26 July, 2007

In between curse and crap...I solemnly take an oath where my loyalty stands.

Hopefully Raja Petra has a good night's rest and sleep. Can bloggers now release a sigh of relief? Some if not many would say no. While I know some bloggers don't really much care because they blog for other reasons that has nothing to do with the current political rights and agenda. Would it be well for Malaysians to blog on Socio Politics? It could be and it could not.

Obviously Malaysian bloggers are not the pioneers in publishing blogs. We tend to be a tad slow compared to our Western counterparts. Undeniably they have a different political scene. But it does not matter that much... I have to argue that freedom is not entirely freedom after all.

Something as simple as blogging has thus far gotten a rising number of people in trouble. Either it is a lost cause or not that is still yet to be confirmed. But the government should take note that the rakyat is not above all else that stupid. As many speculate that the General Elections are nearer than one might expect there is a slight problem. Where do all of us stand in all this? To what or whom to we pledge our loyalty?

One part there is the ruling coalition party, on the other is the monarch of states, and another there is the people and the law as a whole. But lets refer to the well aged proclamation for a true Malaysian...

MAKA KAMI, rakyat Malaysia, berikrar akan menumpukan seluruh tenaga dan usaha kami untuk mencapai cita-cita tersebut berdasarkan atas prinsip-prinsip berikut:


Yes, that is absolutely right. I believe it should work in that order anyway. So first and foremost....I believe in GOD and in my religion. There is no one else higher or above that. Second I pledge my loyalty to the King and Sultans of the respective states. Since I was born in KL there is none but, I was raised in Klang...that is Selangor Royal Town. So to the Sultan of Selangor my loyalty stays.
Third only to the Constitution than only to the law. Lastly will be good behavior and morality.

Now, if I were to work my way up that list....I can simplify it as this;

Let us say that there is no more morality and good behavior, there is the law to consider and refer to. If god forbid the law fails we should fall on the Constitution immediately. Than if all chaos breaks loose and the constitution can longer be enforced or be referred to there is the King and Sultans. Finally when all hope is lost let us pray...and pray really hard we should because our last savior and pardon is from God.

So in a worse comes to worst basis if the government cease to function and the constitution is practically mutilated and thrown into the Straights of Malacca I shall than serve and be under direct orders from the King or my beloved Sultan (Selangor in my case).

So undeniably I shall not be pushed or haggled by some army of politicians shouting and wailing a mighty mouthful of racial and religious remarks and statements. Simply because, yes correct...they are politicians. It's not in their field of formal knowledge when it comes to religion or race. One who is a Malay cannot talk or make comments on the culture of other races or one who is of one religion has no say to state in the stark public eye about other religions. Makes common sense why Muslims goes to the mosque and other religions go to their temples and other places of formal gathering.

So if you ask me, if all hell breaks loose in this lucky country of ours than I shall with confidence stick my nose up and say I serve my King and Sultan. Not some political party. Not some Menteri. Not some corporate gazzillionaire and certainly not someone who shouts and wail like a nutcase. May Allah forbid~!

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