29 May, 2007

Mak Nyahs (Male Transsexuals) in Malaysia: The Influence of Culture and Religion on their Identity

My title is the same as the actual report which was funded by the Ministry of Science, Technology and Environment.


This paper discusses a study of male transsexuals in Malaysia, known locally as mak nyahs. This detailed study, funded by the Ministry of Science, Technology and Environment, involved the use of questionnaires and interviews. The questionnaire for the mak nyahs, which consisted of 142 questions, was divided into three parts: a) the social aspect; b) HIV/AIDS knowledge; and c) related health issues. In addition to questionnaires, interviews were carried out with some of the mak nyahs as well as with the relevant authorities.

This paper looks into the social aspect of transsexualism in Malaysia. The questions in this section of the questionnaire were derived from studies undertaken in the West. The writer found that transsexuals in Malaysia have many characteristics similar to those from other parts of the world. However, the identity of the mak nyahs in Malaysia is influenced by cultural and religious factors. The definition and identity of male transsexuals in Malaysia may differ in some ways from those in other parts of the world.


Well if my dearest readers read through the whole thing here at the end of the report states....

So does this mean our dear Government support these activities? I am a great skeptic now.


danny said...

No, it doesn't necessarily mean the government supports 'these activities'. That line is the conclusion of the writer of the paper.

The paper discusses a study of male transsexuals.

The study - not the paper - is funded by the Ministry of Science, Technology and Environment.

Any conclusions made by the writer, is thus not necessarily an endorsement by the government.

BlogDirectory said...

such study doesn't really shows that the gomen support mak nyah activity but I could see the information gained is important to understand the possible problem and root cause to these transexual issue.

Rauff said...

My skepticism simply applies to the root of it. With the study done ages ago and apart from the transsexual vice activities that the authorities are netting them up nothing much is known about curbing the issues regarding the matter. In the study states that majority of them are Muslim and they start at a young age. Hence what are the education system is doing about it? I think it partly falls under it's jurisdiction and responsibility doesn't it?