19 July, 2007

Got out from crocodile's mouth and straight to the lion's den

Zakaria MD Deros....should I address him as a Datuk? Naahh...Instead if found terminally found guilty he should be stripped off his title. How can he be senator when he was declared a bankrupt? So the chicken is exposed now.....with 13 charges~! Now that must be a very bad number for him. Read here for the article.

So this is one famous senator for all the wrong reasons. He can't seem to help himself from being noticed perhaps of his less than handsome face. But undeniably he will certainly appear in court for not disclosing accounts for a number of years of the companies that he was appointed as director. On top of that he kept going to the house as a senator and collected the allowance~! That is bloody tax payer's money which he is no longer eligible for.

Now why on earth did he opt to do all these things? I mean a senator can't be that stupid right? So my best guess is he did it with great knowledge of what might happen if the cover is blown. So...exactly how much did he make from it all? It's surely after the ringgit and sen right?

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