06 July, 2007

It's Friday~! Yippedi-kai-yaayyy~ Muthafuckers!

Finally, its the end of the week. I thought it will never end. I need to think of new things to write about. Politics is not really that exciting at the moment...unless I write about monkeys and nappers.

KLG Sqwad performed at Laundry last night and at the same time I heard OAG spun their classic candy rock n' roll for FLY.fm Campur Chart. Managed to speak to those who went....it seems it was a fairly good turnout. KLG did 2 new songs~! God~! Who belts out 2 new songs before the album is out? But Balan said the crowd was eating through their hands. Great...we know the songs works and all that is left is to find any takers for the whole album.

Sasi approached me recently and offered some sort of idea what seem to me is an expansion and a new approach to his Asian Sound System project. Blogs seems to be his main idea but he said we should chill sometime and get some real ideas growing. I have not made any concrete decision yet but by the looks of it I might just as well hop on his Musical and Entertainment visions.

Going to gate crash an international debate event tonight. Why? Simply because I designed their website together with a partner of mine. Australs 2007 is very well underway and tonight seems to be one of their social events with a entertainment, food and mingling. But I am actually there to scout on the event....see anything is worth writing more about. Dj T-Bone is spinning there too....so if there is nothing much, at least the music wont be one of the factors.

Sigh Yawn~ I am so sleepy...yep this is typically a Friday alright. Its gonna be a good start to my weekend. Owh, catch my review later tomorrow for Die Hard 4.0 in Movie Buff Malaysia. Till then....Yippedi-kai-yaayyy~ Muthafuckers!

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