15 June, 2007

Human Trafficking: Sudah terhantuk baru mahu sedar?

THIS is so typical. It is so typical that the government should not be surprised. It so typical to the point that there is the perfect Malay saying for it. I wonder how do you say it in other languages. Do leave it in the comments...

When are we gonna realize one thing? That is to realize something before it gets out to the rest of the world. Can't it be that simple? Perhaps not...perhaps we are not shameful enough to have a screwed system somehow. But yeah, everything is supposedly to be fine...we are happy. Bullshit.

In context why most things don't change is that we Malaysian has the "Tidak Apa" attitude well hard coded in our deepest depths of brains. Now WE are listed...now it's the "Owh shit they have found out" or "Ehhh....where got, you sure or not. Sure not true lah" typical denial attitude.

What else that needs to be listed? Topping the list in one thing if definitely not enough is it? Yer lah...Malaysia Boleh attitude kan? Just it is easier applied for all the wrong reasons. Yes yes....so what else do we traffic? We have the kretek smuggling, fake goods that are sold very much openly everywhere, pirated software and movies as well as music, diesel smuggling, money laundering, vehicle smuggling, drugs smuggling, rice smuggling, smuggled electronics and other consumer products...well lets just say there is enough smuggling and pirating that we can have a complete house hold to showcase all of it from foundation to the tip of the roof.

Please, please, please.....do something. Besides I do not want to go to a Malay wedding and see immigrants playing the Kompang.

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Stupe said...

When i read the paper to see what the fuss is all about, i can't help but to agree. yes, i do feel offended because it's my country the US of A are talking about.

But seriously, it's not a secret when they say most immigrants are conned to come to malaysia for a better pay/work only to be put into 24 hours food joints. It's no secret that most brothel does cheat the girls with the pretext of a job in a restuarant.

yes, we sell fakes so openly that some foreigners only know KLCC and Petaling Street.

Of course, where else can anyone get the just released movies and software even before it premier in the cinema overseas or sold at the shop?

Of course it is not nice to be branded as such, but that is the sad truth.

Malaysia Boleh? Of course.