31 July, 2007

Diving and Cooking anyone?

Yes~! Finally I have converted a sceptic~! A colleague of mine at first could not grasp the idea of why people blog. Plus, how come someone can make money of it. Well, yours truly managed to get him on it by simply feeding him a bit of praise for his lifestyle and activities. That fed his ego and he bought the idea~!

He did it first on WP free account than later he asked how to make money on it. Urmmm...thats it WP free accounts don't let you do that. They do make you spend on upgrades such as more space and stuff. But other than that nothing else. He looked at me one kind and implied that I lied to him or something. Quickly I explained to him of ways to have a money making blog for free or to almost no cast at all accept his time. So, I got him on Blogger. Got him a dot com domain name and pretty much tweek the standard template and added a funky header to it.

The rest? Well as they say...is history.

Presenting...Naked Nimamok Corner~!

Where diving meets the stomach. Hahahahah~!

DAP recruiting, should BN follow suit?

Bloggers and politicians do take note. Everything has a start and an end. Some will triumph while others will fail. But so far the brawl against socio political bloggers and the government is at a stalemate. One side wants to uphold the rights of free speech while the other wants sceptics and opposition to shut up and stop "slandering".

Blogs have in the past months been a very hot piece of media form. Words are exchanged freely and some incomprehensible outburst were exchanged. Now with Jeff Ooi joining DAP it will undoubtedly start a new trend. Well certainly this is very much what is expected to happen (to me at least).

Happy or not socio political blog authors are being called in. It is an open offer....first to start is DAP. Now how long will it take for BN to follow suit? Judging from what has happened thus far....they are unlikely to bend anytime soon. But is is really a resource that the coalition should look into instead of going on an aggressive offensive like having Cyber Troopers and all that jazz.

Nazri Aziz gets banged up pretty bad on blogs. This one included. Same goes to Mat Taib and a few other favourites to screw up in the public behavior areas. Somehow their leader has not said a thing....at least nothing have been said of it in the formal media.

Could this be a perfect time for man socio political observers to take an active front and join in the many political party formally? Think of it like a Trojan horse. if you can't deliver any bigger damage from the outside bring the fight through their ranks. I guess that is what Jeff Ooi has been thinking a long time.

So why should the government and BN or UMNO (whichever) waste anymore time and money on tactics that they know would only cause more anger and dissatisfaction? International eyes are already on this issue. The tirade could and should be stopped right away. If DAP s asking bloggers to get their hands dirty in politics along with their cause, other bloggers could and also should choose to get into other parties that would be the most beneficial to what they believe in.

To have the media on one's side is always a good idea since the early days of the Malay States and later Malaya. Some now in the 21'st century blogs is the new form of media and the coalition should embrace the concept to be on the same grounds. Not filing police reports after police reports or making statements that is out of their shallow grasp of blogging knowledge. So BN....when is it your turn to have blogs on your cause?

Astro Technologenius

Just doing my bit to promote this event. Plus my boys are performing in it too~! :P

Pak Lah's administration is under scrutiny ahead of Merdeka celebrations.

See now what happens. So critical over the blogs of others has made the government and politicians blind sided to what is on their own website. Kai Yan blogged on an exit strategy that has gone sour. Seems that International media has caught on the DAP filing a police report against Pak Lah for the infamous Dr. Ng Seng article. International Herald Tribune published one example of the issue. Boy are they letting it sink in.

Now I have to agree with Kai Yan. Now it is clear that this blasting of bloggers has worked against the government and UMNO in particular. Eyes and ears are all on them to see what sort of cook out they could muster to bail on this issue. Freedom of speech of Malaysians are being questioned and no body has really given any answers. Just Nazri Aziz said that some laws are to be implemented soon. Worse come to worse we should impose ISA on them monkeys said Khairy VP of UMNO Youth.

Pak Lah has been busy since reappearing after his 10 days MIA act. Now he is championing the cause of his latest gem for the development of Northern states. Any word on the response of answering to the police report filed against him? Nope. Ziltch. Kosong. But Malaysia Kini as a spot for it.

So it's going to be mid week and a new month. Merdeka month to be precise and many are already in the heat of preparations for the celebrations. But there is a good 3 weeks to go and we all know very well that anything can happen. However, I dare say that the government will let it all pass until after the Merdeka celebrations. Then the brunt of assaults and insults will continue from all sides. We have Socio Political blog authors, the government, UMNO and it's youth arm....don't forget DAP who now has Jeff Ooi on their side of the ring armed with a new blog~ yup...it is right here.

Lets see who will turn up trumps with the great and famous Pisang Emas swung ceremoniously like the keris. But I say food shall not be wasted....make some lempeng pisang or cekodok should go down well with teh tarik with the wet and cold weather these days.

I am running a poll on political blunders.

Yes, this I don't think falls under seditious posting. I honestly feel like the need to get opinions from my readers. So no worries to my readers. Since it is only a poll, no comments will be seen and all votes will surely be anonymous. As you can see the poll has been set up on the right column of this blog.

So we have 5 nominees. No real names are listed to protect their public identities, but how they are named are is very synonymous with their blunders. No, obviously the winner after this two weeks of voting will not receive some pewter trophy. Who want to sponsor lah? Anyway, at least all of us would know which blunder is the most embarrassing to ones political career and hopefully with the results no one would do such mistakes again.

So may the voting begin~!!!

I tell you something~ Mat Tyson Slandering big time and UMNO Youth berhingus

From a fellow blogger who dished this I say thank you. Because who have made known to us who is slandering and who is not. I know you are not.

So this story here I stumbled upon in PPS. Now Mat Tyson @ Mat "Prestination" is proud of himself no? From this report in Berita Harian he claims that there are blog authors who earns RM100k a month. Hahahahaha~! Yeah I can tell you who...some youth dog of yours who forked out RM200k for some pro-UMNO-Government news website. But us socio political bloggers? Such constipated mentality this joke of a bloke has.

Unlike some who apparently want a piece of monkey's bananas publicity. It is rather surprising that all of UMNO minus Puteri has something to say about blog authors. Now have you taken a look at the link above. Can you see that all these princesses are just flanking the the "Prestination" man? They do look kinda spent on the eye shabows and lipstick. Makes you wonder what are their role in all this is.

On top of that the latest I dished from Malaysia Today is that UMNO Youth mounts more pressure for ISA to be used on blog authors. Wah, such pre-historic laws to be used on us cyber Nationalist. So we are communist lah now eh? As far as I know ISA was in fact drawn up during the Emergency of 13th May. So that black event saw the many killings of Malaysians. So after so many bloody years the documents are declassified and now many start to know the real intention behind the chaos. So UMNO youths want ISA to be used? Are we armed and pointing a gun up your asses? It was your lot which was parading and prancing and hollaring with a weapon pointed in all directions.

These blatant request should be a sign to show how immature these lot of gits are. Now for one thing, boy scouts will never be a platoon of men. So as far as UMNO Youth is concerned...I can dig my nose and flick my booger back at their faces.


Best Airline Crew worst in OTP.

One month ago MAS was in a big fix. Flight delays and overbooking played to MAS bitter dispair performance. Many Australian bound passengers were left stranded due to overbooking and the weather did not help the situation much. Well, it is best to leave God to his devices but overbooking is typically a trait of a system insufficiency.

There were tourist who were stuck for days and the worst thing is our kids who are bound for the new semester in various foreign Universities were left to wonder what the hell went wrong. But bottom line MAS took a big public hit and has indeed brought shame. But while some of their planes are still flying, some of them have found a silver lining (pun intended).

"World's best Cabin Staff" is the title. A very much coveted recognition by any airline crew in the world. But allow me to bring you back to the days when there was an airline crew that got famous for the wrong reason and while being on the ground too. Remember the case of the porn video "Aksi Pramugara Terlampau"? Yup...that was an MAS steward. But that was a case solved and closed.

Anyways, other noted conflicts by MAS should be the grouse of the ever decreasing number of senior pilots. Although they have been given a raise (still low according to regional standards) still the number is considered dwindling. It is one after another for MAS. Which very much says a lot about it's past management. Now whoever is at the helm is made to stitch up the torn bits and hopefully mend things anew. But it all takes time especially with Air Asia giving MAS a good challenge for regional flights as well. The pie is indeed getting smaller and shallower.

Shhh....it's all quiet today.

It's all quiet all the sudden in the papers today. No more stuffon bloggers or the Police report made by DAP towards Pak Lah. Now that is filling the pages are the development plans for the northern regions, TPM say Malaysia want's to help mediate the conflict in Darfur and the most shocking is the IGP and Bintulu MP gets a shock package of shotgun bullets.

Now will the government just shut up or the incompetent individuals are plotting a come back just to surprise and shock bloggers? Owh, I am so anticipating something to uplift me for the rest of the week. Pfft~

30 July, 2007

Now it's Pak Lah? C'mon DAP~!!!

This is getting to be a ping-pong match of sorts. Malaysia Today has got word that Ronnie Liu Tian Khiew has posted a police report on behalf of DAP against Pak Lah for a racial post by some Dr. Ng Seng posted in the PM's Department Website in Nov 2005. Highlighted in Clare Post than I had to blog it to confirm his findings as well as a few other bloggers. I honestly think is was a serious mistake by the administration of the website. For a respected opposition party DAP has this time overstep it's bounds for such a ill judged and childish move.

Now the said article has been quietly removed. Again I had to check on this and yes I can confirm that it has. However the government and politicians from BN is vehemently saying bloggers as irresponsible while some calls us monkeys and such...but still I do personally think that Pak Lah should not be the one named in the report by DAP. Can't you use your brains? When on earth does Pak Lah manage to administer the website in his schedule? Even his wife has to pick the ties for him every morning for work~ He has no time to even think of what ties to wear!

Things are getting ever more ridiculous by the minute. After this what else? Some bugger plants something on DAP's and MIC's and every other party's website and blog so it will be a blood and keris fest? Now, to all sides...I don't really care is whoever wants to call anyone a monkey kah or anjing kah, bodoh kah, racist kah or some undefined word not found in any dictionary. Can't you idiots grow up and use your brains and gumption....not your bloody "kepala lutut"~!

Hoi Khairy! I am not scared lah!

I believe a dog will and should follow it's master. If it does not he shall be whacked till it's tail is curled in between it's balls. But monkeys are pretty much free animals if I can say so myself. Monkeys live in a social hierarchy which clearly has a leader, the minions, the playful youth and obviously the females.

So bloggers are monkeys. I can accept that because we do live in a good community. So far I can see from the numerous comments on numerous socio political blogs that we are fairly united. But nothing can be said about dogs right?

One barks and foams at the mouth, another wags it's tail in ill English confidence while most of the rest is sitting on their tails in between their balls since the boss has just gotten back from the vet.

I am honestly fed up with the lies and abuse of words from so called leaders of this country. NO educated thoughts whatsoever in regards to how much we bloggers try to bring all the truth there is. And mind you most of us are certainly not as stupid as most of you. So yeah Khairy...we may be monkeys but we do live higher than you stray dogs.

PPP and BN buat drama or is it just for F**k sake?

From my post yesterday on PPP's ultimatum. BN and PPP must be playing us as fools. I can't imagine how can it be a misunderstood thing. Or is it that the media are the ones playing us like fools? Now who are we to rely on? Since the government is pretty much against blogs and bloggers. Even Patrick Teoh said "Owh for fuck's sake~!".

Such a tirade. So when we blog authors write something we are said to slander or cook up some lies. But when he media reports one thing instead it should be the other no one gives a fuck. Now why such biasness? Simply because the formal media is influenced by? Yup...yes...yes....some ill mouthed politically loaded son of a gun or something like that. Lets forget the formal media ok? Since it lies too.

29 July, 2007

From Malaysia today I got to know this....

James Wong posted this on Malaysia Today. It is the claim that the PM's Department has racial content written by some Dr. Ng Seng. So to my curiosity I had to see it for myself and shockingly as well to my dismay the claim is true~!

Some excerpt from what this Dr. Ng Seng wrote is...

Begitu juga kalau terpaksa kita ambil orang melayu kerja, kita pilih yang wanita melayu untuk cukupkan Kouta dan jangan ambil Lelaki Melayu kerana lelaki ini bersifat memimpi n dan ada wawasan tinggi lebih bersemangat kental dan berani tanya itu dan ini, kalau wanita melayu mereka agak lemah dan banyak menurut saje arahan kita. Jadi kita mengambil kesempatan ini atas kedudukan kita dan meminta hak-hak politik.

This is shocking~! How could this be on the PM's Department website? Now don't tell me someone planted it that to slander the government. Because the date is like November 2005, almost a good 2 years~ Now can someone give us the answers to this?

Between bodoh, racists and monkeys.

What is to be with our leaders today? Especially the young ones? They have better education, overseas graduates and get married to influential families but the words that is at the tip of their tongue and use to lash out in split seconds is very much like a child.

Leaders get really emotional as of late. We see them shouting, pointing fingers and swinging arms around like it is a semi automatic machine gun whenever they fancy. Careless comments are given out with words befitting a 6 year old that do not reflect as to how a leader should be talking is a telling tale of what stock we will be getting in the future.

Can someone higher ranked tell these monkeys (hey they called us that first) to buck up, shut up and just do their job instead finding for cheap publicity with ill chosen vocabularies? Hello~ Pak Lah? You are not leaving for anywhere anytime soon right? Why not discipline your men and pull their ears if you have to. Because the shame is on you as well.

PPP gives ultimatum and UMNO VP tells to retract, Najib says "No Way"...PPP said statement was "misinterpreted and misunderstood"

The People's Progressive Party led by Datuk M. Kayveas has put it's foot down on wanting states seats which they held in the 1960's to be returned to them or else they would leave the coalition of BN. Well, many stories have been going around in the wake of the General Elections coming closer.

From ACA probes to bloggers being detained for so called disrespect of Islam and the Agong. Up to this point that the many stories, some does amuse Pak Lah. Perhaps he has some other plan which I picked up from somewhere about some masterplan to develop the northern regions of the country. So that adds more development...North and South. In the middle we already have Putrajaya and Cyberjaya.

But I think PPP's threat of leaving BN should be a cause of concern. If it does happen than it will be lesser votes to BN and having to swallow that would makes things a little harder to swing their way. Who likes things getting lesser right? Anyways what is that that PPP wants to claim? They are four parliamentary seats, 12 state assembly seats, 79 local council seats and the post of the Datuk Bandar of Ipoh. Wah...Datuk Bandar Ipoh is certainly an interesting proposition. We'll see what Pak Lah responds to these demands.

After that UMNO VP
Muhyiddin Yassin in reaction to PPP's ultimatum has told Kayveas to retract the ultimatum. Now this sill be very critical. As a clash between the parties in a coalition could result in a tussle that would in my perspective at least be at a bad time when the General Ellections looms in the near future. Could we perhaps see PPP bending or UMNO bending? For UMNO it would seem not likely. In fact if UMNO were to be seen bending for PPP than it may well be a slap for their ego. However, if PPP gets their way...than PPP could be seen as a strike of balance that the rakyat would have been waiting for. Lessening of UMNO's power in the house would obviously be something worth to celebrate for the opposition.

Upon my further wait Najib told reporters of The Star that BN will never give in to demands by component parties for additional seats for the General Elections. Further elaborating on the matter he said that "BN does not decide solely on the demands of only one component party".

M. Kayveas quickly said that what he said was misinterpreted. Hmmmm....yer ke nih? Or is this a recoil for the swift rebuttal by UMNO VP and Najib? I would like to wait and see.

MyKad - Can be forged?

A report in NST online made me raise an eyebrow. A man got a call from a police station saying that his son just passed away. His reaction? That man laughed~ Why? Because his son was just beside him.

Apparently the MyKad found on the deceased was reported stolen and the rightful owner has applied for a new one. Also it is reported that the picture on the stolen MyKad was that of the deceased.

Hmmm....so it's that easy to change a printed photo on a MyKad huh? That also mean it institutions not careful with the transaction dealt with a mycard it can still be forged or more precisely the Identity can be stolen. Now what is not said specifically is whether the information on the chip is the same as the details printed on the MyKad and identical to the rightful owner's. Well...I guess enforcement is still a tiny bit lacking sometimes.

28 July, 2007

Malaysia Today had a DOS attack~!

Now this is too much, and it confirms my suspicion that something was amiss. I wrote yesterday and so did many others suspected that local ISPs were instructed to block Malaysia Today. But it still can be accessed through proxies and I can still access it from my office without a proxy. So anyways.... RPK confirms that Malaysia Today was attacked and also a few other factors prior to that that made accessing the website really slow.

Should we suspect anyone else? I do not need to state here now do I? With this to me is an illegal hit by whoever it may be. Cybertroopers? Well, there should be more to their job specifications than to just surfing and snooping right? But is might be someone else entirely. Still it is a DIRTY tactic.

Tsk Tsk Tsk....shame on whoever it is. Using subversive tactics with DOS attack is such a cowardice act. And I do believe it breaks a law if not a few.

To those who can access Malaysia Today here is the link to RPK's findings and report on yesterday's downtime....Malaysia Today down a few hours yesterday

And to know more about a DOS attack click here.

Thank you dear readers.

I feel a bit elated for the past few days. Mainly because this blog has received many personal comments from friends, family as well as strangers (loyal readers or not I have no idea). On top of that I was also very surprised and honoured for my blog was listed in Malaysia Kini through it's Google Blog feed. That one day listing alone made the stats of this blog go up and over the roof. I guess I must be writing something that is worth reading.

Never did I imagine that there are those who do take the time to read of what I think about the socio political scene on Malaysia. At first I thought I just wanted to complain and do more rants and bitch about my dissatisfactions and ideas. You know, just as long I can get it out of my chest was actually the whole idea of this blog actually.

Now, the scope and function is more important. I feel that I have a responsibility to actually give suggestions and ideas comment constructively (well I do admit that I have really spicy innuendos and sarcasm that can make an old man cry). I hope this blog grows to be a source for more people to think and act upon to make the appropriate changes to better themselves, the system and the country as a whole.

I do take suggestions constructively so do please to one and all that stumble or are loyal readers to this blog if you have any suggestions please leave your comments. Owh...and do limit the swearing and the so called racial and religiously immoral comments. I do allow freedom but none of us would like too much attention like the recent spat of casses now do we?

Thank You. Terima Kasih. Sie-sie. Nandri.

Our nation's best can be stolen.

One of the latest news is that the amount of Malaysian migrating to other countries have been shocking. Although the government denies reported amount is true, many have yet to know the truth in this. Nationalist would better be aware and on their toes because the Nation's best it each field is stolen from right under our noses. The factors for this is not clearly known however there is a hint that I found which leaves a tell tale of our ex colonist has very much the general idea that they have the feasible right to get the best from us although we have been independant from them for the last 50 years.

Clive Shepherd in his own word says "...UK is now predominantly a service economy and we can always import the expertise we want from our ex-colonies - you know, places like Malaysia. Sorry guys, but "you train 'em, we take 'em".

I for one despise such words. Especially since this is mentioned by a foreigner and he seems to be proud of heritage of colonial power. More of the fact and matter is he seems to be very so often to be traveling to all sorts of countries for conferences and seminars. And the one that he recently attended here is the Asia HRD Conference whereby one of the speakers is as Clive puts it "a magnificently titled YBhg Dato' Seri Professor Dr Ibrahim Abu Shah, who is Vice Chancellor of UiTM".

I would suggest that the government seriously consider on ways to retain the many local professionals that we so called have on our shores. Enforcing COLA to all industries should be the way to go because after all our people can be so easily bought for a little bit more money.

27 July, 2007

ISP acting under orders to block Malaysia Today?

Now this is my conformation that I too could not access the site from home. But it worked fine at the office~ Heheheheh~! Not that it matters much anyways since the effect of actually blocking Malaysia Today will instead bring even more attention to it. Once this story leaks to the foreign media everyone out there wants to know what is actually on this website that the Malaysian Government and UMNO is so scared of that they have to ask local ISPs to block it.

Congratulations to the Government and UMNO for misusing the power vested to them by the rakyat. Remember the site or Raja Petra has not been charged in court or is proven guilty yet. So it should be the rule if Civil law that Malaysia Today and RPK is innocent until proven guilty. Clap-clap-clap~ Pffft~!

Owh and just a note...Malaysia Today can still be accessed by using free foreign proxies.

Other Blogs that have reported this:
Shadow Fox
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Ku Li says protection from being a kuli is not forever.

Hello orang kampung ku~! This is a wake up call. Even UMNO and other Malay activists can't stop the natural progression of world economy. World Trade Organization in applying more pressure to ensure all free trade agreements are met. This does not exclude Malaysia which has very much protected the Malays from as Ku Li puts it "falling flat on their faces".

Tun M has said it, Pak Lah has responded to it by the rising oil prices. The NEP when first devised by if (I am not mistaken) the Tun Razak administration was not meant to be a permanent fixture for economic equality in the first place. So, it would be a good idea that all Malays better wake up from the day dream of having the NEP on their side forever. That is not going to happen....not by a long shot. Unless of course the government wants to screw up the free trade agreement which they have first cooked up for Asean. Which if it does do that then I will might as well be migrating now to earn a living somewhere else.

Now, this is not to scare Malays off their boots but merely to remind them that there is no one special when it comes to economic stability. So, to those who have been polishing boots of politicians and licking dog poo off the door mats of various influential government officials do take note that your licking and polishing ways are numbered. The market will open to all and the flooding of competition should force you to just eat ticks and lice off your partner's head unless you can device a way to be well prepared to the yank of Malay allocations in future NEP.

What I envision is a NEP that is free from clauses such as "Status Bumiputra sahaja" and others along that line. So if you Malays don't want to have crumbs or leftovers for breakfast, lunch, dinner and supper do take heed in this notice. Owh, and do start paying up for those government and bank loans....there are others who would really appreciate the loans better than you prats.

WHAT it takes to be a Leader in an Islamic State?

This title is very critical. If I do get into jail for it I don't really mind. But what you are going to read are just simply references made from sources trusted by many. Now let me begin with what essentially is an Islamic state in my opinion. It is almost a text book answer. A country which has a ruler, has in place a shariah based constitution and judicial system and political parties that can be mainly grouped in the many understanding and teachings of Islam. So essentially everything has to be Islamic from the start and not upon race or creed.

This is commonly shared by the many other Islam states on earth. So what makes a Muslim leader for and Islamic state? JAKIM's publication devision has in fact published an elaborate explanation on the traits of an excellent human being which can be said to be the basis and ground rules on how a leader should be in the first place. Among the traits listed if you find it a chore to take the link is;

  • Strong Iman
  • Pays duties for the required religious deeds as required by God
  • Good Moral values (include Sincere,Trustworthy, Diligent, Discipline, Great full and Fair)

But what is this I hear from PRK? He puts just RM1k on the table and people would more than gladly sing the information needed for you~! Now..now...that is not righ tin the first place. Even if the way PRK had bribed certain individuals to give him information from UMNO is wrong those who took solemn oaths when joining the party are at even more wrong.

So it proves one point to be very clear that corruption is actually a cheap thing. Just RM1k? Is that what the secrets of a political party are worth? So can I say if I bribe someone lets say RM500 he or she will vote the one I told them to vote for? I can't be that far off the beaten track if Tun M says it in a formal normal media report that he will not contest a seat for the coming UMNO general Assembly and now PRK claims he paid just RM1k to get the information he needed would it take more to prove that money politics is very much alive?

Certainly that is very simple. So capitalist actually have a field trip every few years or so...giving out FAT ang pows and hampers worth hundreds of ringgit each. Which after that the richer gets richer and the poorer gets poorer while we as the rakyat suffer. Hey that rhymes~! HAhahaha~!

Between Law and Religion.

There is a sudden realization now in the Malaysian courts. There is a realization that boundaries of jurisdiction are very blurred. But only after such a critical case has been dealt and the verdict given that this realization comes. I know religion is a touchy issue. Because when we say religion in general there are many that is practices amongst the rakyat. But when the government mentions religion it very seldom concerns any other religion but Islam.

Now, since the courts know there is a big problem. What is the next step? Clearly the deficiencies of the Malaysian courts are getting to be one too many. All eyes and ears are now silently waiting to hear and see which way will the judiciary mechanics will lean or bend to. But it's not the bending that matters or the fact that Between the Syariah courts and the the other courts.

But the Federal court has spoken and anything concerning Muslims between Non-Muslims are to be judged in the civil court. Now here is the embarrassing and confusing thing... with the statement made from Judge Abdul Hamid Mohamad and this is reported in NST as well being carried forward to Reuters that Non-Muslims are not allowed to be in Syariah courts and now cases involving Muslims together with Non-Muslims are to be dealt in the Civil courts and at the same time the fact that TPM made a claim that Malaysia is indeed an Islamic state it is a bit confusing in relation to which Law precedes the other. Is it the Civil law reigns higher than the Shariah Law? Or is it the other way around?

How can an Islamic state have any court higher than the Shariah court? To prove my point lets take the example of the judicial system of Saudi Arabia. It is stated in the source that I have found that
The Saudi Arabian legal system in 1992 was based on the sharia, or Islamic law. The sharia was applied throughout the kingdom in strict accordance with the interpretation of the Hanbali school of Sunni Islam.

On top of that the judges of Shariah courts are to be of very specific qualifications as also stated in the source...
Because pious Muslims believed that the sharia was sacred law, they accepted as judges, or qadis, only men who had spent a number of years studying the accepted sources of the sharia: the Quran and the authenticated traditions (hadith) of the Prophet Muhammad's rulings and practices. So it is not rocket science to make the equation.

So which is which? In my best judgment, what the TPM claims cannot be used. Since he himself is not above the law which means the say of courts is higher. But that is to my own logic. I may be wrong but hey the court say one thing and the TPM claims another. How can a rakyat be certain in the first place?

Owh bother, for all I know the further I continue this post the more implications it serves me. But simply said...to be in a state of confusion will further worsen things and could be very dangerous to everyone. Just decide on one and be done with it can we? If Malaysia is indeed an Islamic state than enforce the correct judicial system that goes with it. If it is not than the TPM should just say sorry for the mistake he has made and spare the rakyat any further headaches.

26 July, 2007

Malaysian bloggers: In everycloud there is a silver lining.

When we think we have to fend for ourselves and the government cease to hold any good thought whatsoever for us bloggers, the Bar council does in fact listen and is currently recruiting lawyers who might want to take up future casses concerning bloggers tangling with the dumb law.

Shanmuga Kanesalingam posted a request on the Malaysian Bar Council for lawyers who are willing to come together and be legal representatives for bloggers who somehow gets in harms way of some act with a dumb acronym.

This is the full excerpt from that post....

You will all have read about Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Dato’ Seri Nazri Aziz’s threat to take legal action against bloggers. Bernama reports that he said “the government would not hesitate to use the Internal Security Act (ISA), the Sedition Act 1948 and Section 121B of the Penal Code against these bloggers.”

This chilling threat of action against bloggers is the latest of a series of worrying events which give rise to a reasonable apprehension that our laws on defamation, official secrets and public order may be abused in order to stifle dissent and legitimate free speech.

Some of these events include the arrest and detention of Nathaniel Tan for about 4 days, the police report against Raja Petra Kamarudin.

Blogs have become a source of much information not otherwise in the public domain and are being utilized to garner popular support through voter education drives which aim to hold policians more accountable for their actions. (The popularity of Malaysia-Today, Malaysiakini, Haris Ibrahim’s People’s Parliament, the Citizen Think Tank and other websites/blogs are cases in point).

In light of the potential threat to freedom of expression by the use of the repressive Internal Security Act and Sedition Act, the Bar Council Human Rights Committee has decided to initiate a drive to gather a pool of volunteer lawyers to be on standby to assist bloggers. This will be part of the Interventions Strike Force led by Deputy Chair Amer Hamzah Arshad. (I am writing this because Amer is outstation and Haris Ibrahim is already on duty on behalf of Raja Petra at the Dang Wangi police station)

This is in line with the Bar’s aim to provide legal representation to all those in need, particularly in cases where State action is being taken against freedom of expression. Naturally, this does not in any way amount to the Bar condoning any statements made on any blog which do in fact amount to a legitimate offence.

For more details do take the link of Malaysian BAR Council.

RM2750 and Cyber troopers.

This is what can be said as a dream job. Imagine...working for a ruling political party, get paid a handsome sum just for so called surfing and sniffing the net for seditious content in blogs and finally spamming it to cause massive page hits to the point of maximizing bandwidth.

Wah~! Its like a dream come true~! Spammers this is certainly the job for you. So it has been made known this Cyber troopers are 25 in total. Lets do the math here a bit. It's RM2750 per moron. That makes RM68750 per month and a cool total of RM825000 per year IF UMNO chooses to retain these jokers for a year.

So what are their jobs really? Is it to just surf the net and leave spams where ever they see fit? I bet they are not highly educated. It does not take much of an IQ to just surf and spam right? And for that amount of money? I know hardcore programmers and junior network engineers who get paid that amount for their knowledge.

Seriously if I was a party member I would certainly be against to the employing of these buggers. It is almost a million ringgit to the tab per year just to spam some sites. How stupid is that? On top of that why 25 buggers? Are they that slow typists? Or they use really old hardware like P2 with EDO RAM on Windows 95? I know it takes those machines ages to boot up. But who knows...maybe they have dedicated higher spec machines sourced from Dell or something.

If that budget is given to me...I shall halve the idiot power and pay each person RM3k and each of them have to maintain a DOT COM DOT MY blog for the party's purpose. That should be a cheaper and wiser solution.

Kalau tak reti buat cara tak reti, jangan bodoh sombong pulak. Kan dah membazir duit dah.

Slapping must be the in thing in the Education profession.

I remember pretty well when I was a little boy. I was not really that well behaved and was very mischievous. Than later in high school I was very much against the authority at first but in the end I decided to fold into the ranks and work covert operations. Got into some clubs and the for a moment the prefectorial board just to gain the one eye shut from the teachers when I do get caught soliciting illegal activities. But I do not beat people up to a pulp in school.

As far as being punished goes I figure I have lapped the school field a good 30 times, caning was indeed very normal and that time the cane can be as thick as your index finger and 4 feet long. Most of the time I was told to take my wallet out and the discipline master would also check if I had extra shorts. If I do sometimes I was told to take them off or he would just whack me harder. Now those are for normal offenses.

At that time and this was in the mid 90's I have had metal rulers knocked my knuckles, push-ups, standing on the chair, told to walk around school with a large sign of the offence I did, cleaned the sports equipment storeroom and even helped the gardener mowed the field. But never was I slapped in the face.

So after the reports of a class of little kids got slapped for not doing homework and now a college undergraduate getting slapped a few times by his lecturer for smoking and wearing shorts, my past predicaments are not all that bad. It certainly built some character in me, now that is a positive point.

Have teachers and lecturers turn barbaric? Soaking students in some chest deep filthy water over some sanitary pad case? Now how absurd is that? Teachers and lecturers are to educate and not becoming drill Sargents. What next? Blackened eye and bruised ribs? In my day there were cases highlighted in the news about students beating up teachers. I do think kids for one thing a re much more honest than adults. So if a teacher gets beaten up usually it's over a good enough reason that a kid can think of. But adults treating kids like army cadets or jailbirds?

Both Ministries in charge of education in this country should seriously audit each institution and not only interview the heads of those institutions but the students as well. I honestly think that the students these day have more things to say concerning their education than their parents, especially undergraduates.

So all you students and undergraduates...PLEASE escalate your grouses to the respective Ministry. Better still, forward all your letters and e-mails to the Ministers themselves. Flood those incoming trays of theirs and tell them how shitty it is your education institution are. No fear, it is your right for an education and it is their responsibility to provide it because your parents voted for the government and pay bloody taxes~!

Kamigoroshi has some idea not to get tangled with the "LAW".

When the whole internet started it was the books on how to get on the internet that sold like hot cakes. Than came the EBay and various online shopping, again the books pertaining to that subject was snapped off the shelves. After that is anyone could have a website or have a shopping cart, there was a mad rush for those books too... Now I predict that in this country if someone were to publish on "Tips on how not to get caught for Blogging" or some handy books of "101 tips to stay out of jail for Bloggers" would be the next publishing phenomenon.

So get your thinking caps on and bloggers could earn even more money~! Obviously do calculate your blogging income for your annual tax assessment. For all you know the leeches of the Government would love to dine and feast on blogging money too~! To start that of take the link to Kamigoroshi's blog for his 2 ringgit worth of how to evade trouble for blogging.

In between curse and crap...I solemnly take an oath where my loyalty stands.

Hopefully Raja Petra has a good night's rest and sleep. Can bloggers now release a sigh of relief? Some if not many would say no. While I know some bloggers don't really much care because they blog for other reasons that has nothing to do with the current political rights and agenda. Would it be well for Malaysians to blog on Socio Politics? It could be and it could not.

Obviously Malaysian bloggers are not the pioneers in publishing blogs. We tend to be a tad slow compared to our Western counterparts. Undeniably they have a different political scene. But it does not matter that much... I have to argue that freedom is not entirely freedom after all.

Something as simple as blogging has thus far gotten a rising number of people in trouble. Either it is a lost cause or not that is still yet to be confirmed. But the government should take note that the rakyat is not above all else that stupid. As many speculate that the General Elections are nearer than one might expect there is a slight problem. Where do all of us stand in all this? To what or whom to we pledge our loyalty?

One part there is the ruling coalition party, on the other is the monarch of states, and another there is the people and the law as a whole. But lets refer to the well aged proclamation for a true Malaysian...

MAKA KAMI, rakyat Malaysia, berikrar akan menumpukan seluruh tenaga dan usaha kami untuk mencapai cita-cita tersebut berdasarkan atas prinsip-prinsip berikut:


Yes, that is absolutely right. I believe it should work in that order anyway. So first and foremost....I believe in GOD and in my religion. There is no one else higher or above that. Second I pledge my loyalty to the King and Sultans of the respective states. Since I was born in KL there is none but, I was raised in Klang...that is Selangor Royal Town. So to the Sultan of Selangor my loyalty stays.
Third only to the Constitution than only to the law. Lastly will be good behavior and morality.

Now, if I were to work my way up that list....I can simplify it as this;

Let us say that there is no more morality and good behavior, there is the law to consider and refer to. If god forbid the law fails we should fall on the Constitution immediately. Than if all chaos breaks loose and the constitution can longer be enforced or be referred to there is the King and Sultans. Finally when all hope is lost let us pray...and pray really hard we should because our last savior and pardon is from God.

So in a worse comes to worst basis if the government cease to function and the constitution is practically mutilated and thrown into the Straights of Malacca I shall than serve and be under direct orders from the King or my beloved Sultan (Selangor in my case).

So undeniably I shall not be pushed or haggled by some army of politicians shouting and wailing a mighty mouthful of racial and religious remarks and statements. Simply because, yes correct...they are politicians. It's not in their field of formal knowledge when it comes to religion or race. One who is a Malay cannot talk or make comments on the culture of other races or one who is of one religion has no say to state in the stark public eye about other religions. Makes common sense why Muslims goes to the mosque and other religions go to their temples and other places of formal gathering.

So if you ask me, if all hell breaks loose in this lucky country of ours than I shall with confidence stick my nose up and say I serve my King and Sultan. Not some political party. Not some Menteri. Not some corporate gazzillionaire and certainly not someone who shouts and wail like a nutcase. May Allah forbid~!

25 July, 2007

Tun M opt not to contest for seat because it's all about the money.

Tun M is a seasoned politician. Well if a man who led the country for 22 years says there is money politics in UMNO, I say you better believe it. Following the report from The Sun, Tun M says he shall not contest for the Kubang Pasu delegation seat for the next UMNO Genaral Assembly. He very well knows that if he does so the party will fork out the money to deny him the votes for the seat.

In my humble opinion I think Tun should just withdraw from UMNO entirely. Do not even be a member and have fun with his retirement plan. If the ex PM says there is not much use in contesting...why should he be in it anymore?

Bullets of Quills and Ink v3.1

Dear amiable readers~! If you have not still noticed there has been a bit of sprucing up done. The dark colours made it a bit gloomy and unfriendly. Well, not that this blog is not filled up with rants and complaints by your truely but lets put it in Malay terms as "Semak". So happy reading and I hope you find the new layout cleaner and clearer to read.

Thank You.

Thats it bloggers will be given the cap once deemed out of line.

Now the ground rules will be in place as claimed by Nazri Aziz. Only MPs have immunity to say whatever they want as long as they adhere to guidelines. Like I have said Socio Political bloggers have their blogging hours numbered, me included. But on the reaction to have gag orders to bloggers, Gerakan committee member Datuk Toh Kin Woon said it is not advisable to do so. Ironically these are reported back to back on NST Online.

On another event concerning bloggers and blogs Mahaguru58 went for the first National Seminar of Media and Technology with the topic of 'Bloggers - Issues and Challenges of the 21st Century'. Officiated by Ibrahim Abu Shah VC of UiTM. Mahaguru58 also reported that the VC did a joke on his own expense prompting himself to go on a diet on the grounds thats some blogger (yours truly) called him a "Fat Pirate". I do see that he (the VC) is not seriously paying attention on what many has said about the institution under his care and administration. And for him appearing to officiate is a counter measure to put him in the good graces of bloggers and students. However, I am mighty skeptical that he is the least bothered about the many grouses from his blogging students.

Hush...can you hear that? I hear more comments trickling into Malaysia Today.

I think RPK has his hands full with the bandwidth of Malaysia Today. I reckon the hits it is getting is going off the charts~! Well done RPK~! Don't they get it? When you hit a blogger other bloggers will be offended too. If he was to just be left alone do you (the government) think that this issue will escalate to new heights?

Now...for all the comments and latest articles in Malaysia Today can it be said that RPK is very much trigger happy and publishing with glee? I certainly think so. Now the infamous Dato' Seri Nazri has blasted RPK as being childish. Read more of it on Sensitrovert. But to catch who is the child graphically do have a go on You Tube. Just search for Nazri Aziz and see what comes up.

Now, how can a minister act in such urm....embarrassment in Parliament and yet tell people off that they are childish? How is that UMNO could assign someone as Information Chief who was caught at an Australian airport with more money than he needed? Or how is that Tun M had made a statement that will not see the light of day in formal media that gives the impression that RPK spoke the truth? You can find that bit on Whatever.

If there is away to overcome this so called untruthful information spilling to the brim on blogs the government should not use intimidation to strike fear. The strategy is to understand and work side by side to gain respect and loyalty. Over and over again I have been saying this. But is the government listening? Hello, UMNO....are you reading this? Or don't you understand English? Ok, I'll say it in Bahasa Malaysia.

Kerajaan dan UMNO khususnya tidak sepatutnya menggunakan kekerasan dan intimidasi keatas para penulis blog Sosio Politik. Sebaliknya bekerjasama dan memahami situasi untuk memebenteras merebaknya maklumat dan berita yang kurang tepat dan seterusnya memerangi pengaruh negatif dengan beroperasi dan melaporkan secara telus. Kerajaan harus peka dengan persoalan yang ditimbulkan rakyat dan memberi tindak balas yang membina untuk kesejahteraan dan keamanan negara khususnya.

Now I hope that sends a clear message enough. If that does not work and Nazri Aziz as well as Muhammad Taib is reading this I would love to lecture both of you on the importance of publishing affirmative and transparent information to the nation and combat the negative information on a more subtle and respectful way.

24 July, 2007

Najib playing a truce?

Report from The Star confirms this with TPM saying there will be no crackdown on bloggers but instead advises to follow the law accordingly. However it may seem I suspect that not all bloggers are targeted. People like 5xmom, Daniel Franklin and other non socio-political bloggers are pretty much out of harms way of the "Law".

I do not refute that there are sensitivities that predominates everything what socio-political bloggers write about. But in my utmost respect of the law and the government, there is a state of awareness amongst the people. How long can the ruling party suppress this inquisitive people from finding out and demanding answers? Now is it entirely the blogging community's fault in writing what they honestly feel? I bet there are some bloggers or individuals who spams on purpose in the blogs of others inciting racial hate and questioning the government in the most irresponsible manner. But certainly not all of socio-political bloggers are bad apples.

Information is spread so freely over the net that simply even Hitler's demented descendants could simply spread many bad things anywhere in the world. So if there is this cowboys of the cyber world what should they be doing? Some say comments are planted...that could be true. Some say...the opposition can plant such claims to shake certain parties. One way or the other these are all tactics regardless if some are in bad taste after all.

So can I still blog and question government policies and social dysfunctionality? Should I still harp on the shortcomings of the government? If those who are in power could not take criticism and be pro-active and clean up whatever mess there is I say step down gracefully. Let others have a chance. Seriously...even corporate governance practices the same thing. It should just be that fair.

Raja Petra does a one, two, uppercut on Muhammad squared.

It is not a trait of such a man like RPK to lay low and be quiet in situations like this. Yesterday evening he posted in my opinion to be a slap in the face for Muhammad Taib. The gusto in his (RPK) writing is of so much smirk that I can practically read it over and over again. Mind you this is blast after blast fired towards the ex Selangor MB.

I highly doubt that RPK is telling a lie when it comes to Muhammad Taib since he (RPK) is after all of royal blood. I say Muhammad Taib should do his own blog, just to prove that he can write in English and at least put up a fight on the cyber turf. I think it is going to be a field trip this few days. I am happily reading the article again. NGahahaha~!

Articles by in other blogs:

MageP's Lab
Trading Lobby
What a Lulu
Mob's Crib Poster

and some interesting fact about the name Muhammad from Menj

23 July, 2007

UMNO should take a more pro-active role in defeating scepticalism.

It is a sad state, the outlook for Malaysian Blogsphere is grim indeed. Hardly even 2 weeks after Nathaniel's arrest now this. I am indeed worried that perhaps a state of emergency would be called for in the event of an uprising where the government can no longer contain servo after servo of fire from the inquisitive rakyat. Here I say rakyat because Malaysian Bloggers are essentially citizens of this country.

I am not predicting a turn of events like bloodshed and racial uproar but it would be a shame if something like that were to happen in the near future just because some members of the public expresses dismay over the current state of socio-politics in the country through blogs and other online means. Many should have anticipated that with globalisation come this sort of pressure.

A few if not many have predicted that the challenges with opening our doors to the world is to keep what we have. Indeed it is a challenge. Now how does a ruling coalition control such instances? Political parties can't fight the 24 million odd voices of the rakyat that gave them the power in the first place.

So how far does in this case UMNO need to go before realizing that instead of footing one person and the next with court letters and warrants of arrest that all this while they should combat such sharp allegations and bad publicity with the same weapons that disgruntled people and parties feel of their tenure of governance? It makes simple sense doesn't it? Why is it so hard to fathom such a simple tactic? Instead using force which will only incite fear not respect, why not beat them at their own game using the same tools?

So, even if this falls through to UMNO's favour what would that make of us? Will we be coined as rebels out and out? Are we gonna be forced by the government to conform to political ploys that do not benefit the people's interest? Makes me wonder if is this really democracy in the best practice or in fact a form of iron fisted dictatorship. I have a lot of questions that needs to be answered. And I bet all of you out there has some questions of your own too. So...what is UMNO going to do? What is UMNO going to do? Push comes the shove someone might just rise and fight back. When that happens, I hope it will be short and sweet. Wait...I think even that is too much to ask for.

Malaysia Today gets in trouble for article.

UMNO lodges police report against Malaysia Today for carrying comments or remarks that reportedly insults the Agong, degrading Islam and incites racial hatred. I have been trying to access the article mentioned but the request has been denied. If this is the result of excessive hits to the page or otherwise I have no idea.

Is this the start of a cyber war waged between UMNO and those who blogs on sosio-politics is yet to be made clear. But my advice to fellow bloggers is that be really careful from now onwards. If it is UMNO that is pulling the strings we should know very well it will be a messy affair.

HAhahah~!!! Police kena tipu RM5mil~!!!

This is seriously stupid~! Hahahah~! I am practically rolling all over the floor on this one. After all these years the police have been robbed from right in their nostrils. Last week was the Porche Targa incident. Earlier than that was the issue of Johor police not containing the crime rates of Johor. Now this?

Certainly this will negatively effect the public image of "popo". This can also mean that there is corruption in the force. I mean like how could someone deliver RM5mil worth of spare parts for the police Proton fleet if there was not any form of fishy "Duit Kopi" involved. Now there is an investigative inquiry. But even better still it's the tax payer's money we are talking about~! So if the popo has been ripped off, the rakyat has been ripped off as well.

PC sponsored cook-out~!

Imagine what you can do at a LAN party now~!

Khairy Jamaluddin in Wikipedia.

Such a controversial man if that is what you want to call him by. But undeniably his marriage to Nori Abdullah Ahmad Badawi has sent him to great heights and a backing that is certainly hard to beat. Loyal supporters in the Youth wing of UMNO may tip him as the next PM. Which is a bit too ambitious after just crawling into his 3rd term as Deputy of UMNO Youth chief.

There are complications in his private life and some deals or actions he has made are questioned. But to some extent I bet there are some who believes that making mistakes is part of growing up. But a source of great concern is how he is very much aggressive when it comes to his own race. Not a little bit is that a shock but I suppose it is to get in the good books of seasoned party members. At 30 years of age he has more than ruffled a few feathers. Is this good or bad for his future no one really knows yet as it is very infant to say.

Why am I talking about this man you ask? Well, if we put this lad into the picture of the future of Malaysia in the next 10 years I say there is to be very much of a concern. As far as the media has portrayed him, he is a childish figure. Think of him as Naruto of sorts. Come barging in and lacking diplomatic qualities which his Father in Law advocates.

How he ended up on Wikipedia is a telling tale that someone IT literate admires him but coming into that there is also criticism and speculation about his private life. Typically this is Malaysia and when you are in politics it is akin to being a rock star. So the paparazzi shots and careless writings may be a bit over the top on most cases. This should prompt him to be more careful in the future if he wishes to carry his ideals with him for his version on this country.

He wants to be noticed. He wants to be heard. But it would take more than 3 years that he has been UMNO Youth Deputy for anyone to take him seriously. Take Hishamuddin as a good example....hasn't he been very well behaved? Perhaps between these two they have different approaches. But it would be interesting if someday both of them will come to power and with lots of luck be a formidable tag team like the late Tun Abdul Razak and Tun Dr. Ismail. Which this country sorely misses.

22 July, 2007

MAS re-enect Terminal Movie.

MAS has I think testing the idea of going into the film industry. The concept is to revolve around the daily business of the airport and it's visitors daily. For a pilot it has decided to start it big with a crisis of overbooked flights. Where unknowingly this family was chosen in random....

Yeah...you are smart enough to know that I am pulling your leg as soon you read the title didn't you? Well, at least I got you to still read till this part. Hahahah~! But the matter in hand is far from a movie. It is in fact real~! This Australian family has been stuck in the airport for 5 days~!

As an enterprise MAS is certainly slacking when it comes to social responsibilities. They have already made a serious blunder in allowing overbooking of their flights and now we have people like this family stranded till God knows when. Can't MAS silently compensate this sort of cases by giving them cheap accommodation till the problem is resolved? What sort of corporate governance do they adopt anyways? Just because the management is struggling to bring the accounts back from a deficit that does not mean they should be oblivious to this kinds of problems that their customers are facing.

I feel sympathetic...if I have the resources now I would certainly bring the family out for a good meal as they have been surviving on bread and instant noodles. Where are your frigging noodles in this MAS?!!!

Is there a glitch Nuff Nang?

I don't know if anyone has noticed....but the big rectangle ad by Nuff Nang has a large Nike logo. I clicked on it and it brought me to Maxis website. Hmmm...so tell me if I am wrong. There is a glitch right? Btol Tak? Coz it does not make sense when a Nike ad brings the clicker to a Maxis site.

Be loyal to party? We need to donate our blings kah? Ehhh...dowwan lah.

Since when can it be that stupid? Seriously who would give themselves that selflessly to a political party's cause? And does it have a an unbiased cause? Most certainly not~! Its "Urrmm...No" for god's sake~! For the most things no one can deny that what Malaysia has is true and true racial politics.

It has been that way since the British divided us into economic activities. So what is this claim that if everyone works towards the party goal the coalition of "Bee Ann" will win handsomely? Well, obviously they will win again simply because they have been for the past 50 bloody years. Its like being an asexual creature. You have many of your types around you but you would gladly mate your self any day. Pretty disgusting if you ask me.

So when can we see Malaysia change it's racial politics? It's when people like you and me can call ourselves as "(insert race here) Malaysian" as automatically as we curse "Lanjiao~!" when someone cuts into our line at a toll. As far as the TP M says members have to be loyal to the party that they have to sacrifice for one common cause and be selfless which he cited the example how women collected their gold to fund the trip for Independence in the 50's it is pretty much irrelevant today.

Would any Wanita Umno member today trade her Cartier or Tiffany to fund lets say a trade union trip to Africa or New Zealand? I doubt so....but thats where the PM and a bunch of delegates are going soon. Depends on the vote which they get...so it's only one country....either this or that....and ladies stop stealing stuff from the plane to make up for the gold your mothers gave for the cause of Independence. Kapish?

21 July, 2007

Between MNG to Liz Claiborne at the Curve.

Saturdays are a joy to be spent outside. But not a good thing if you are closely skimming your budget. My pay will not be out till at least another week but I am so itching to watch the new Harry Potter movie. But before that I had to service my car....than pick up my woman and have lunch, hang out with a cousin and watch the movie afterwards.

So after the chicken chop lunch we walked around the Curve while waiting for my cousin to arrive. Tugging my hand my woman brings me to MNG. I don't particularly like MNG....they have nothing in my range of taste. I do say Brits sometimes have really funny appetites when it comes to clothes especially the younger sets these days.

Just when I was glancing through some clothes I thought my woman would look good in, she came to me and said "The jeans are only RM100 wohh~". I replied in a short typical guy way with a "Erm...yeah". Than she gave a remark and said "I overheard this girl telling her boyfriend that the jeans is only 100 bucks woh~, than ah she looked at the boyfriend only". I was mildly raising my eyes when she was explaining and I figured where it would end up to. But never mind, I'll let her finish what she wanted to say. Which she did..."She just that sort of look to her boyfriend..."."And?" came my friendly inquiry. "The boyfriend like want don't want to give only...but in the end gave her the OK lah" my woman added.

I know at this juncture my woman was hoping for a good answer. Which I think the answer which I gave her was absolutely brilliant..."Hah~! That means you know what or not?", I ask my woman. "What woh?"...I continued "That means that guy cannot control her woman. The woman has the guys balls in her hand wan". Conveniently my woman turned around and walk away. I doubt she was pissed by my answer. But just to make me feel a tinge of guilt she made the famous pout face of hers when she wants some sweet talk. I didn't really gave her one. Bad of me I know...heheheh~!

Well, I can't really give her that much face just to acknowledge that other girls can have it their way. Or else how is it that a man is suppose to gain respect. Honestly I say that same couple walking past a few times....and trust me the dude was far from comfortable while his woman was walking ahead with bags and bags of stuff. From what noticed he was shrugging with his hands in his pockets. Perhaps to check how shallow it is getting. Poor guy....lucky girl. Stupid guy.....gold digger girl. Good enough for me that my woman is pretty obedient that I just need to call out her name and she will un-stick her nose from the displays at the Liz Claiborne boutique.

Yeah...I think I have a sensible woman. But that does not mean I'll be stingy with my money on her. Besides...she gets one stuff that I think is what she really needs every month. That does not include the lavish amounts of food that I shower her diet with. A full woman is a happy woman and a happy woman won't demand more than what she needs. Full stop.

20 July, 2007

Letter to the Minister of Higher Education.

I think I have been patient enough. Too patient. Two months after my expulsion from UiTM and still not a word on the status of my case. A letter to them for an appeal to the verdict of my case and thus still I have gotten no word officially on it's status. Honestly I have no idea what is going on. I have called in to ask and often either no one knows about it, or the person in charge is not around or busy. So a good solid 2 months and not a word let alone a squeak from them. Are they simply sitting on it? I have no idea but, I know I have to put action into my words.

Take me as an idiot but idiots too have patience. I have blogged it here that I have sent a letter to the minister but after that I decided to hold on to it for awhile just to give more time to what might happen since I know from my blog stats that UiTM is in fact watching this blog closely and religiously for that matter.

However, I did by chance got some information on the sentiments carried over on my case. Obviously that Ibrahim Abu Shah read this blog, specifically the articles that were mentioned in the case. On top of that I know the faculty's disciplinary officials are mulling over it,but for how long more I don't know. A friend told me that I am pretty notorious amongst the students. And those who know me so far have sent messages through Friendster saying how unfortunate for me and how uptight UiTM is over such a small matter and still how they admire the courage I have.. In my knowledge too are lecturer's opinions that the verdict was uncalled for. But I know I can't expect anything more than sympathy as the lecturers have mouths to feed and a home to keep.

As of yesterday I have had just about enough of the dilly dally that is obviously played by this University. The letter addressed to Datuk Mustapa Muhamed has been posted. On top of that I ran a search on AUKU+UiTM in Google...unexpectedly the top 2 results is about my case written by other bloggers. I thank all for highlighting the fact that AUKU is a bit of a hindrance in certain aspects. It is also surprising to note that the 6 articles that I have been accused of organizing and administering a blog to defame UiTM and the Government are not listed anywhere near the top 5 pages in any search engine. However the results from the search on AUKU+UiTM resulted with UiTM exposing themselves to the initial fear of defamation in the first place. Talk about paranoia...they unknowingly brought it to themselves.

I take pride in that I am a nationalist. I have recordings of the hearing minus the verdict. Yes, I recorded the proceedings without them knowing. But it is merely to protect myself from unknown circumstances that might arise. Besides, I am not going to be going in with an empty gun.

Whatever it is I am not resting on my laurels. I am not fighting for my own right or for my personal gain only. It is in my own experience that even a race can discriminate and be unjust to its own kind. Simply why? This I would love to ask all the top brass in the ruling Government. This blogger is not going to let anyone just make me bite the dust. Not in a million years.

MPH gets ready for mad rush of Deathly Hallows.

I managed to get my self to Mid Valley after prayers. In my head was just to go to MPH and get this particular book I have been wanting to get. Just when I reached in front there seems to be fighting space of 2 types of promotions. One is the 50 years merdeka promotions on local publications of socio-political and culture books and the other one is Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.

So the final book of the series will be on the shelves tomorrow and just for that MHP will be opening it's doors to the many wizard aficionados at 7 a.m. Yes, you read it right~! 7 a.m on a Saturday~! I am a fan but i have learned not to be too crazy to be the first few people to have the book for like just 5 minutes.

I give it a day or two and I will happily trot to Carrefour next week. Simply because the books is to be there as well. So who says books can only be bought at bookstores? Pfft~ Damn those spoilers~!

Bahasa Malaysia can't be made as Ornaments.

Why do monarch in this beloved country have a passion to something in which politicians can never have? They give good and sounds advice to certain matters too...but they are not directly empowered to govern. But still it puzzles me if Raja Muda of Perak can talk good sense...why not ministers? They can't be that "kurang cerdik".

I am talking in light of what Raja Muda Perak stated "Bahasa Malaysia should not be sacrificed in the pursuit of "global" citizenry". Well put, but somehow English is mighty important theses days too. So how do you justify the position of the National Language? Well, his highness had a few points as stated in the NST report.
Which I have to say is just tip of the iceberg.

The problem here is that the language has taken a form of such deliberate adulteration. The culture of us with Manglish does not help. Because not only in taints English, it also taints the donating language as well...in this case Bahasa Malaysia. They even keep changing what it is to be called once in awhile. This shows that there is no firm understanding and responsibility.

Even UiTM has a policy to conduct it's classes and events in English. But I heard an internal Memo was given to state that internal events should be held in Bahasa Malaysia. Still...this is not made known everyone thus when information is not made known it is pretty much useless anyways. The other Unis have stated that their classes will be in BM. Clear cut. So to what expense of the National Language do some quarters wish to extend their need to go global? A lot.

But as long as schools puts an emphasis that Bahasa Malaysia is as important as English we can be pretty sure that the language will not just be ornaments. I say a campaign should be good to mark 50 years of Bahasa Malaysia used in an Independent Malaysia. Bahasa Malaysia, Bahasa Merdeka~!