06 June, 2007

Projek mau siap cepat...payments still late.

Some demands are best described as robbery. One thing is every party has a worm or a bad apple. The private sector is typically profit driven while the public sector has an penchant for really slow payments. Well, I know there is so much of red tape but still it should not take ages. Pak Lah promises the the red tape will be kept to a minimum but that is what he says. The process to cut the red tape it self takes ages to finalize. But that should not be the case now since everyone gets fatter pay recently. Well, now what about payment for projects awarded to the private sector? The last experience I had is simply annoying. I don't know or really don't care how many signatures it must have but the least is to make payment approved much faster than now. For those who deals with the government they have indeed gotten the wrong end of the stick. My personal experience tell a lot about the attitude of civil servants....they do their work bloody slow. Perhaps too much Teh Tarik.

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