17 July, 2007

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows spoilers~

I am absolutely enraged~! How could someone has the bloody nerve to do this?!!! Bloody hell~! Yes I am bouncing my head against the four walls of my house~ Yes I am driven to the verge of insanity~! It's all because someone apparently had good excuse to leave me a comment in my previous post of...


The gist of the Deathly Hollows~! If I ever find out who posted that in my comments I am so going to kill him or her~! Yes~! Without any remorse too~! A good flick of the wand~! AVRACADAVRA~!

And to the rest of you fans I shall make it a miserable living knowledge out of it by posting the spoilers HERE~!!! Muahahahahah~!!! Yeah what?? You have something to say?? Baahh~!!! I shall draw light to the ending right NOW~!!!


Hedwig dies pg56
Mad-Eye dies pg78
Scrimgeour dies pg159
Wormtail dies pg471
Dobby dies pg476
Voldemort kills Snape pg658
Snape was good, loved Lily - entire Chapter 33
Colin, Crabbe, Bellatrix, Fred, Tonks, Lupin, Ted Tonks, Scrimgeour all die

Hagrid, Malfoy, Neville survive.

Ron marries Hermione
Harry marries Ginny
Their children attend Hogwarts together

The final two sentences are: "The scar had not pained Harry for eighteen years. All was well."

*sobs~ sniff sniff~


Faatin said...

HOW COULD U!!! i rarely leave a comment,anywhere..but how could u?!!?

Anonymous said...

good job dude now the suspende is over. those sucker who q for the book can brag anymore

Kerina said...

OMG!! what a spoiler!!! ~pffft~ I beli buku pun tak sempat lagi... waaa dah tak ada mood nak baca dah.

Anonymous said...

Who decides which books get press (Harry Potter) and which get censored? After all, censorship is becoming America's favorite past-time. The US gov't (and their corporate friends), already detain protesters, ban books like "America Deceived" from Amazon and Wikipedia, shut down Imus and fire 21-year tenured, BYU physics professor Steven Jones because he proved explosives, thermite in particular, took down the WTC buildings. Free Speech forever (especially for books).
Last link (before Google Books caves to pressure and drops the title):
America Deceived (book)