can't figure why should someone would want to spread this sort of thing through e-mail. These sort of things I would usually get from my "Malay" friends who I think share the same opinion with the author of this hate mail. What seems to be a normal "Lets be tollerable" towards each other is actually a disrespect towards the other races and faiths. Come on...a pun can't be stopped with another pun. Thus most of the time I feel actions fromw certain factions tend to be a tad on the stupid side as to their meaningless assults and insults. Not making matters any better I dare to say some stupid Muslims are simply just making things worse. Dumb doinks~!

Below is the whole e-mail that I got this morning.....

"Jika orang bukan Islam mengatakan azan subuh itu bising Dan mengganggu
tidur mereka maka orang Islam juga mahu melontarkan persoalan ritual
agama orang bukan Islam yang selama ini di toleransi oleh orang Islam
tanpa sedikit pun menyentuhnya.

Let's bargain, ini jawapan bagi mereka yg menyentuh hak azan subuh
amalan orang Islam.. Read thru'

Orang bukan Islam mahu orang Islam perlahan atau hapuskan terus azan
subuh hanya kerana alasan mengganggu tidur ? Pernah dahulu azan subuh di
samakan mengganggu seperti salakan anjing.

Sekurang nya azan subuh kami hanya sekejap, 2 ke 3 minit sahaja. Tetapi
kami ingin komplen di sini, rasa terganggu dah lama dah Dan minta,

1. COLOK - Kami minta penganut Buddha jangan membakar colok kerana colok
itu mendatangkan ASAP yg menyesakkan hidung Dan membakar paru-paru
anak-anak kami. Jiran-jiran terdekat yang alahan boleh sahaja terkena
astma Dan batuk kerana ASAP colok-colok di rumah tokong kamu itu. Boleh
kah ? Azan kami membingitkan telinga anda sekejap sahaja tetapi ASAP
colok penganut Buddha merupakan air pollution yg menjejaskan kesihatan
berbanding azan.

2. ASAP DUPA, BAKAR KEMENYAN - Begitu juga ASAP dupa penganut Buddha
atau Hindu yang suka membakar kemenyan Dan perasap rumah sebagai antara
ritual agama. Bolehkan penganut Buddha atau Hindu jangan pasang ASAP
dupa. Ia menyucuk hidung Dan membuat kami orang Islam tidak selesa Dan
seperti ASAP colok, IA pencemaran udara Dan menjejaskan kesihatan
berbanding azan.

Buddha main gendang di Hari kematian dari rumah hinggalah sepanjang jalan
ke jirat. Bunyi gendang penganut Buddha di ritual kematian sungguh kuat
Dan gemerincing mengganggu jiran-jiran Dan menyebabkan anak-anak kami tak
boleh tidur, tak boleh belajar Dan mengganggu kedamaian Dan ketenangan
kami. Kadang gendang di main sekerat Hari. Walaupun ini jarang mengikut
kematian to IA buat jiran-jiran tak boleh duduk kat rumah kerana bising
gendang yg di palu. Bolehkan penganut Buddha bertolak ansur jangan main
gendang kuat-kuat lama-lama. Mengapa tak di palu kat jirat sahaja. Azan
kami tak sampai pun 5 minit.

goncang loceng aiskrim waktu ritual agama mereka, selalunya waktu petang.
Sebagaimana gendang orang mati IA juga bising, gemerincing Dan membuat
gigi jiran-jiran sengau Dan ngilu.

SEMUT- Rumah-rumah tokong penganut Buddha di depan rumah penuh dengan
buah Dan kuih. Kalau letak kuih, buah tipu (plastik) tak apa, tapi kuih,
buah mendatangkan lalat Dan semut. Juga IA satu kepelikan jadi boleh di
hapuskan amalan letak buah Dan kuih kat tokong kecil TU.

6, 7, 8, 9..... Ada lagi, to cukup 5 dahulu, boleh tolak ansur ke..
Sebagimana orang bukan Islam mahu orang Islam bertolak ansur jangan azan
subuh di kuat. Sedangkan azan TU memang di pasang untuk di dengar jauh,
jadi mestilah kuat dengarnya.

Banyak lagi yang orang Islam selama ini tolak ansur. Dan sebagaimana
orang bukan Islam memandang azan orang Islam itu bising, tak patut,
mengganggu Dan patut samada di hapuskan terus, pada masa sama orang Islam
Dan bukan penganut agama seperti kamu juga tidak sukakan ASAP-ASAP colok,
pembakaran dupa, gendang orang mati Dan jamuan buah Dan kuih yang tak

Azan orang Islam bising sekejap. Tapi ASAP penganut agama lain yang
membakar colok, dupa merupakan pencemaran udara Dan menjejas kesihatan.

Sekarang apa perasaan penganut agama lain, baik cina, India.. Jika orang
Islam Dan bukan penganut agama seperti mula menuntut seperti diatas ?
Bolehkah bertolak ansur ?

Dan jika sedikit persoalan yang di utarakan di atas di rasakan amat
melampau maka pikirlah sendiri tuntutan anda, orang bukan Islam yang
menyentuh perihal azan kami orang Islam.

Sekurang nya kami orang Islam di ajar menghormati hak penganut agama

Jadi setiap kali penganut agama lain rasa azan orang Islam itu tak patut
Cuba fikir ritual agama sendiri dulu adakah patut.

Sekurang nya orang Islam tak pernah menyentuh hak orang lain. Jadi
jangan biadap sentuh hak orang Islam. Sama-sama Kita bertolak ansur.

Mass muderers are recognized individulas.

Virginia Tech is now a famous place. So is the family of Seung-Hui Cho but more for the wrong reasons than anyone would like to admit. But still he is included in Wikipedia. So this got me thinking...if I am able to do something crazy enough and get noticed, there is a possibility that someone might include me in Wikipedia. I can't put my self in it now can I?

So lets see...what can I do that would be significant enough so that someone out there would add me on Wiki. For one I am not at all going to think that doing some massacre would be ideal. It's a bit overplayed at the moment. It should be something new...that would spark a revelation in the industry of violence. Mass poisoning was it think last heard from that Cyanide attack in Japan. So that has been awhile since anyone has done that.

Bombing is no good. Too easy...all it takes is to plant one in some populated area and press a dumb button. So if lets say you detonate it like a mile away...all you can hear is just the click of the trigger. That has got to be the least satisfaction of all. Hmmm...I could perhaps run amok with a sword. But I need sometime to master that thing to effectively kill enough. Preferably more then the Ah Pek Cho did.

Crashing a plane? Hish.....I need longer training for that. I am seriously wondering... what sort of mental preparation does suicide murderers or bombers need to do so that they reach a mental state that is void of any feelings? I admire them one only one fact...they have the will in what they desire to do and no one can stop them when they put their minds to it. To me if it were to be done for a good cause, these individuals would very much left a positive change to the world.

Perhaps among them could have been a Nobel prize winner. Or some individual of the likes of Mother Theressa or that Indian dude who gave out loans to the poor. It took them a lifetime to be recognised and on the other hand it took these sick should just a split second to leave their mark and be in the history books. I think we are a bit short changed here aren't we?

But if I were to do such a massacre I think I'll do it with a cool Katana. The slasher yet still remains stylish ala Hannibal Lecter. But what a demonic person would I be right?

Life is a f**k~Seriously...

Upon raging hormones and exploration of sexuality when guys hit it they try so hard in doing so. Well...I am sexually active? That's such a taboo question and will undermine my credibility. Plus I am not writing anything too personal in space with public enquiries. But alas, sex in such an interesting thing.

With the recent Durex survey we seem not to be that bad I guess. All the more with the great supply of supplements to keep you going "Long Time". It spurs new business opportunities. Especially to the traditional herbalist that wants to get commercial. I admire the range of products that are sold in stalls set up in Malls. Especially those in a Malay concentrated area. I bet you can fill a whole pharmacy as large as a standard Guardian outlet.

So among the elders it's a really shameful thing to talk about it, I bet its performance related. To teens it's like very often we hear them getting a boink or two. For the most we know the government actually is really into this sex thing. Regardless of the orientation....There was the hot sodomy case which someone was acquitted for, then there is this Altantunya affair, a bit later is the release of a pilot show from a lift that I could simply name it "Domestic Lift Affairs". So I can say that we embrace sex as naturally as any other nation can. Even with the restrictions imposed for public decency.

I can't wait for the next big thing.... hey if sex sells and the General Elections is coming God knows right?

20 April, 2007

I ate a hotdog that fell onto a pavement....It still tasted good.

I have a true story to tell...well as if I tell true stories all the time but I don't lie that much either. Read the disclaimer on this here blog lah~! Heheh...anyways this is a real story. Location, Zouk, time last night, Characters involved....Gopee, Sheila and Me. The hero of the story is this piece of hot dog that Gopee got from Balan which somehow he carelessly dropped onto the pavement.

So the hot dog laid there on the warm pavement for a good few seconds. I was laughing my nuts off and shouting "G~! You dropped you wiener~!". At that point of time whoever who was outside the club was laughing like shit. Gopee could just simply pick up the hot dog and plopped it into the bun it dropped from. Whats next? Yup...he took a huge bite out of it. Those who saw it was simply disgusted and I was still laughing like a prick that I am.

G then offered it to Seila...well she saw what happened to eat bu it didn't really matter to her. She took a bite out of it anyways. She said it didn't taste any different as if it dropped in some puddle of mud or something. Gopee then proceed to pass the hot dog to me. Yes I was still laughing....but for some idiotic and insane reason I took a bit off it too. Great now I was the center of disgusted looks. The pretty chicks were actually squirming away. Hahahah~!!! Fuck...I was still laughing.

But just right now when I remember about what happened it came to me that we take in whatever we can make and have under all possible circumstances that is available. Gopee proved a hot dog is still a hot dog regardless of the pavement it landed on. Mind you, the thing was actually not bad. It's just a simple thing to prove that there are chances as simple as those and we know that we wont starve if times would get a bad as actually picking food off from some pavement.

But yeah....I might be a bit off into the loony side here. But I know one thing...no matter how different we are bound to eat the same shit sooner or later. Just face that fact and I guess anyone could pretty much survive and tolerate and understand a bond and cultures can make.

Stylustiks @ Zouk Ghetto Heaven 3rd Bday Bash was simply out of this world~!

Stylustiks @ Zouk Ghetto Heaven 3rd Bday Bash was simply out of this world~! The violins really was the touch out of all touches~! Good job boyz...especially to UNO.

Mat, you can ask a million and one questions but its all you

For the past few days my page stats has revealed to me that I have been getting more hits from UiTM. Hmmm...I guess my blog has been discovered and it's been reviewed but some idiot or idiots. I suspect they are lecturers or someone from the admin because the link that the page state provided pointed to an E-Mail log in page for staff. But really like I give a damn. Even if it is so, I would certainly love the reaction they get when I keep posting stuff that fuck them up top, down, left, right and centre.

Yes it is a good thing to strive and have a vision of being a world class university. NO it's not good to have a 1st world aspiration but a 3rd world mentality. I have so far been impressed with a few undergrads that I know. They really do think out of the box, it's just that sometime the lecturers seems to bog them down. How? I'll give you a scene that actually happened one of the Sundays back.

Undergrads of IS222 Degree (Hons.) organized this seminar for themselves and invited the alumni of the course to give in depth view of the job market within the qualification scope and outside of the qualification scope. Well the speakers were knowledgeable enough in their relevant jobs and can be said successful in their careers in various industries. However, I managed to pick one thing that seems to be repeated so often throughout the seminar. Do not think you can find the job that matches exactly for your qualification and do not limit career opportunities to only your field of study.

This hit me not as a surprise but more of a realization that there is this particular orthodox mindset that your qualification papers are only meant for the application of jobs of only the same as the qualification directly allows. Which I know is certainly not true. Second, there seem no combined effort about emphasizing soft skills by the lecturers on a progressive scale. I bet they are told to remind their students but as in a policy and execution is limited to only a handful. And third there are lecturers who restrict their student's mind to within a certain scope and most of the time they do not realize it.

I don't blame the system, I don't blame the policies, and I don't blame the lecturers but it's the little fuck-up in all 3 parts that amounts to a very worrying alarm. What should and could could be done to remedy such a misconception? Well, to change mentalities is hard but interacting with people with different career backgrounds would help a bit. Parents need to have the right outlook as well but it all boils down to the individual. Those out there have 1st world minds do take note....please help your fellow people to change their mindset. Doing it alone won't work, do it collectively in small groups. Try to banish certain mentality that prohibits or limits opportunities. Explain to them why working in private companies of different races is actually a very good thing and not to only rely on the public sector to be providing jobs to all Malays.

19 April, 2007

This is how you should advertise~!

I was driving from Shah Alam to Subang through Glenmarie when I came across this ad placement. Now this is what I call target advertising~! NGahahahahah~!!!

Ipoh Mali Video preview shots. Jac is in it too~!

Ok I don't think Point Blank's video is out yet...but I some how just simply want to spoil it a bit for those who wants to know who is in his Ipoh Mali Video. So I have taken some liberty in sourcing out sneek preview of the upcoming video on the behind the scenes look at the making.

Mind you...these pictures are never to be found anywhere else but here and probably my contact would have given the pictures to Point. But whats the point?? Hahahahah...Point if you happen to read this my pun is just for fun aaite~! GO IPOH~!!!

And for the Video ready for viewing click here

I am also on Blogvertise.

Some how PPP has not been very kind to those with page ranks below 5. Really feel a bit short changed here. So I would be pretty sure it's a good idea for me to broaden my horizon a little by trying out other PPP's out there although they don't pay as well as the PPP.

But I think I have rushed into it a bit too fast and kinda neglected the FAQ page. Now thanks to my ignorance I am left wondering on how the bloody hell am I suppose to get a paid article to write. Fark-lah. Hahahahah~!

Anyhow I think I'll just slap an affiliate button just for the fark of it. Muuahahah~!!!

Advertise On This Blog

Aiyooohhh...I can be so blur sometimes~! Ciss...so I have to wait for someone to offer me ka??? Hahaha~!!!!

18 April, 2007

You give 20 bucks to feed your momma a month? You dog?

Now i have a bone to pick. I went done to the shop just now to get my self some Twiggies and some milk. Passing the newspaper stand I saw what was printed on the front page of Harian Metro. They really have attention grabbing headlines although it can be silly at times.

20 bucks a friggin month to the Old Folks home to take care of your momma? Now, you can't even feed your dog with that much for a month~! What is bloody wrong to just take care of your parent by your own means?

How screwed are we as a society? Well, lets see if there are still someone gets RM20 a month as wage? Come on...it's all simple math. What can be done with RM20 these days and lasts a month? Irresponsible and ungrateful children will undoubtedly be fitting for them to be condemned to the same fate done to them by their own children. What goes around comes around right? So lets use our brains shall we?

Zouk 3rd Ghetto Heaven Birthday Bash.

Zouks Ghetto Heaven 3rd Bday Bash People~! And KLG will be there. 19th April 2007 Part starts at 10. Ladies enter free before 11 as usual after that the normal charge applies.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

I wanna liquidate funds from PayPal without applying any dumb accounts.

I am at the cross roads. I am not really getting hundreds of hits for this blog. My average is around 70 to 80 hits per day. I don't blog for a living but simply just for the fact that it serves and preserve my sanity to let something out everyday. Right now I am in the midst of transferring Bullets of quills and Ink to another hosting. Yes I wont be a cheapo anymore and I am paying for it. Plus the web stats that come with it should be very beneficial. At the moment I am using Shinystat free version.

Just recently I got into this online shopping bug. With every cash in PayPal that I have I get this urge to buy watches. Thus my second watch in les then a month is on it's way in 2 weeks. On top of that a kind reader offered to liquidate my Pay Pal funds at an exchange rate of RM3 to every USD1. So that means according to current rates at 3.4 that means the dude gets the remaining 0.4. I don't know if that is a good deal. Honestly I would rather not open a foreign bank account just for PayPal.

But if anyone out there does liquidate PayPal funds for me at a lower rate I would certainly go for it. Hopefully I could do it like once a month say...for USD100. As for now I would just keep on buying watches off EBay.

17 April, 2007

KLG performing at Bojangles Hartamas

This is just a simple announcement. KLG Sqwad will be having a small event at Bojangles Hartamas on the 1st of May. Members of the press are welcome to grace the event provided they reveal their press passes at the door and those who wants to catch the little gig are only by invitation plus payment of RM20 for the tickets.

Reason is in fact is that the proceeds will be for their remaining album production and video for Amplify. So if any X-freshers who wishes to come by for the event I have 4 invites for sale and you guys and gals can mail me personally.

As for a show for the general public and kids there will be one coming up sometime in June where by it will showcase the best of local hip-hop talents.

I'll keep you people posted on that one. For the time being please head to their blog by clicking

This August will mark th 50th year of Independence...and what have we achieved?

This is not about blasting any point of authority. Yes I know I can be very vicious with my lashings and my puns. But it is seriously for a good cause. There is so much that we "Normal" people can see at ground level. But there is also a lot of things that we don't know that is going on at the top. So the promises has been baked for 50 years or so. Would it be burnt or would it bake nicely?

First things first is I could really say that I am lucky to have lived during Tun M was at the helm. For one he did somehow have a tiny finger on how I would think of something. But the problem of having someone for too long is we tend to get really comfortable. And it is hard to get out off the comfort zone. Now it's a whole new ball game.

So for the past 50 years what have we got? We have the KLCC. Hahahha~!!! A disaster waiting to happen if they don't watch it. But what is more important than a terrorist attack? I would say the racial divide is a bit out of it's normal bounds. So many fights start by the word of mouth. And we do know the mouths of our own kind are not really kind.

A good thing is that with some racial divide, each race will be closer to their roots and are more than willing to keep traditions alive. Thats one good coin for a bad one. However that may be, there is a much deeper thought to it. Some questions that I would like to raise is how come that for the past 50 years this racial thing has been able to be put to a near silence? Why now make the noise public?

I have spoken to a few friends about this matter. Well a circle of friends usually have the same opinion on an issue. So I can't find any that I know who simply hates other races to the point of really being a racist and treat others differently. In fact more and more would simply blast their own race for the typical social ills that are so famous to be associated to a specific race.

So we have Indians who hates Keling, Chinese who hates Ah Bengs and Malays you hates Mats. Pretty wacky stuff. There is a particular feeling of shame when something bad is associated to a specific race and everyone will not be seen as individuals but more of a collective movement even if you yourself did not participate.

So in 50 years we have achieved to be members to a certain sect for some certain reason that is judged by our skin tone. So what about Pan Asians? Should we get there? I bet they are even more out of place in a country where even a parliamentary seat representative can be stupid enough to spit racial or religious comments without even using his balls to think. Sigh~ such incompetent fools these bunch are.

Get smarter: Najib calls for massive change to the school system. More to the Brain system too~

New and smarter school system? Now how do you think are we suppose to have that? As far as I can remember the system during my school days were pretty much OK. Perhaps because it was my ignorance that led me to actually find school interesting. Or was it because I was thought English at home first then in school. I can't put a thumb into what help me most. But what I do know is we can't be changing school systems or policies all the time.

It seems like a never ending dreadful B-grade movie. It never finish nor does it have a climax. Now Datuk Seri Najib has a point when he states that we cant let the think Malay speak English policy keep on going. Well to me it will all sound grammatically horrible. But somehow that is what that has been going on for donkey years now.

What seems to be the number one nagging problem are parents themselves. Now at this point I know I am going to get blasting from this but hell it's really reality. No matter if you teach English to these kids throughout the entire schooling session it would not do any good if these kids return home and their parents do not encourage but instead even to the point of prohibiting them from conversing in English. I am not saying all parents are like that but there are some that do think in that really stupid way.

It is also the truth when all that has been spent on ICT infrastructure for schools but it will never be used to it's maximum potential. Get this few things straight first. The teachers themselves are petrified of those monsters of computers that reside in some specific labs. Why? Simply because they do not know how to operate it.

So I wont just rant this time, I will also suggest a solution. For the bloody thousand of graduates who are unemployed or awaiting a job offer what could be done is the school pays an hourly fee to those qualified to teach their teachers to use the "monsters".

I figure equipment ratings at schools are not important, what Hishammuddin should realize is that it's the quality of brains and attitude that is very much lacking in the system.

16 April, 2007

Afghanistan is Asia's Columbia~

Years of fighting with Russian Communist and recently war ridden again thanks to the US Afghanistan somehow manages to find prosperity but for all the wrong reasons. I was having lunch today and the mamak was showing CNN on it's TV. What attracted me was the title of the report..."Multi Billion dollar Drug business in Afghanistan" or somewhere along the that line.

In the Washington post it is reported that with such a business ran by warlords or some irresponsible bastards it may simply just undo all that has been done to rebuild that Nation mentioned. Well I simply could not agree more. But it is still questionable to if the proceeds from the sale of the drugs produced are being fed through the Taliban to assist in their Yank's claimed terrorist attacks.

How true could this allegation be is simply anyone good guess. But I have the right to believe that there are parties that is taking opportunity of the situation to make a quick billion or two. It may be the crime lords or the Jewish funded Bush the asshole. Kindly pay attention to my dissatisfaction on this issue. It can kindly spread both ways and the truth will never be known. I mean if it is true that the Taliban get their funding from the sale of drugs which is reported to be 90% "exported" to Europe don't you think that Bush the Asshole War Against Terror could be partially funded in the same way as well?

As blindly accusing as I am doing now I think the Yanks and their supporters have been feeding us the same shit since Bush Sr. (The father of all ass holes) started the war which his asshole son is supposedly trying to so call end. Well what goes around comes around and it does not get as whole and round as the "Bushes" asses as his does it? Thank the lord to whoever is planning and succeeds to assassinate and end the ass hole's life.

My PayPal treat~!

OK, so I do PPP sometimes and from that I have managed to have a payout from PPP totalling about USD$120. So I really didn't know what to do with it until on a fateful day when I sort of hit my 6 year old Swatch at an odd angle. Pop came off the second needle. Damn~ I am shit broke if I were to use my cash to replace it and I can't really live without a watch.

It came to me that I have a bit in PayPal. I can't really cash it out because I don't have a supported bank account and to apply for one is simply too much hassle for my own lazy good. So I figured might as well I spend it on the net. Behold is my introduction to EBay~! Well, I know about Ebay a long time ago but I have never really trusted it so much to buy something off it.

So my mission is to get a new watch and the experience of buying stuff online. Since the way I got the cash is not really cash in the traditional sense so I guess if I were to loose it, it wont be that much of a pain. Going through the local EBay I made a few bids on watches and a bid on a jersey just for fun. The result took about a few days and I won the bid for the MU jersey and a Casio Edifice watch. So I followed the instruction as stated in the invoices and wired the payment over to the merchant's PayPal accounts. Done...now the wait.

First to arrive was the jersey. It arrive all good and well...exactly like how the merchant described it would be. Now the watch was a shocker...it arrived very much earlier than expected. And seriously I thought the quality would be like crap. But how wrong I was. The watch simply looks better in real life.

I guess I am a convert now...plus I don't really have an outlet to liquidate my funds in PayPal. Owh did I mention I got the stuff at 60% off the retail price? Sweet~!

Yin is back but what about refugees?

The missing Yin has been found. Now that seems to be a relief but the couple that returned the boy bald has raised some suspicion. Why should someone who has chicken pox be shaved bald anyways? And how come refugees are allowed to stay in this country with aide of the UN but lives in some illegal settlement? I am not aware of how refugees are dealt in the country as the stories and information is not freely known.

So this makes me want to raise a big question to the government. What are the policies that Malaysia apples when it comes to protecting or housing refugees in the country? I know the last publicised effort are the long done Bosnian war. But that is simply donkey years ago.

Its not a blasting to the government but it is an enquiry. Perhaps I could be wrong since as I understand it there are hundreds of policies that are not made known to the public because of certain dumb reason from one to the other. But I do hope someone could clarify me on this.

14 April, 2007

Kuantan day trip and drag.

Yesterday was the longest Thursday ever. Started the day in the office making preparations for the training to be held in some Investment Bank in Kuantan. It's my first outstation assignment and I was not too comfortable of the idea travelling with shirt, tie and all to some 250 KM away bank.

So there were 3 of us going. Dominic is the compulsory sales rep while Saiyid and me were the trainers. Since we knew Dominic drives like a grandmother on stilts we couldn't possibly allow him to get us there in time. So Saiyid and I decided that the trip will have to legs...SAiyid will get us from KL to Temerloh and I would continue from there to Kuantan...once reaching Kuantan only will we allow Dominic to drive. Somehow people in Kuantan drives on average 60km/h.

Arriving a bit late no thanks to Dominic who was trying to recalibrate his internal GPS we promptly made a beeline to the venue. Setting up the equipment and making sure our handouts were given to all participants. Then we started. Everything went smoothly until we reached a part where the trading portion just refuse to load.

OWhh shit...we are ****ed. Imagine we tried everything we could think off to make the bloody thing work. Calling support in KL they even are baffled to why the applet refused to load. We even tried different browsers. Luckily we quickly turned the session into a Q&A and some marketing bull and crap. So before they started noticing our blunder, Saiyid pressed on with manually explaining how the system works with the help of the materials we prepared.

All in all it took us 3 hours to finis the so called training. They were not a tough crowd but very enquisitive. So we had to entertain their questions one by one. I don't blame them as to the participant dcould never know the back end processes of the system. But somehow we managed to satisfy them and for those that we could not answer Dominic did the "Here is my card, call me if there are any problems".

Not wanting to dilly dally any longer plus we were bloody starving by the end of it we packed and headed to Teluk Cempedak. Chilled to cool off and absorb all the ****-ups that happened and adjusting to the reality that we will need to drive back to KL that night it self.

I had the last leg of the journey home and we stopped over at Hartamas to chill with some buddies that performed at KL Jam. By 2 a.m we were heading to the office to send back the company car and the equipment we used. But the buggering thing is that non of us punched out when we left earlier in the day thus we can't swipe our selves in. Shitto~! Dragging the equipment Dominic said he would bring it back. Simply exhausted Saiyid and me dumped our stuff at the back of the car and made the commute back to Puncak Perdana. We didn't bother to bathe or anything just chucked our stuff one side changed into shorts and crashed into bed. And with that, that is why I am writing this ****ing boring entry on a Saturday morning at the god damn office.

Thank you~! Have a ****ing Weekend~!

13 April, 2007

A night full of Jit's shit~

I don't normally go for stand-up comedy or theater. But once and awhile I will be lucky enough to get an invitation by some bizarre random luck. This time I was to by the administration of the company that I am working for to go and fill up the seats of Actors Studio Bangsar. Well..apparently it was some marketing thing by a property developer that the big boss has bought a lot from. So it was Saiyid, Dominic and me tottering our asses to BSC.

The welcoming party was OK. Dominic said the wine sucked. But it's free maaa...free is always nice somehow. Right, I have seen Jit Murrad's colourful take on life in many different aspects before. But it was a bloody long time ago...like when Tun M was in the main seat. So why is it any different?

Well, obviously it is concerning of the very recent and current issues. Anecdotes were generously spread across and even with that I figure some in the audience really are not mentally aware of what he exactly means. So well....he took stabs of both side of the political divide and at the same time insulted the audience. But to me it's OK because it is a cynical take on local culture and society in it self.

His entire set was mainly broken up into 4 main parts with 2 short break and 1 intermission. The issues raised were indeed serious and I would figure that not everyone can stomach it. Nonetheless to me my mentality says "Feel good maaa~". SO to those who wants to watch jit in action I suggest you have the strong will in mind and matter and do ample reading to understand all the sarcasm and innuendos that he uses. To me Jit was as good as he has always been just until recently his comedic position has been challenged and beaten by namely Sammy Vellu~

12 April, 2007

Cheap movie tickets~!

I was approached by Jef of Tumpang Dot Com through e-mail. He highlighted to me that his web portal offers movie tickets at subsidised prices. Now I thought that can't be right. But a quick hop to http://movies.tumpang.com and took a look for my own eyes. Well the portal is actually very similar to EBay but the subsidised movie tickets is a new thing. Currently for their inaugural offering it will be Spiderman 3 @ Cineleisure. Tickets ranges from RM4 to RM8.

So do head down to the site by clicking on the banner, link above or the button placed here...

Has beens get a job get it?

We have to strike the right keys to sing a soulful tune. But what happens when it seems to fall to the liking of a set that you wish never exists? A bit of bad targeting? But worst still if you have passed your prime and still have not realised that no one would listen to your sophomore songs anymore.

As the way I see it there are many has beens out there who simply refuse to go down. In fact who does anyway? But what could a wilting artist do when he or she simply is no longer the "IN" set anymore. These are the few things...depending on how low your ego or how much capital you are willing to go.

First would be trying to bug people to give you shots at performing at their joint for a fee. Well this would be good if you have friends around who knows owners of clubs or some "cable". Basically I think this is very much a hustling thing.

Next is become an MC. But some has beens are very poor in PR skills, so brushing up and sharpening it is a must. Still people don't have events everyday right? And professional MCs are always in demand to be compared to some lay ass has been.

Third, get into the reality TV thing. Be the participant~! Sounds fun and it is. But just try to avoid the lame ass ones. Luckily AF does not allow previously signed artist to enrole. There is a reason why they are called has beens you know.

Moving on, try getting involved in charity. Now This is a novel idea and it is for a good cause too. Be with some cancer or AIDS foundation to help create more awareness. I heard these people get paid allowances really well.

Fifth, try your luck again in the industry that kicked you out. Hahahah~!!! Now this is a funny one because unless you stop the bedroom writing of sophomore songs and create something fresh ain't no way you gonna get it funded. If you have lost it, just simply face the fact. Reality check...no one listens to some local samples and beats out off a PC and sings with a squeeky vice no more.

11 April, 2007

No leader would want to end up like this.

I got this image from a friend today. And I thought it might be worth to share in a political point of view. Campaigning for the next general elections is slowly taking into shape. But let it be a reminder to all politicians out there is that you might end up just like the duck seen here if you are not careful.

Unity? Is it the real deal?

Unity is hard to achieve, myth. We are doing it all wrong, fact. It seems that "Unity" is already becoming the word of the year. Now, this unity thing is to be inculcated in school, where kids would spend half of their time in. But what about the other half? There is so much so that schools could do. Already they are to educate with the fundamental knowledge that is to be used once Malaysian kids get into college but to instill unity among races is a big responsibility. But still through all the years since independence I think teachers have instilled unity pretty well.

Now what is the whole fuss of publicizing this unity thing? Some say it's the General elections ploy. Some say there are really serious issues and the strings has been wound tighter and tighter of late. I would say a bit of both. Truly a case of why fix something when it's not broken which in fact it should have been a continuous effort but slowly being neglected in favour of materialistic developments.

What needs to be done is that not only the children has to be educated about the importance of racial harmony but I think the parents has to be re-educated as well. But we all should know how parents are right? If they have been bent towards the opposition, opposition ideologies will be spoon fed to their kids and vice versa.

So how is it going to be? It might or it might not blow it's top. But I am still very sceptical of the approach...I personally think it should be done hush-hush and count my chickens once the eggs are hatched.

10 April, 2007

Kanye~! But KLG rocks just as hard~!

Back to work on a Tuesday. To those that has been wondering where have I been, suffice to say that Kanye took a good toll on me. I bet there are reviews on it since yesterday so I'll review on my favourite opening act. Like all tom, dick and harry knows that Too Phat is the opening act, but standing alongside them were some most talented hip-hop entertainers since them. Phlowtron, Mc Syze and KLG got to share the spot as co-opening acts for Kanye's Touch the Sky tour finale.

And I dare to say it all of them set the tone for the night. But even more proud for me to say that KLG has gone from good to excellent since recent months. For them to share a stage with Kanye was simple awesome. Ok ok ok...i'll stop the bullshit and just upload pictures of the event and it's after party.