14 July, 2007

We need a man like the first Tun.

Bloggers going all out on the offense. Since the HAND has pretty much slapped them indirectly in the face. 50 years of Merdeka drawing nearer and more things pop up conveniently. Alternative media being louder than ever while formal media is told to pipe down. It's not helping either when Reuters published an interview with one of the Ministers. So like a title of a famous local comedy "Pi mai pi mai ...tang tu".

Can't things lighten up? Can't all of us just try to get along? We know we have problems even before we even got started in building this nation. Chief Justice Suffian was quoted in a Biography of the late Tun Dr. Ismail of how the Tun was thinking about building the Nation...

"He was a realist (Tun Dr. Ismail), aware of the prejudice of every community. He agreed with Mr. Lee Kuan Yew's slogan "Malaysia for Malaysians", but he did not agree with the way that slogan was to be translated into reality. He did not agree that it could be done overnight, he knew that inborn prejudice and resistance of millions have to be worn down patiently, that the millions from every community have to be convinced slowly, that they have to be persuaded steadily in the delicate process of uniting the various races in Malaysia."

And this was in the 70s, a solid 30 years ago. The example was set....even Tunku Abdul Rahman admired this man and asked him for help when the Nation was on the verge of a crisis. I am not questioning the current government for what wrong it might have done...but more to ask what is the heading of the future and will the same blunders be repeated? So many things in such a short time is a bit daunting to digest for the average "Ali, Raju and Ah Chong". Their kids and wives wants to know too. So what seems to be so hard to put it in truthful black and white? The rakyat wants to know...so they can duly decide come the next general elections.

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