12 July, 2007

Lu mau tangkap saya kah? Mari minum kopi dulu.

The media never ceases to amaze and amuse me. Tell me, since when does offering cops coffee is so important in a murder case? To establish that bribery was taking place ka? Above all things that matters this has to be on the main page or the story of the day. There are many more pressing issues that deserves to be on the first page right? Has the world come to see that Malaysian media is very much concerned exactly what drinks were served to the police when Mr. Razak Baginda was to be hauled to the lock-up? I think it is simply ridiculous to the point that it is a joke.

Like the report on Pak Lah stating that unity is important and the 13th May tragedy should not occur again. Now that is important. Somehow the media seems very absorbed with this "blown" out of proportions murder case. It has been a good couple of weeks already. I am puking shit from reading about the case, it's not like they have broken much of new grounds anyways.

Are Malaysian's really that into this murder case? It's just a political analyst....not the bloody PM who is accused of the murder. Perhaps we can just get along now... there are plenty of more issues regarding the nation's future.

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