26 June, 2007

Skilled unskilled workers.

Crisis management is not anyone's cup of tea. Or is there? Because if there is anyone out there who earns a living by managing crisis than, you are not from Earth. But what actually makes a crisis urmm...a crisis? The term crisis can be equated to a turning point of events which could or would have a lasting and or detrimental effects to those concerning it.

So a string of "bad" event's is suppose to occur then only it can be called a crises. What than do we call when something bad happens without warning at all? It's called a disaster. So may I say that a crisis which is a series of events can often lead to disaster if it is not taken care of.

Lets look around us now and pick something which is in actual fact is a crisis in our lives? Recent pay increase for the civil servants makes those in the service to be laughing monthly to the bank while those in the private sectors are now picketing for a uptrend change in their monthly bank statements. Sadly the DPM said it would make cost of labour increase by some margin that it would be of detrimental effect.

Well, certainly he has a point but that would only happen if private businesses refuse to take a lower margin of profit. As I see it, if there is a law for minimal wage and workers get a guarenteed increase in pay it would certainly contribute to better morale and thus productivity would increase to some degree. Even quality will be better I suppose.

This is a crisis when there is still some of us who earns below RM 1000 per month and they cannot afford the ever rising cost of living year by year. Now lets be considerate...although most are unskilled workers but they have some years of experience should be valued simply because these are the most efficient ones in their field. Road sweepers, plantation workers, waiters these whole bunch have knowledge and skills that even graduates can't grasp. Surely these so called unskilled workers are actually very skilled in what they do. I do support the increase but I do not support the picketing recently. There should be a more respectful approach. Better late than never I say.

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