29 June, 2007

We're sorry -- An Error Occurred

Sifting through my email this morning I got google alerts on a few topics of my picking interest. Namely the the infamous University that preaches racism. Hey it is pretty obvious isn't it? Besides I am still picking on it because I have had no respons at all from them. The calls still left unanswered 90% of the time.

So to my utter delight, someone else does blog and rant about this institution too. Well I know her as a forummer years ago and google alerts picked her blog out because of the keyword I specified. I have mentioned their registration system sucks right? Well, don't take it from me alone...see what she had to say about it

Now don't say I am blindly accusing. Now here is the proof. So what is there to be done? Rule by majority and yet have 2nd class facilities with the wish to take on the Ivy league. Pfftt~ I is the sorry....it wont be the possible lah.

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