04 July, 2007

I review your blogs for a back link~!

Sorry, This offer has ended. Please come back next month for the author's new offer. Thank You~

I am getting sick of being a PR3 honestly. PPP is very much being too saturated with bloggers and the opps are like hawked over every time one pops up. So I figure why not simply hike my PR? Well...so this is an official offer. I wont be too picky about the type of blogs that I would review. Just as long it is not Racial or against any religion or promotes sex, violence or gambling. So every other topics or subjects are fine.

I shall only accept 3 blogs per day with a minimum of 3 links to your blog not more than 200 hundred words. No special request for buttons or image links please since I am only asking one back link in your main page in return. My offer runs for 10 days starting tomorrow.

Just mail me your requests with the appropriate details to: contact@achmedrauff.com

Thank You~!


River of Karma said...

Lets just double link, no need for reviews.

What you say?

Rauff said...

I say can~! No prob man~

Stupe said...

Rauff - i've added your blog's link to my transformer entry, thanking you for helping to clear the confusion.


Just like you, i'm dead bored being PR3, i was a PR4 before, which make this PR drop more miserable, nevermind that PPP are only paying USD5/review for a PR5 blog even! Cari makan susah la now kawan!

Stupe said...

Oh ya, forgot to tell you i've added you to my blogroll as well on the main page.