03 July, 2007

New analytics from Google.

Google has released it's new analytics. It has more features now~! Among the updated features are hourly reporting, clickable URLs,Cross Segmentation by Network Location, Increased number of data rows per page, bounce rate and Adwords integration~!

The normal set-up is required....copy and paste some code into your blog or webpage. For a tour of what it is capable of click here. Remember too that the old version will be phased out mid July.


lucia said...

oh to use this new analytic, must copy a new code? lousy lah. i thought no need... can use old code, it will auto update. haha. me just lazy to do that lah.

btw, do you know if the analytics will tell which links visitors to your blog click on? wordpress.com stats has that but i try installing it, it doesn't work. since i used to have lots of links in my blog post, i like to know if visitors do click on the links or not... if no, sayang lah i put in so many links. haha.

Rauff said...

I think it can...even individual page also you can monitor.