31 May, 2007

Stupid Malaysian Motorists

What should cause a jam in the morning on the North Klang Valley Expressway? Accident you say? Well that is correct on one side of the road. While the other side (the one I was on) do not have a fucking reason at all to make the commute from the Jelutong Toll to Subang Underpass 45 minutes long~! So apparently majority of our dearest Malaysian motorist are complete idiots! Why bother when the accident is on the other side of the bloody road? Why slow down? What is the fucking reason to even dip below 50Km/h on an expressway? Imbecile~! Moron~! And for the most part I was late for work just because the so called concerned Malaysian motorist was more than careful to slow down and jot down as well as triple check that the license plate number was taken correctly for Draw 4 purposes. And you complain that Mr. Sammy is not doing a good enough job~! Pricks~!

30 May, 2007

Waiting while Uni keeps a silence....

So it's been two weeks since my case has been put a verdict upon. And it has been a week since I sent my appeal letter. Since then I have not heard anything from them. So it is my right for an appeal which I have done but is my appeal being looked into. Perhaps I will call next week...in the mean time I have been doing some research on previous cases concerning Uni students which has a larger magnitude. So this is what I have dished up...

So even when these students were detained by ISA after they have been acquitted they are allowed the chance to further their studies and apply courses in public Universities. So I don't see why in my case I would not be allowed to finish whatever thats left of my course. Just if only they be speedy on the processing of my case.

Lina Joy looses her case...

Well the verdict has been passed. So what now? Everything will be back to normal? I don't think so. Some are very happy and relieved of the verdict (me included) while some are somewhat againts it. But I guess the damage has been done the moment that Lina Joy's case was made public. Perhaps the law will be changed and certain policies to be drafted in Parliament. Who knows....but what I know I will still be chilling with my Christian friends and still have a good time.

Now there is an awareness. Now there are factions that are pulling support for one reason or the other. Which shall we choose? Delicate balancing act you say?? Damn right it is. Starting today the days won't be easy anymore.

Mobile TV coming soon?

That is what apparently Celcom is saying. I wonder how long will the novelty will last. BEcause as to date even 3G is not practical enough. I do have a 3G phone and line but I only use it to check football scores. To date I have only made 1 video call and recieved only one. Even that is from my parents. The rest is normal stuff.

How cool it is to watch your TV show from your trusty mobile huh? I know the Makcik's would love em because they wont miss AF concerts or American Idol. Guys maybe would not miss their football matches. But I would rather watch a propper telly.

29 May, 2007

Don't set your hopes too high for a bonus~

This article in the Sun really slams those in the public service to stop day dreaming. Yes, DO NOT set your hopes too high for a bonus. But perhaps if the performance justifies for it why not right? Another thing is about the PTK. Really why have it when those who pass don't get what has been promised to them? Or perhaps it is just as a formality and still those who licks their boss's ass will be the ones plunking their ass on thicker and luxurious chairs?

Mak Nyahs (Male Transsexuals) in Malaysia: The Influence of Culture and Religion on their Identity

My title is the same as the actual report which was funded by the Ministry of Science, Technology and Environment.


This paper discusses a study of male transsexuals in Malaysia, known locally as mak nyahs. This detailed study, funded by the Ministry of Science, Technology and Environment, involved the use of questionnaires and interviews. The questionnaire for the mak nyahs, which consisted of 142 questions, was divided into three parts: a) the social aspect; b) HIV/AIDS knowledge; and c) related health issues. In addition to questionnaires, interviews were carried out with some of the mak nyahs as well as with the relevant authorities.

This paper looks into the social aspect of transsexualism in Malaysia. The questions in this section of the questionnaire were derived from studies undertaken in the West. The writer found that transsexuals in Malaysia have many characteristics similar to those from other parts of the world. However, the identity of the mak nyahs in Malaysia is influenced by cultural and religious factors. The definition and identity of male transsexuals in Malaysia may differ in some ways from those in other parts of the world.


Well if my dearest readers read through the whole thing here at the end of the report states....

So does this mean our dear Government support these activities? I am a great skeptic now.

Malaysian band Pop Shuvit hitting the international scene with a new Video~!!

A friend passed me the link of the video on YouTube. If it were not for the title I swear I thought it ain't ever our local boys. Way to go~!!!

E-Medicine? People can get sick anywhere and everyhere in Malaysia? Hmmmm...

I wonder what came through the minds of the people in NST when they came up with the title. I think It sounds bloody wrong. What you think?

KLG Sqwad - Mayor Balan spitting in Tamil

It's a short video but I kinda like the flow. Can someone tell me what does it means?

28 May, 2007

Thank you Droool dot Net.

Who doesn't want hits to their blog? Who does not want back links? I know I do...heheheh. No, this is not a friggin sponsored post....just wanting to share it around to those who do not know about it yet. Take this link here and register your blog to be listed. I got on it for about a month already and it has given me 100 clicks and increased my link backs. Well, I am not going to say it is a surefire way to launch your blog to get a gazillion hits but every single hit counts right?

Accident at Batu Tiga 10:30pm

It was truly a lazy Sunday. For one thing I hate the weather. So the day went past with nothing much to mention. Apart from me going to watch a few friends in a photo shoot for a profile of theirs and going to Klang to pick up the keys to my car.

So just about 10pm I left Klang with two friends of mine heading to Kelana Jaya. We were on the Faderal Highway. Just when we were approaching the Batu Tiga toll just in front of the Carlsberg Brewery the traffic suddenly went really slow. It appears like and accident just occurred.

Well....as we got nearer we got this scene of a man lying face down in the middle of the road. Well, I expected to see a wrecked car of some mangled mess of metal mass. But there was none of that sort. Just like 10 feet ahead of the lifeless body was a dark grey Proton Iswara. Just about then the image of the body came just about six feet away from my window.

What I say was a awkward twisted mass of human flesh. Funny thing I wondered was with such a twisted figure there was only blood coming out from the face. It appeared to me that half the face was smashed. Every other part of the body was intact with no visible bruises or torn parts. My friends manage to take a glimpse too and they thought of how on earth did it happen. On gave a conclusion that the man was probably thrown off from a vehicle.

But, I don't think that was probable. If it was so then the body should be pretty battered from the tumble and rolling coming off the vehicle. My other friend said maybe it was a suicide attempt. Hmmm....maybe. But I seriously think it was a stupid effort to cross Federal Highway. Well, all of us had our story heard and the next 5 minutes was a complete silence.

Now, after picking up my car from Kelana Jaya the scene keeps playing in my head. And since the last accident that happened just about at the same area was like less than a month ago I am now left wondering. Is that stretch jinx or something? As far as I know I am not going to use that road anytime soon. That twisted mass of flesh is still vividly imprinted in my cerebral cortex.

26 May, 2007

We need collaborators~ Please.

I get tired of posting the rants on current issues sometimes. Perhaps it's because of the same thing over and over again. Well...at least Pay Pal has resolved the bug that they had. And I must say my PPP is doing OK. Now I don't intend to make more money making blogs or like that. Just sparsely adding some adsense here, some Visu there, and PPP is solely for this Blog.

Currently I am finding contributors for Project - I Represent Malaysia. Everything is still very experimental. The music end is not that hard to source but I am having problems for fashion and culture. Now I have considered that Malaysia does have some big names and Couture stuff. But that would be out of the reach for the majority of us. So if any, I really need fashion contributors for the local street scene. Something that all of us can afford.

I would also be open to local photographers and other fine arts artist. You can submit your profiles and portfolios and we do really want to showcase the tiny talents that we figure has a very big potential to grow. At the moment this is totally non-profit...hopefully in the future we could include video profiles of all artists and talents as well as organize themed events for local street culture aficionados. Every little bit will certainly help.

25 May, 2007

My Visual DNA

This is a cool thing from IMAGINI...
So I had to try it out.
And the results are 90% correct~!

Sasi live at Planet Hollywood

Snippet of Sasi the Don's album launch at Planet. Here performing with Reefa~

I got stopped by the Popo.

I knew the night was simply to quiet and going too smoothly. I knew it that I should have stayed on after Sasi the Don album launch at planet a bit longer. I knew I should have done a lot more things...but I should have fixed the lights to my ride a fucking long time ago. Craps....so I was stopped by the good old police man for driving with broken headlights. Owh well...at least he said lucky I was polite or else he would have slapped me with some extra fines. Besides the headlights I really don't know for what else he could slap a fine on me. I was not drunk or caught with illegal substances or the likes like that. So it kept me wondering. Still...since it was 2 in the morning and I have to be at the office at 9 I think I should just keep my 2 pence on a quarrel aside and let him book me. I am not complaining but somehow the Popo was polite as well. Must be the pay hike they just got. Thank you Pak Lah~!

24 May, 2007

Poofters~! And bloody proud showing it~!

This should be entertaining....or at least make your stomach turn 360~
Note: Check out the labels in youtube. I guess I made my point really clear.

Zainuddin has lots of confidence~

I am really amused... he has a lot to say about bloggers like almost everyday of the week. I mean, doesn't he have some other better things to do? Anyways, perhaps what he says may be right...reading further down the original article he claims that only 20k peopl read political blogs. That amount out of the total population is not much he said so himself. But from these 20k odd people who reads these political blogs if each of them carries the information to 2 other people that should make a combined total of 60k people. Well, you do the math lah....

What Zainuddin said clearly can be applied to my case....I have only a tiny amount of readers. And yet some institution decided to kick me out. Hmmm... some Goliath is pretty scared of a little David like me huh?

23 May, 2007

Lets do a check list....

I got this thing from "Dasar & Rancangan Pembangunan Negara". The green ticks are the ones I think the government is doing just fine at....now the big question mark is for the second one. I think we are not just there yet to state "First class minds". We can't because there is this 3rd class mentality.

Now just for my amusement...notice the highlights in yellow? I must say I have a steady readership from these people. Thank you very much~:D

E-Sex: Society ignorance

NST is like a bit left behind is it? What is so hot about this story? For one thing that I know it has been around since the 70s. These spa cum brothels have a never die attitude. Simply because horny old and young men loves 'em. From the "abang jaga kereta" all the way to fat arsed big weeds and tycoons. Everything else in between that income range is included.

I don't think that the authorities are not in the know. I bet they do know. But since NST now has highlighted that information is readily available online I guess that should help the tourism industry a bit. It's a well known fact that sex sells very well. Online or off it. So now lets just wait and see what does the authority can do to these high class establishments. I mean you can't put the blame on the information is readily available online can you?

I have a sneaking suspicion that these places have connections to make sure the law do not break their doors down. I do know a few places where people I know frequent these full "ON" spas. There is one in subang at the end of the road from SJMC. And there is one in Damansara PJ in between 2 office blocks and behind a bank. I guess there are enough clues for you. Hah~!

I have started a new blog...

I have decided to have a new blog. This time around it will be more specific and is more of a journal of sorts to the parent project of the blog itself. It's pretty plain at the moment but in due time it will have a better look and feel to it. Yes I am a cheap skate by having it hosted on blogspot but this would be temporary I assure you. My target for this project should be by end of the year. IT should be interesting to see how this project develops as I have a few people to work with. So for updates on my pet project kindly visit project-irm.

22 May, 2007

Dear Civil Servants.

I am not a civil servant. Thus I would like to congratulate all those in the public service on their pay rise which I should add to be very much awaited. We the non-public servants do understand how bad must it be to be overworked and underpaid (We get the same deal you know). With this increment we hope that all of you will pay better diligence in carrying out your duties and making everyone' lives easier.

I however do hope that with the increased income you should at least be smart enough to decide what to do and make use of the facilities given to you at your respective workplace. I do know one thing seems to be the habit of mass forwarding silly e-mails containing really useless information. Apart from that I know there are those who forwards porn and other explicit materials using the government network.

Seriously there should not be a reason for such e-mails to be shared and clogging the network and e-mail servers of others. Make full use of the time at the office to do work and earn up to your new pay rise. Owh and do please cut down on the teh tarik breaks.

Kind Regards,
Non-civil servant.

2 Financial Newspapers to hit the market.

Since Business Times have been absorbed into NST since 2002 business readers have been left with the choice of business report supplement by the main giants. NexNews will launch its EDGE Daily and another will publish the Malaysian Reserve within this month. Some say it will fight for turf against the established two but seriously it is a niche readership.

What will it give readers is more depth in business news. Competition is obvious but somehow the readers have all the power. Since the economy is getting stringer and bullish sentiments is really riding steady more information on business and economy is always welcomed.

Personally NexNews publication should be the favorites since The Edge has such a good following thus the image has already been set. What ever it may be the readers are the ones which have the power to decide which newspaper would stay. NST and The Star claims that it wont scratch their pockets that much.

Ringgit gets stronger and what about us?

Everywhere and everything also "naik". Civil servants get a good pay raise. I heard a combined household income for civil servants may increase up to 50%. Now that is a lot~! On top of that the Ringgit is getting ever stronger against the US dollar. Somehow I am not particularly happy about this.This would mean those who earn by blogging have to soon work twice as hard and have twice the amount of blogs if they want to maintain their income.

Yesshh...I have only one blog and it's a PR3. Gives me revenue roughly US100 a month. Not much but RM340 a month can be a lot of help. Eventually I know that someday the Ringgit will be like 2.++ and at that time many bloggers would be a tad pinched. Hmmm...I was thinking of having more blogs but I don't have the time (I have a day job). I guess I better be hoping for a good raise.

21 May, 2007

Condom's...no hands on for government.

Why is it being pushed to NGOs? This was the explanation given...

Health Ministry deputy director Dr Jalal Halil Khalil said the job had been handed over to non-governmental organisations like the Malaysian AIDS Council (MAC) through its 37 affiliates.

He said the government could not be seen to be the agent advocating the use of condoms as this could be misinterpreted.

"We realise that we are an Islamic country and we have to do things carefully," he told a press conference yesterday in conjunction with the International AIDS Memorial Day (IAMD).

Right...so how can it be misinterpreted? Well for one thing Malaysians are really a 8 dimensional bunch when it comes to twisting stories. There is this hard as diamonds stubbornness that will give every excuse that the government is nonsense. Mostly the opposition will use the opportunity to make the government loose their votes. While in any case the spread of amateur porn pictures over the net of our teens gets far and wide and not to mention the secret figures to how many babies are born out of horny indulgence. I know, I know...its too big a picture but still we do know that one thing leads to another.

I say for the past 20 years, the education in the use of condoms has been pretty much moving along just OK. At least in urban areas the mentality that protection while intercourse will save a lot of further implication has been getting along just fine. But the greatest worry is in the rural areas. Where the curiosity of teens run as wild as lalang grows in their backyards. Try peeking in you friend's wallet and out of 10 I bet there would be 3 who keeps a condom in their wallets. Try doing that in rural areas...I am sceptical that any at all carry it around as common as they carry coins for the calls on public phones to their erotic desires. Well...if i am wrong prove it then.

Hip-hop Gig at Sedaya~!

Details are as in the image below.....TQ~!

20 May, 2007

Parliament leak is a big problem.

RM90 million spent did not include any repairs or maintenance. All that went to refurbishing the Parliament House. Now Mr. Sammy has this nagging problem. He has to solve it before all the MPs are crushed with the roof of parliament. Now that is a good thing and bad thing. Heheheh~

So 44 years has effectively expired the weather proofing of the roof and sewerage and plumbing problems are pretty much all over the Parliament Building. And apparently old construction methods did not have extra protective layers added. Now I wonder how much would the repairs and other maintenance cost amount to. I hope Mr. Sammy puts the cost clear in public view and the contract details to be made known public before the works are carried out. Hey sharing information is caring....I might want to renovate my roof too.

Leaking issues...

The recent issue of MPs and the notorious "Bocor" is dealt with great immediacy. However lets take a step back and see are there anything more important to point. Menstrual cycles are true only to women. Certainly it is personal issue for women. So remarks in parliament which swing that way will obviously be a serious matter. But lets look at it this way...these were male MPs who made the sarcastic reference. Lets say what if a women MP were to say that. It might go un-noticed.

Sexist remarks are commonly attributed from one gender to another. But what about within that gender alone? Women to another women or man to another man. Would the issue be treated differently? I am not trying to say there is any unjust, but it feeds me with curiosity. To some point there we Malaysians have a really good sense of sarcasm. Innuendo are used in everyday speech so that no one else know the actual meaning but those in the group.

Society has developed into really smaller units of thought. Where there are society within a society. It would be certainly interesting to find out what female MPs talk to each other about in between breaks or within their clique. Perhaps there are sarcastic comments thrown back and forth between MPs but it simply goes on un-noticed. Or the media is simply not around to catch them saying it.

I am not surprised such things were accidentally said in the House. I bet you a million it is what they normally do and chided during breaks while having a cup of coffee. So this is just one instance that someone had a slip of tongue. But I bet right about six inches outside those doors similar if not worse things are said between MPs.

19 May, 2007

Hasty decisions...that is just simply how it works here.

Many have come forward as asked me personally what the shit happened. As I recalled the trial many had this to say..."It was not a fair trial, certain procedures were not followed". Now I have given this a thought. Perhaps it is true and perhaps it is not. Hey I am no law expert so whatever information I get I can just work with and around that.

Firstly, it is the first such case ever in the 50 years history of this Institution. So as such there are no records of how such a case is handled. So many asked me how come the ultimate sentence was given? Well, seriously how the crap do I know. But to some extent I do feel that the judgement was a tad unjust. There was no counselling, summons or some warning previously....and I get the ultimate whiplash. I bet even the civil courts have a specific procedures on evaluating a case.

Now if the administration is reading this...I will write that appeal letter. And I will seek consultation from a proper lawyer. If and if you are really concerned of your image I amiably suggest that the case to be given a good once over again. Remember...it's the first ever such a case. And obviously the discipline council are not at all experienced handling such a case. I am not stupid you know. Have a good weekend~! HEhehehehe~!

18 May, 2007

Thank you people~

Hold that thought... just before anything I would simply want to clarify a few things. Not under any chance in hell that because of what I had coming is going to stop me or even slow me down from blogging. I have this one active blog only and I write because of wanting certain things to be far better than what they are currently now. Now if that is a sin or against any law~ do please simply sue me. Otherwise....I'll deliver the international standard issue of THE finger.

I am greatly honored and thankful to those who support me and have the same views on the issues contained within this virtual space of mine. Those who made a link to refer to Bullets of Quills and Ink, I truly really appreciate it. I do not know as yet what are my plans on my studies as it's been effectively sent for flushing. Unless they accept my letter of appeal. But then again I wont imagine my kite can fly that high. So much for hope that I think hope can be calculated based on the actions we have made.

Anyways, currently let me just tell a bit on my plans for the next couple of months. I am gonna have a few website projects coming up. The latest project is the one for Australs 2007. Go have a look....it's for a good cause. Apart from my day job I have been entrusted to publicity and marketing for KLG Sqwad. So just check out these very pages for updates about them. You see...it's not really the end of the road...not even close. I am actually just starting out.

Watch your neighborhood...you never know when I'll be dropping bombs~! If there is no one with me it's OK. I operate alone most of the time. So it is a beautiful day ain't it? I better be getting back to work. Which is far more educational than a certain system.

17 May, 2007

How ironic don't you think?

Why can't it be like this? Read the full article by clicking here.

How to go around PayPal current glitch.

Jump to this link to know how~!!! Kaachiingg~!!


I do realize that when I make a point, I make it so stark and painfully true. Simply because I always think that there is nothing to be scared of when the truth is blunt and simple. First it's in the record books in the 50 years of this particular institution history that such a case has been brought forward. And the outcome can be any one or a combination of two as listed in the Public University Law.

1. Given a warning.
2. Compound of up to RM200
3. Suspension for a period of time decided by the disciplinary board and..
4. Expelled from the institution altogether.

My plea was guilty to the charges of organizing and managing a blog titled Bullets of Quills and Ink and authored 6 articles that defame the institution, it's lecturers or staff or student and at the same time opposing to the Government policies.

After explaining on my reasons for writing such articles and stating that I am a Nationalist. My reasons were backed up with facts as stated within those six articles. None of my facts were rebutted...each fact was actually even more inquired to be explained in greater detail. I simply obliged. And the only thing that they could pin me on was simply the fact that one statement that called The Man as a pirate and also the statement that what I said has damaged the institution. What was the verdict given for this inaugral case in the end?

I am guilty as charged (I admitted to that like at the beginning of the hearing) and my sentence was expulsion with immediate effect and being banned from it's facilities indefinitely and the surrender of my student ID. They did how ever before passing the sentence asked me if do I want to plead verbally there and then... I simply explained why my actions are such. They asked me again twice and I repeated the same answer. However it is still my right to make a formal letter of plea to the VC and the matter will be to his mercy. I took the formal letter approach and I am expecting and official letter of expulsion from their side. If they are reading this... I want that letter.

But one thing they do admit, that I am brave to do what I did and stand up for it without hiding my real identity. I am nonetheless not impressed of what they say of me unless from my case this institution will recognize it's various shortcomings and not shortchange the taxpayers and their students.

15 May, 2007

Star ratings for IT facilities in schools~Good one

Hear ye hear ye~! Now this is a good effort. To include ratings for IT facilities used in schools is a novel idea. If it is for private schools ranking the higher it is the more expensive the fees are. But as for government schools I think it proves to be a yardstick that the resources are used to good effect.

Here is another idea...why not use star ratings for all aspects of the schools? From sport facilities to lab equipment and staffing. It should be published along side the performance of UPSR, PMR, SPM and STPM. Then we know which schools should deserve more and which schools are a complete waste of taxpayer's money.

Everyone is misbehaving now~

Bloggers kena sound, MP also kena sound, FAM kena sound, Press reporters kena sound... Do we see a new trend? Not likely since this habit of telling of people is pretty much hard coded into us at birth. Mohd. Taib claims bloggers are a naughty bunch. MP's are in a fix because of some plumbing problem or is it some leaky roof? FAM gets it for trying to NOT let Manchester United get on with their scheduled tour to the country and pressmen gets the cuffs for injecting some "enjoyable stuff".

I guess this is a bit too much for some ex leaders...Tun M had difficulty in breathing yesterday in Langkawi. And how Ironic that Pak lah is on the same Island too~ shaking hands with Singaporeans. One thing that strike me as odd is that we have the Anti Smoking Campaign and recently I saw ads saying to buy Original cigarettes. At the same time we are suppose to watch over all electrical equipment installed in our neighbourhood. Isk...now why on earth are we suppose to pay taxes when we have to watch over everything? What are the police doing lah? Owh....and my hearing at the University is tomorrow~ It's my first time...I am excited~!

14 May, 2007

Creating Understanding - Australs 2007

Here is a thought. Creating awareness and understanding is primarily everyone's responsibility. SO I am doing my bit in supporting an event which very much I do believe could dispel negativity towards Asian countries in general but specifically Malaysia. So do take the jump to see what our local University Debate club is doing to generate better understanding of Malaysia throughout the region.

Click on the image to get to their website.

My Top 10 visitors are from?

These are the Top 10 countries that the visitor to my blog are from. How about yours?

I want to tag PabloPabla, Gallivantings and, Sensitrovert.