21 July, 2007

Between MNG to Liz Claiborne at the Curve.

Saturdays are a joy to be spent outside. But not a good thing if you are closely skimming your budget. My pay will not be out till at least another week but I am so itching to watch the new Harry Potter movie. But before that I had to service my car....than pick up my woman and have lunch, hang out with a cousin and watch the movie afterwards.

So after the chicken chop lunch we walked around the Curve while waiting for my cousin to arrive. Tugging my hand my woman brings me to MNG. I don't particularly like MNG....they have nothing in my range of taste. I do say Brits sometimes have really funny appetites when it comes to clothes especially the younger sets these days.

Just when I was glancing through some clothes I thought my woman would look good in, she came to me and said "The jeans are only RM100 wohh~". I replied in a short typical guy way with a "Erm...yeah". Than she gave a remark and said "I overheard this girl telling her boyfriend that the jeans is only 100 bucks woh~, than ah she looked at the boyfriend only". I was mildly raising my eyes when she was explaining and I figured where it would end up to. But never mind, I'll let her finish what she wanted to say. Which she did..."She just that sort of look to her boyfriend..."."And?" came my friendly inquiry. "The boyfriend like want don't want to give only...but in the end gave her the OK lah" my woman added.

I know at this juncture my woman was hoping for a good answer. Which I think the answer which I gave her was absolutely brilliant..."Hah~! That means you know what or not?", I ask my woman. "What woh?"...I continued "That means that guy cannot control her woman. The woman has the guys balls in her hand wan". Conveniently my woman turned around and walk away. I doubt she was pissed by my answer. But just to make me feel a tinge of guilt she made the famous pout face of hers when she wants some sweet talk. I didn't really gave her one. Bad of me I know...heheheh~!

Well, I can't really give her that much face just to acknowledge that other girls can have it their way. Or else how is it that a man is suppose to gain respect. Honestly I say that same couple walking past a few times....and trust me the dude was far from comfortable while his woman was walking ahead with bags and bags of stuff. From what noticed he was shrugging with his hands in his pockets. Perhaps to check how shallow it is getting. Poor guy....lucky girl. Stupid guy.....gold digger girl. Good enough for me that my woman is pretty obedient that I just need to call out her name and she will un-stick her nose from the displays at the Liz Claiborne boutique.

Yeah...I think I have a sensible woman. But that does not mean I'll be stingy with my money on her. Besides...she gets one stuff that I think is what she really needs every month. That does not include the lavish amounts of food that I shower her diet with. A full woman is a happy woman and a happy woman won't demand more than what she needs. Full stop.

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