16 June, 2007

Malaysians~ Be single no more.

We Malaysians don't normally trust dating sites. Primarily because of most of it is in the states. So local dating sites are mostly unheard of and the ones that we do offer somewhat feels like they have sluts and prick as members. Well need I remind you the service providers are not really there to monitor and check backgrounds of individuals who sign up. Owh well...But at least now there is a local one.

Singles No More is a project of a friend of mine or is it a friend who works for the website. Something like that lah...so I went through it gave it a few clicks. No I did not register...I am already taken. Sobs...

Anyways...it's like usual, you have to register give somewhat a few details and upload a picture of yourself. So what do you get? For the free registration you have a match finding tool based on the details on registration. There are forums...sending the cheeky winks have a list of friends and people you want to hook up with. Full featured chat and a built in calender to keep track of your single schedule.

There are not many that has registered at the moment since it just launched. So singles out there go and take a peek to find new friends, casual acquaintances, networking, all out on finding a soul mate and all that jazz.

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