12 June, 2007

History and Us...Parameswara left us something that we have forgotten.

Ideals are so much biased these days. What was once seem to be the perfect plan for integration and unity is simply not enough today. As far as I can remember from my history classes, different races and the blend of culture and the practice of religions has a very colourful beginning. From trade came all the three and with that there was a common understanding that what you have is what I need.

So fast forward to now...the situation is no longer the same but then again what is delivered is not that much different in essence. This country started as a deserted area found by Parameswara. Basically he was from the islands of Palembang, practice Hinduism. Now...translated in todays term he is very much Indonesian and a non Muslim at first. So to those who still remember, this out casted Prince after starting the Malacca Sultanate converted to Islam and married a Muslim princess. Which he then took the name of Sultan Iskandar Shah.

So up till today Malays do still adopt Indian culture. For instance the wedding ceremony with a Pelamin and all. That is Indian culture. In some ways it is a beautiful thing. But in some other ways we tend to forget similarities and thus depriving each other due respect and honour.

I had a conversation over the phone the other day with one of my ex-lecturer. It was a common courtesy call and he manage to ask about the appeal of my case. He did voice his opinion on what I wrote and there he said I have some mistakes. Well, I don't deny that there may be mistakes but not all is wrong in what I wrote. t was a heated conversation a fair bit but I know he is an open minded fellow and he is not in the position to stand as I have. I bet he would just like to keep his job and ensure that his family is supported. Thats his choice and a wise move. But he gave me this detail...

UPU made a research and reported that Non-bumi or Malay owned institutions of higher learning allows only 20% of their intake for Malays. Hmmm....so his argument was why should UiTM be opened to other races when other Non-Malay colleges are not willing to open up more places? This got me to thinking....if it is true why not allow 20% of Non-Bumi and Non-Malays into UiTM? Well it would only seem fair won't it? What has this got to do with the history lesson earlier?

This is how it relates....Sultan Iskandar Shah was a Hindu before embracing Islam. By interacting with the many Muslim traders he could understand why he should convert and also fell in love for a Muslim Princess. So if we similarize UiTM as Malacca and the Non-Bumis to be just like the foreign traders in those days sooner or later everyone can have a better understanding of culture and religion. Don't take me as an extremist or scare you with converting to another religion but fairly we could have a higher tolerance and understanding.

Hey I want to stay a Muslim and all of you can be and choose any other religion you want. But there is no good in being stuck up so far in ones anus to think that selfishness brings good things about and around in this world. With all due respect...all that is fair is always good for everyone. I would gladly give my special Malay rights away to someone else of another race if she or he will benefit more than me from it.

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