24 July, 2007

Raja Petra does a one, two, uppercut on Muhammad squared.

It is not a trait of such a man like RPK to lay low and be quiet in situations like this. Yesterday evening he posted in my opinion to be a slap in the face for Muhammad Taib. The gusto in his (RPK) writing is of so much smirk that I can practically read it over and over again. Mind you this is blast after blast fired towards the ex Selangor MB.

I highly doubt that RPK is telling a lie when it comes to Muhammad Taib since he (RPK) is after all of royal blood. I say Muhammad Taib should do his own blog, just to prove that he can write in English and at least put up a fight on the cyber turf. I think it is going to be a field trip this few days. I am happily reading the article again. NGahahaha~!

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