02 July, 2007

Misadventure of the bleeding nose.

They say shit do happen. Well, I find that very true on a glorious weekend. I cut my self causing my nose to drip blood. This is really dripping...akin to a leaking faucet when I described it to my HR as I had to skip work on Saturday. It left me really drained...imagine almost a whole box of tissue for just a nose bleed. So I had to apply ice and pressure to my nose for a whole 8 hours on Friday night. I was so fatigued on Saturday morning that I could not go to work. To top it off the bugger of this nose of mine will bleed again every time I even put my head up right.

So I only get up when I really need to. It does not hurt or anything but the mess to have blood dripping will be so much trouble to clean up. A bathing towel was sacrificed in the process. Looked like it was used to mop up blood from a murder weapon of some sort. Explains my lack of postings these couple of days. Now I am up eating while writing this well....nose bleed. It is still bleeding mind you.

Yes I have gone to the doctor. He said its only a tiny cut that is unfortunate to hit some sort of blood vessel. For sure there is nothing to worry about in the long term. It should heal....here I am still bleeding. Not that much but give it 10 minutes it will begin to drip again. Sigh~ I think I'll go see the doctor again if this thing does not ease up by tomorrow morning perhaps. Perhaps I tell him to simply stitch this friggin bleeding nose of mine.

ps: Sorry LED of
Entity Chronicles of Kahf 18:16 and Earl-Ku the last ping on PPS was an honest mistake :P

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