24 June, 2007

The Reid Comission stated...

I just got back from work. Tired and with nothing much to do but watch Sopranos season 4. On the way back just now as I was turning into the neighborhood a signboard of UMNO cawangan Puncak Perdana caught my attention and this led me to actually reading up UMNO on Wikipedia. Obviously the entry was written by someone in UMNO it self.

Reading through the article on the early history of UMNO there is this line which somewhat mentioned something in the Reid Commission that the rights of Malays is an affirmative action that would be phased out. Go read it for your self here.

Now if this is true that the rights of Malays is an affirmative action and will be phased out, in what way is it happening at all after 50 years of Merdeka? In the same article it also states that the late Tunku and Malay rulers wants to ensure that "in an independent Malaya all nationals should be accorded equal rights, privileges and opportunities and there must not be discrimination on grounds of race and creed,".

Blimey...are these facts wrong? Or there is something amiss somewhere? As far as I know and experience there has been no gradual phasing out of any form concerning the Malay rights. It has been 50 years already...and I have come to a point that I have gladly denounced that I am Malay because of the shame the situation has become.

If so anyone out there dare to say that Malays are strong...Malays are good in this or Malays are good in that why should there be special rights protecting this specific race? And even so if there is an argument that Malays have the rights for those special rights then I bet Indonesians too have the rights...The Malacca Sultanate originated from our neighboring islands anyways.

Even with these so called rights a race can't attain excellence then, what gives? There are those who sellout their own fathers. Malay reserved lands sold to non Malays, So called Bumi controlled companies are only true in Paper and Ink but not by virtue, practice and shareholding. Plenty of Malays out there are given Managing seats or Directorship to act as proxies to those who actually really own the shares.

So 50 years? The Reid Commission? Tunku and the Malay rulers at that time could have really seen it coming...now it is here. Rock solid...the worst fears in them is now our reality today. Given a chance... I would love to change this. I bet many Malays would want to change it too...but I guess majority are simply too scared perhaps? The teasing sweat of the ISA rolling of their balls? Or is it the simple attitude of "Tidak Apa". If Tunku was alive today he would have done something. If Onn Jaafar had something to say, he would have said it aloud. If activist of 50 years ago are still active and kicking....they will all kick the doors down. Now...are we chickens or are we chickens? Did I hear a cluck there? Owh...it must have been slaughtered.

Have a good weekend Malaysians.

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