10 July, 2007

Muslim bloggers are rising for the call.

Like everything has it's own community. Political, Religious, or regarding certain issues which a group can have in common. Those who seem to appose an idea of one group will bunch up and form their own group to do against the before mentioned. It's typical social reaction. But not all the time it is a good thing nor is it a bad thing.

For the many recent years, Muslims are attacked by numerous accusations of the act of terrorism. Apostasy is a very favourite issue too when it would concern Islam and other religion. I would like to wonder what seems to be the problem of people would want to leave their own religion. Why choose to leave something that one is born in and take the path? Not that I am raising doubts about my own religion or to others to raise doubts in theirs but just a simple question....why leave the comfort?

Making things public and crying aloud asking for help and intervention of those who know much less of the true situation could not possibly make things easier. You might have a reason to denounce your current religion but others might take a capitalist opportunity and milk you for all that you are worth. I see 2 bloggers of different faiths fist it out in their blogs. Ridicule one against the other and it is not a pretty thing to read.

Many-many accusations and blasting are hurled from one end to the other and you might think you get personal satisfaction or doing some justice to your religion. Who are the victims? The rest of us....the rest of us that reads this vicious exchanges of quotes and name calling. It's like watching kids fight in a school yard. Those who watch gets the kicked up dust.

I have no right to tell people of another religion to stop but I do have the right to tell fellow Muslims to pool the resources they have to spare for the effort of bringing all of us closer. You have one shield and it protects one side while your bum is exposed to the elements...get another 4 and the 5 of you can cover all sides. Get the Spartan pun? Raise your concerns to the right places and with the right support. Never write alone or even stand alone...for you will just be blown away like some Mongolian lady.

In due time all will be clear and we Muslim bloggers can share wealth of a brother hood and be safe under the ultimate banner of a Strong Islam. Salam~

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Stupe said...

I agree with you, ppl of other religion should not say anything when it comes to this.