12 July, 2007

Drug abuse is more widespread than what the naked eye can see.

Would you believe it? There is more to it than simply looking for addicts under bridges and in the slums of the city. Do you think substance abusers are that stupid to be loitering in the open? Why not do a a check on all colleges and universities and I mean all at a random time just before the exams. I bet there is more tainted urine than your local waste management can process.

Why is it my concern? I am indeed out of the system so why bother? But that would be the typical "Tidak Apa" attitude that is so synonymous with Malaysians. But lets put that aside...Malaysia has to realize that it does have a drug abuse problem and it is more widespread than anyone would admit. Everyone from all walks of life do weed. It is the easiest substance to get. For RM50 you can get a good few fat blunts worth. Even as minimal as RM10 someone can still get a cool high.

So Jamal Abdillah confessed. You think it is only him? What about other artists? You think medical students who are the in the golden eye of the government are clean? Far from it actually. Engineering students? They have been into that shit once it is crunch time every semester. Why do I dare say so? Because I have seen it for my own eyes. Yes...I have.

The Anti Drugs Agency is not Impotent. It is just into much bigger things perhaps. Nabbing drug lords? Or stopping foreigners at the border...but seriously the problem lies much closer within the country. Try looking closer instead of stopping what is at the border.

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