29 June, 2007

What a Minister does....the people follow.

From Sagaladoola I followed this link to YouTube regarding Dato' Seri Mohamed Nazri bin Abdul Aziz. After watching of what is actually an endless ruckus I proceed to reading the comments left by viewers. Part of it is shown below...and it is a sad thing really.

amigogan83 (2 days ago) Marked as spam
i think all DAP person very kesian ...coz gaduh with a person bad then a pig..how can "it" understand the law..

amigogan83 (2 days ago) Marked as spam
yeah..that animal is bad then a pig..pig is also good then it! it should be cage up... malaysia no more future coz all bad stupid then a pig!!!

ChoxMania (2 days ago) Marked as spam
proud to be a malaysian.

silllver (3 days ago) Marked as spam
Dont sit there fucking lazy ass and get the benefit..

mclenptp (4 days ago) Marked as spam
This man,a minister in the PM's department,is behaving like a wild animal.He is a disgrace to the country.He should be put in a cage inside Melaka zoo.

mytubes83 (5 days ago) Marked as spam
You childish boy. If it werent for the Chinese, Malaysia wouldnt even be half the country it is at the moment.

Look at who is bringing in the money and who is spending it on nonsense. How long are you going to live in the shadow of the other races?

Receiving benefits not because you deserve them, because you need them to properly survive. This video shows the stupidity of the government.

dunzowanie (1 week ago) Marked as spam
haih..same la cam anak die gak hoho

hyuuya (2 weeks ago) Marked as spam
bangao macam korang pegi mampus la!!!
balik jilat anjing korang punyer cibai!!!

hyuuya (2 weeks ago) Marked as spam
mampus lanjiao awak!!!

hyuuya (2 weeks ago) Marked as spam
oi atas punyer bonyot, pegi mampus la!!!atuk kao!!!

I hope this Dato' Seri is mighty proud of the example he is setting. With the responses stated here the effect of his actions should be taken action upon by those who can and allowed to. My vote goes for his title and position be stripped indefinitely.

We're sorry -- An Error Occurred

Sifting through my email this morning I got google alerts on a few topics of my picking interest. Namely the the infamous University that preaches racism. Hey it is pretty obvious isn't it? Besides I am still picking on it because I have had no respons at all from them. The calls still left unanswered 90% of the time.

So to my utter delight, someone else does blog and rant about this institution too. Well I know her as a forummer years ago and google alerts picked her blog out because of the keyword I specified. I have mentioned their registration system sucks right? Well, don't take it from me alone...see what she had to say about it

Now don't say I am blindly accusing. Now here is the proof. So what is there to be done? Rule by majority and yet have 2nd class facilities with the wish to take on the Ivy league. Pfftt~ I is the sorry....it wont be the possible lah.

28 June, 2007

400+ posts and 80 opps later.

Now this I can't imagine...I have reached a cool sum of 400+ posts since I started blogging 9 months ago and have done to date 80 opps from PPP alone. I still consider myself as a newbie in blogging since I am on Blogspot still. Ongoing projects are well...still ongoing. Time seems to be a bit tight. I do not blog fulltime anyways so what I have effectively accumulated I could say for part time effort it's not bad. Plus its only from one blog. Effectively it has given me an estimated extra income of a fair 20% of my total monthly revenue. So I guess it's not bad at all. Owh and the huge lump of income generating stuff is mostly experimental...trying out anything and everything that the rest are saying that works....later on I might be implementing them to other blogs that are still in concept phase at the moment.

Thursday slow mo.

It's Thursday...Transformers is out. Could not get any tickets. Sigh...do I sound depressing enough? I found this new game through PPP....supposed to write a simple review on it but I am hooked on the game now and delaying the reserved opp that I am suppose to do for it. Now certainly I have loads to write for this opp. So ar eyou bored and down as I am at the office?

Try out this game...
Vector 3D. It's keeping me entertained...at least for now.

27 June, 2007

Modern Malay Idioms.

Being born in the 80's is not really so much of a golden era so to speak. The country being led by Tun M starting 82' there was a rush of people from rural areas migrating to the city for the hope of better remuneration. Well certainly the economy was booming and plenty of new things for Malaysians to do. What is even more interesting is the use of idioms which shows how far society has evolved to what it is today.

A mix of "East and West" good or bad it has shaped Malay idioms to be somewhat entertaining. If the traditional idioms are the ones we learn in schools then there is the street idioms that could suffice as description of what traditional idioms can never depict. For instance the relation of distance in traditional idioms may be described like "sepelaung" meaning a shout away or relation to a small space would be "sekangkang kera" loosely means as large as a monkey's squat.

So in the modern times there are plenty of "new" idioms concocted at ground level...certainly not yet certified by Dewan Bahasa Pustaka. One common idiom shared among races and languages practiced in this country is to refer to a pretty chick..."cantik macam bunga" (pretty like a flower) which is self explanatory. Another reference to a woman would be "muka macam bulan" (face like a moon) this however does not refer to a pretty one but more like a pun intended to someone who seems to be pretty from afar but upon closer observation more or less resembles like moon craters.

But over the years there are idioms that sad to say reflects olden times. There are idioms that refers to racists remarks. One painful example would be the infamous "Cakap macam Keling". This certainly offends Indians but like it or not the use is pretty much popular especially in the Malay community amongst them selves when referring to a liar or cheat.

Smoking also has it's own Malay "modern" idiom....the one I usually hear is "Jom naga" direct translation is Lets dragon meaning let have a smoke. Now sex is so called a taboo to speak in public so obviously idioms has to be used to depict explicit content. "Kongkek" simply means fuck and "Kolom" means blow job. Over the years the Government also has used idioms in their reference to certain ill conduct or illegal or vice activities. Remember the infamous "Bohsia" and "Bohjan"? How peculiar when this are mentioned a vision of a Malay whore or bastard comes to mind.

I am also guilty of using such terrible idioms that are not only uncovers racial meaning but also degradation of moral values and respect. But what am I suppose to do? One against 26 odd million Malaysians is really a ridiculous attempt. So we have evolved...so we have prospered....and grew economically. But in terms of language I don't think we have done much. So regardless if they change from calling it Bahasa Melayu to Bahasa Malaysia or to some other name completely but social language preference will always reflect how much good we have done to ourselves.

Dying in your own knots of erotica~!

I thought these kinds of shit happens in Europe or the States. But to have it happening here is a bit wierd. I mean we all have different levels of sexual satisfaction. How and about to achieve it is well mojority is by coitus. Still this dude decided that bondage is the way to go. Well "Go" certainly he did. Get the full report here. Sometimes actions are just simply beyond words~

26 June, 2007

Skilled unskilled workers.

Crisis management is not anyone's cup of tea. Or is there? Because if there is anyone out there who earns a living by managing crisis than, you are not from Earth. But what actually makes a crisis urmm...a crisis? The term crisis can be equated to a turning point of events which could or would have a lasting and or detrimental effects to those concerning it.

So a string of "bad" event's is suppose to occur then only it can be called a crises. What than do we call when something bad happens without warning at all? It's called a disaster. So may I say that a crisis which is a series of events can often lead to disaster if it is not taken care of.

Lets look around us now and pick something which is in actual fact is a crisis in our lives? Recent pay increase for the civil servants makes those in the service to be laughing monthly to the bank while those in the private sectors are now picketing for a uptrend change in their monthly bank statements. Sadly the DPM said it would make cost of labour increase by some margin that it would be of detrimental effect.

Well, certainly he has a point but that would only happen if private businesses refuse to take a lower margin of profit. As I see it, if there is a law for minimal wage and workers get a guarenteed increase in pay it would certainly contribute to better morale and thus productivity would increase to some degree. Even quality will be better I suppose.

This is a crisis when there is still some of us who earns below RM 1000 per month and they cannot afford the ever rising cost of living year by year. Now lets be considerate...although most are unskilled workers but they have some years of experience should be valued simply because these are the most efficient ones in their field. Road sweepers, plantation workers, waiters these whole bunch have knowledge and skills that even graduates can't grasp. Surely these so called unskilled workers are actually very skilled in what they do. I do support the increase but I do not support the picketing recently. There should be a more respectful approach. Better late than never I say.

25 June, 2007

I do write in BM...but its a long time ago.

I was going through my Friendster blog. Yes yes...I am guilty I admit... off the few post there I found something that I can't believe I wrote my self. When I wrote it, it was for a different reason. Now reading it again, it gives a different meaning altogether.

Retak Seribu...Tidak akan pecah.

Tatkala panas ia sejuk kembali,
Bila dingin ditiup nafas suam,
Diulang-ulang dibilang-bilang sering kali,
Laungan makin lama makin menghilang.
Kini perit kering anak tekak,
Kini pening hati seperti ditetak,
Ulam jantung dicantas rebus santapan,
Alahan sultan mangkat tanpa uban.
Alahai sayang langit makin suram,
Mata mengalir permata gugur di laut dalam,
Yang diingini tidak mampu kembali,
Dipilih akal terang-terang tersiat hati.
Bilang lah nyanyikan nada rentak seribu,
Habiskan lagu biarkan habis sedu,
Tinggalkan lupakan beribu abad dan batu,
Tidak pecah...cuma retak seribu.

Should there be an age classification for blogs?

I am sitting here at the office reading a few blogs when it hit me. Not all blogs are appropriate for all ages. Thus with many blog authors out there do we consider ourselves responsible to state the minimum age of our readers should be for the blogs we author?

Well since generally the net is pretty much un-regulated and before it does I figure it is an act of good faith that we bloggers specify what age group is suitable to read what we write. I realize that the content on my blog has changed somewhat from a sophomore type blog into a place to blast the government, opposition, or just about anyone I fancy. I pick issues that meddle with what the Rakyat is concerned about. I hate racism or religious taunts and I blog about those too.

I don't know how many those aged below 18 are reading my blog. Since I get hardly any feedback on readership. But those who do kindly leave a comment on this post and stage your age group. Either say Legal or not would suffice.

Of course there is a disclaimer on my site but really....who reads them anyways since it's bloody long and tiny at the bottom of the page. I think later today I'll go home and design one of those audience rating logos and slap it on my this here blog. What do you people think? Is it a responsible idea?

The RM800,000 question

This is out on The Sun. And the question is where has it all gone to? What is for show? This is some questions that concerns a so called High Performance Training Centre somewhere in Britain. I don't follow this issue really but the figure of RM800k is bloody hell a lot. As usual, when questioned...everybody does not know shit or keep pointing to others who are thought deemed responsible for the decision. Come on...RM800k is a lot of money. If it were to go to waste on some sports project than we should see results. If not I think all of us deserve a good old refund of our tax money.

24 June, 2007

The ashtrays of my life....

This one is at the office....used it since last Chinese New Year

This one is at my place...courtesy of my mom.

What is yours like?

Surf up Penguins~

I am an old fart. Really I am. I don't get that much excited over feature film animations anymore. Over and over again it is roughly the same thing. I am suppose to post this up in my movie blog but...urmmm....the passion is wanning at the moment. I know Transformers and Die Hard 4.0 would be a better thing.

But the movie was kinda OK...not bad...surfing penguins...and a chicken. Done in a very ESPN/MTV interview kinda thing. I like the concept....now if someone can make a real movie out of the concept that would be so cool. But yeah....I will just be waiting I guess.

The Reid Comission stated...

I just got back from work. Tired and with nothing much to do but watch Sopranos season 4. On the way back just now as I was turning into the neighborhood a signboard of UMNO cawangan Puncak Perdana caught my attention and this led me to actually reading up UMNO on Wikipedia. Obviously the entry was written by someone in UMNO it self.

Reading through the article on the early history of UMNO there is this line which somewhat mentioned something in the Reid Commission that the rights of Malays is an affirmative action that would be phased out. Go read it for your self here.

Now if this is true that the rights of Malays is an affirmative action and will be phased out, in what way is it happening at all after 50 years of Merdeka? In the same article it also states that the late Tunku and Malay rulers wants to ensure that "in an independent Malaya all nationals should be accorded equal rights, privileges and opportunities and there must not be discrimination on grounds of race and creed,".

Blimey...are these facts wrong? Or there is something amiss somewhere? As far as I know and experience there has been no gradual phasing out of any form concerning the Malay rights. It has been 50 years already...and I have come to a point that I have gladly denounced that I am Malay because of the shame the situation has become.

If so anyone out there dare to say that Malays are strong...Malays are good in this or Malays are good in that why should there be special rights protecting this specific race? And even so if there is an argument that Malays have the rights for those special rights then I bet Indonesians too have the rights...The Malacca Sultanate originated from our neighboring islands anyways.

Even with these so called rights a race can't attain excellence then, what gives? There are those who sellout their own fathers. Malay reserved lands sold to non Malays, So called Bumi controlled companies are only true in Paper and Ink but not by virtue, practice and shareholding. Plenty of Malays out there are given Managing seats or Directorship to act as proxies to those who actually really own the shares.

So 50 years? The Reid Commission? Tunku and the Malay rulers at that time could have really seen it coming...now it is here. Rock solid...the worst fears in them is now our reality today. Given a chance... I would love to change this. I bet many Malays would want to change it too...but I guess majority are simply too scared perhaps? The teasing sweat of the ISA rolling of their balls? Or is it the simple attitude of "Tidak Apa". If Tunku was alive today he would have done something. If Onn Jaafar had something to say, he would have said it aloud. If activist of 50 years ago are still active and kicking....they will all kick the doors down. Now...are we chickens or are we chickens? Did I hear a cluck there? Owh...it must have been slaughtered.

Have a good weekend Malaysians.

23 June, 2007

The Star Online has bad Voice Overs for vids.

Watching these videos are indeed informative. But I have to comment that the pronunciation is really bad for an English daily. Our country's name is pronounced Ma-lay-si-a not Malay-sya. Take one good example like this one here....believe me regardless who is the reporter the pronunciation and diction is the bloody hell same~! This should be the case. I bet they have pre-written text to read and still some of them sound like they have reading difficulties. Bloody irritating~!

Productivity in Malaysia is againts all odds.

What are the odds that is stacked up against productivity that is wanted by the top echelons in the government off their subordinates? Pretty hell of a lot I bet. We used to can't really blame the public sector because they were very much underpaid. At least not until recently all of them civil servants got a pay raise. Now why is that the private sector is said to have higher productivity compared to the public sector?

Perhaps work ethics have a lot to play here. But seriously we can't blame the ones below for they take their orders from the ones above. What I know is not entirely is it the lower ranks are at fault. I say their bosses have a lot to do with it in the first place. I have friends in the public sector and many of them stay back after working hours to finish up their work which is simply because their boss decides to only be at the office late in the day. This creates back logs and many reports go pending halfway.

So does the solution of cutting down the holidays would solve the productivity issue? In my humble opinion I do not think so. What needs to be realized is that bosses have to take note that their staff do need time to finish up their work which is very much dependent on the bosses themselves giving orders and duties. So when the bosses are simply too busy having so called meetings at the tax payer's expense we can't really hope for speedy action to be taken.

There is no one way fault here. Every single rank is at fault because the chain of command is just so that no one can make decisions during the absence of others in their ranks. The chain of command is so long it's like hunting ducks. Shooting one will not solve the other quacks so to speak. On top of that some are still wanting more holidays~ Hmmm...so is their pay rise worth it with such demands?

22 June, 2007

KLSE top performers as of 11:45am.

Click on image for a larger view....

Johor Education Dept supports GI cut.

I used to have crew cut hair for the first 5 years of primary school. Simply because it was easier to manage and my mom says I wont be late for school for less time spent drying my hair or lack of it actually. Hehehe...

Johor Education Department initiative should be followed by all other State Education Department...

People are in a sad state. Not the religion.

This is just a point of realization that came to me after watching this vid on YouTube...

I believe not a single religion out there is bad or act against other faiths unless provoked. I say the people who practice the faith are simply turning the perception of others on their faiths as bad. Hence the whole fiasco that everyone is accusing everyone else of anything and everything these days. I say Muslims make mistakes...same goes to Christians and Jews and any other person who practice any or have no faith at all.

21 June, 2007

Homer has been kidnapped.

This must be the most amusing news so far this week. I hope Homer is ok, perhaps maybe happy even. Provided he is fed and been given lots of beer to drink.

20 June, 2007

62% out off 40k students are Bumis.

Yep that is the figure. Out of the 40k accepted applicants to IPTAs over 60% are Bumis. There are more science students than arts but does that mean w are getting any better? No...it can't be a sick old case of counting the chickens before it hatches.

Now what remains to be seen is out of this is of the annual student intake...how many actually drop out of their courses, changes their courses to something else, who opts for a change of institutions. A more detailed breakdown of their progress is to me more beneficial for future planning. So there is really more to it than the normal intake stats....but we do want to know the closing stats as well. A comparison would be nice.

I should be getting discounts from MFM

I have a sudden craving for fish and chips for the past few weeks. So thus far I think I have personally contributed close to RM200 to Manhattan Fish Market. Well...it must be their buttered rice and Pollock. Thats the only thing I have...or if it's a date thing than it's that seafood platter for 2.

I think I should be entitled to some form of discount for my loyaty towards MFM for the past weeks. I wonder if I can haggle for at least a 10% discount. Don't they have promotions or something like that?

19 June, 2007

KLG Sqwad @ FLY FM's Campur Chart live~!

KLG Sqwad Performing live to the masses. 5th of July, 10pm @ Laundry Bar, The Curve
Free lah beb~!

This is Malaysia's Von Trapp~!

These people don't watch CSI. May I say the culprits are so stupid~! Lets not even go to the family. It's like Akedemi Fantasia fans with t-shirts and all. This time with rankings of their affiliations to the accused ass. I mean what is this? Is there no respect at all to the courts? Coming in with t-shirts with statements implying 60 seconds of fame? Utter nonsense....well actually bullshit.

So the family must enjoy the celebrity status. So what else after this? Sponsorship deals, endorsements and cameos on Cerekarama? What a shame...need I also highlight that they are also Malay? Well, I am not adding insult to the bleeding wound but lets face it. A political aide to the DPM has an affair which literally blows up in his face now faces a murder charge and all 3 convicted of orchestrating and carrying out the act are all Malays. Makes you wonder doesn't it? Yes what a proud bunch they are. To me I have passed my verdict....to the gallows all you go for the shame you have brought. Disgusting.

40k get places in Unis. Ko-ko is a deciding factor once again.

Finally the Ministry of Education has their way. I find it as a good thing. We do have the smarts but being smart alone is certainly not enough. I mean we can't have nerds who learns everything from only books to practice with professional certs right? So now extra curricular activities are accounted in the selection of students for courses in Unis. I have to applaud Hishamuddin for his resilience. I say the Ministry of Higher Education should take some queues from them. Well not that one is better that the other in all respects but at least each has their strong points. Now I wonder what about those who do not get into Unis?

Who has to figure where to put them? We all know the system is not perfect (history has shown that very well) when some bright kids are left out somehow. Now this is no laughing matter....but at the other end there is the problem of not all courses are approved by LAN. Dumb...but can't they just approve all or simply fix what is approved so all colleges and Unis can only offer the ones that has been certified? Buat susah anak bangsa je.

18 June, 2007

Benz encrusted with Diamonds anyone?

Only an Arab prince can do this sort of bling....Prince Waleed's 38th ride.

The Government should take example from Sim City

The recent protest held at Johor Menteri Besar's residence reminds me of a PC game that I was hooked on in my teens. And I bet I can still play that game and not get bored of it. But in reality there is a lot of relevance between the game and reality. If you have played the Sim City you should know that the only way to have your "City" growing and ever better than neighbouring cities is to keep the people happy. How? Well in the game it pretty much had to do with the taxes set up, water supply, electricity....commerce area then there are the education and public safety facilities.

If you have all of that in place and have it running perfectly there is no stopping more and more people from wanting to live in your city. So...in the case of Johor, I have to say if the problems are not addressed perhaps many would leave JB or worse migrate to other states. Good for other states bad for Johor. If it has come to this I am not at all surprised that perhaps the Sultan himself would be worried. And we know the Johor Sultan as a very strict and stern monarch. So Johor state Government...do buck up and tell your state police force to stop arresting the rakyat but instead start nabbing tha baddies.


Results servers for UiTM goes down again....and someone is bent.

I have good reason on this one. The author of ArifAbdull complains about the service that UiTM has set up for it's students to retrieve their results from. Ok...I get his angle. Dissatisfied with the service it seems. But it's really nothing new. Besides for a system that is only HOT twice a year who would make sure the hardware and bandwidth is up to notch 24/7 right? Plus it's a "public" Uni so....go figure.

But I have to say I am not alone when it comes to bad systems in education. However I must say the use of a tracert is pretty much useless. Urmmm...and what is the purpose of providing details of MyNic registration and list of contacts.

*tapping fingers*

17 June, 2007

Are we all a lying bunch? Bumiputera Malaysia has no name to a face.

You can't possibly post comments on this one. Thats one dumb thing. Another there is no name or a face. Just a so called "Rakyat". Third...he seems to hate Pak Lah and Gang a lot. Obviously everyone is reserved to have their own opinions so I guess thats why there is "http://bumiputera.blogspot.com//".

I am not giving a follow through link to the website. Why should I? It does not allow anyone else to have back tracking links...so very selfish of him or her or maybe them...heck I don't really want to know.

But I guess the author is one demented soul bent on some form of justice. The blog is still an interesting read...just that it's very biased and also not very constructive. Basically it revolves around exposing the Government "lies" and deceit. Even there is not concrete proof shown. If you do need a different outlook...give it a few clicks. But I got depressed after 3 clicks.

TELL - News Unglossed

Now this is ironic... I found a foreign website which highlights efforts by youth a few days back and just last night my friend showed me this local magazine with the same title. No, the concept is not the same. It is out of the box kind of Magazine. Published by Tell Media Sdn. Bhd. with Sh. Sakinah Aljunid as the editor I must state it's a brave publication.

Among whats in it this month is Rocky's Bru article titled SEX, BEER and the Reluctant Politician. A discourse on State vs. Religion which I find very eye opening. Honestly I have never found a publication this honest. I have to say I am instantly hooked on it. Now I only wonder if major news stand sells it or not. Hmmm...

16 June, 2007

MiccObaYb: KL Bloggers Night Out!

Here it is another gathering MiccObaYb: KL Bloggers Night Out!...since its in July and I know the place I think I would love to go. Have to a be a bit social right? Plus I would love to meet a few bloggers who I have been reading. Nothing beats to know a writer personally. Need to know and see for my self how the tick-tock clock works. See you there people~Urmmm...only if I know how to get my name on the list....Err...anyone listening?

Malaysians~ Be single no more.

We Malaysians don't normally trust dating sites. Primarily because of most of it is in the states. So local dating sites are mostly unheard of and the ones that we do offer somewhat feels like they have sluts and prick as members. Well need I remind you the service providers are not really there to monitor and check backgrounds of individuals who sign up. Owh well...But at least now there is a local one.

Singles No More is a project of a friend of mine or is it a friend who works for the website. Something like that lah...so I went through it gave it a few clicks. No I did not register...I am already taken. Sobs...

Anyways...it's like usual, you have to register give somewhat a few details and upload a picture of yourself. So what do you get? For the free registration you have a match finding tool based on the details on registration. There are forums...sending the cheeky winks have a list of friends and people you want to hook up with. Full featured chat and a built in calender to keep track of your single schedule.

There are not many that has registered at the moment since it just launched. So singles out there go and take a peek to find new friends, casual acquaintances, networking, all out on finding a soul mate and all that jazz.

15 June, 2007

What do you think Malaysia would be in 100 years?

Greatness...that is what that Pak Lah envisions. So did Dr. M and the past Prime Ministers. But let me assure you that all 5 of them have different views on greatness. There was one who want Independence, another wanted Unity, one wanted Education, the previous one wanted development and global vision and now its excellence in all fields.

I don't doubt their efforts, courage and intelligence. Of course we can never say one was better than the other. Because each has their own vision and purpose. With each they shared something in common. The premier vision for excellence. So 50 years ago we achieved one off excellence. Now we are soon celebrating it...but is it all worth celebrating?

Lets take a step back and observe our surroundings. Pak Lah has a dream...a mighty one in fact for it spans another 50 years.

“A hundred years of Merdeka would see this society, this nation achieve the unimaginable. We will have Nobel laureates, truly global corporations, respected and market-leading brands, internationally acclaimed poets and artists, among the largest number of scientific patents in the world and even the best football team in Asia.

“Our students and professors will dominate Ivy League universities and our own universities will be citadels of excellence for international scholars.

“We will be pioneers in alternative energy, drawing on our strength in biofuels. Our cities will be the most liveable on the globe, blending cosmopolitan facilities that are rooted in a tolerant and just societal ethos.

“This is the Malaysia in my dreams for 2057. One hundred years of independence, one hundred years of advancement"-NST

Do you see this happening with the current state of things? Honestly and sincerely I don't see it. Sorry Pak Lah... I root for you but simply saying Malaysia Boleh all these years has not really been much help. I don't see our NATION going any more better than perhaps just a little more. But even that there will be one thing after another of endless battles. To me God can give a million years...but without the proper mindset, motivation, understanding of cultures and religion, shortening the economic gap and dire improvement in education realistically....dreams will be only dreams and visions will merely be hallucinations.

Don't take this at heart to dampen your spirits. It's just a reminder that there is 26 million skulls to penetrate and carry a common understanding and responsibility. Breaking into the minds of 10 people is hard enough. But this is ust an opinion and my suggestions has always been the same....forget the Merdeka Generation they have done their part and can no longer live long enough to swallow more fruits than they have. I say invest more brains and motivation in the Education system and it's probable assets. After all...young minds are much easier to paint.

Human Trafficking: Sudah terhantuk baru mahu sedar?

THIS is so typical. It is so typical that the government should not be surprised. It so typical to the point that there is the perfect Malay saying for it. I wonder how do you say it in other languages. Do leave it in the comments...

When are we gonna realize one thing? That is to realize something before it gets out to the rest of the world. Can't it be that simple? Perhaps not...perhaps we are not shameful enough to have a screwed system somehow. But yeah, everything is supposedly to be fine...we are happy. Bullshit.

In context why most things don't change is that we Malaysian has the "Tidak Apa" attitude well hard coded in our deepest depths of brains. Now WE are listed...now it's the "Owh shit they have found out" or "Ehhh....where got, you sure or not. Sure not true lah" typical denial attitude.

What else that needs to be listed? Topping the list in one thing if definitely not enough is it? Yer lah...Malaysia Boleh attitude kan? Just it is easier applied for all the wrong reasons. Yes yes....so what else do we traffic? We have the kretek smuggling, fake goods that are sold very much openly everywhere, pirated software and movies as well as music, diesel smuggling, money laundering, vehicle smuggling, drugs smuggling, rice smuggling, smuggled electronics and other consumer products...well lets just say there is enough smuggling and pirating that we can have a complete house hold to showcase all of it from foundation to the tip of the roof.

Please, please, please.....do something. Besides I do not want to go to a Malay wedding and see immigrants playing the Kompang.

14 June, 2007

Pictures from my K618i

I don't normally post pictures so I thought why not do it now after work. There is the Digi Ducks, Lotus Europa, A1GP Malaysian race car and a lady who sleeps on the job at a neighboring office. Yes I know there is not set theme....hahahah~!!!

I have changed domains~! And revert back~...huhuhuh

To all my readers, friends, affiliates and foes~! Taking MenJ advice I have decided to revert to blogger and keep the domain for a refurbished version of Bullets of Quills and Ink.

So sorry for the inconvenience~

Mucho Gracias~!