19 June, 2007

40k get places in Unis. Ko-ko is a deciding factor once again.

Finally the Ministry of Education has their way. I find it as a good thing. We do have the smarts but being smart alone is certainly not enough. I mean we can't have nerds who learns everything from only books to practice with professional certs right? So now extra curricular activities are accounted in the selection of students for courses in Unis. I have to applaud Hishamuddin for his resilience. I say the Ministry of Higher Education should take some queues from them. Well not that one is better that the other in all respects but at least each has their strong points. Now I wonder what about those who do not get into Unis?

Who has to figure where to put them? We all know the system is not perfect (history has shown that very well) when some bright kids are left out somehow. Now this is no laughing matter....but at the other end there is the problem of not all courses are approved by LAN. Dumb...but can't they just approve all or simply fix what is approved so all colleges and Unis can only offer the ones that has been certified? Buat susah anak bangsa je.

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