23 June, 2007

Productivity in Malaysia is againts all odds.

What are the odds that is stacked up against productivity that is wanted by the top echelons in the government off their subordinates? Pretty hell of a lot I bet. We used to can't really blame the public sector because they were very much underpaid. At least not until recently all of them civil servants got a pay raise. Now why is that the private sector is said to have higher productivity compared to the public sector?

Perhaps work ethics have a lot to play here. But seriously we can't blame the ones below for they take their orders from the ones above. What I know is not entirely is it the lower ranks are at fault. I say their bosses have a lot to do with it in the first place. I have friends in the public sector and many of them stay back after working hours to finish up their work which is simply because their boss decides to only be at the office late in the day. This creates back logs and many reports go pending halfway.

So does the solution of cutting down the holidays would solve the productivity issue? In my humble opinion I do not think so. What needs to be realized is that bosses have to take note that their staff do need time to finish up their work which is very much dependent on the bosses themselves giving orders and duties. So when the bosses are simply too busy having so called meetings at the tax payer's expense we can't really hope for speedy action to be taken.

There is no one way fault here. Every single rank is at fault because the chain of command is just so that no one can make decisions during the absence of others in their ranks. The chain of command is so long it's like hunting ducks. Shooting one will not solve the other quacks so to speak. On top of that some are still wanting more holidays~ Hmmm...so is their pay rise worth it with such demands?

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