14 May, 2007

My Top 10 visitors are from?

These are the Top 10 countries that the visitor to my blog are from. How about yours?

I want to tag PabloPabla, Gallivantings and, Sensitrovert.


Daniel said...

Hey Rauff, is this for one day? which day? what software do you use?

cheers, gallivanter


p/s: you should allow non-blogspot users to leave their comments. :-)

Rauff said...

For the past month...i use shinystat ;P

Gallivanter said...

Think I'd better not do this, as it'll come off as being a show-off. :-P

P/S: I hate doing memes, except if it revolves around music. :-D

maman said...

that visit from japan would be from me. my internet gateway is japan based.