11 July, 2007

Why Ida Moin and not Siti or Ning?

In Sagaladoola yesterday was an article titled Officers Fumed with Steam Over "Unclean" Girl which I left a comment. The author amiably asked for my opinion through e-mail and post it here in response to his article. So I guess I'll get to it.

JAIP in this case did act within their jurisdiction but holding a person for a longer time than what was necessary and taking pictures without consent is to me a harassment. Indeed there are many Muslim artists out there who performs in clubs and pubs. It is their choice to do so. But as Muslims each and everyone of them should know what is allowed in Islam and what is not.

In my comment I stated that a woman's voice is also her Aurat and modesty. This is true if anyone were to ask even a religious teacher in primary school. But why artist like Siti or Ning or simply anyone else was not caught? Well, we are never sure none were ever caught for the same case as Ido Moin did. I bet there are, just that it is not reported in the media.

This is a delicate thing here. Is the case based entirely on the fact for religious cause or it is the result of someone not satisfied with Ida Moin. Lets say there is a local artist that I hate to the guts or find a personal grudge with....won't I just report his or her such and such activity to the authorities so action can be taken. It need not be a valid reason but the shame and trouble would be enough to dent their image.

Again, still why not other artist? Honestly...I have seen artists dress lesser than how Ida Moin was dressed. Why were they not caught and highlighted in the media? Prejudice...inconsistent practice of law and order. So when this happens we have reactions from the public and they too start asking questions. It is not a religious matter....and there is not a pinch of liberalism in Islam. Islam is simply just Islam...no other adjectives in front or the back. So do stop putting a religion directly at fault when it is clearly a political matter here.

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Sagaladoola said...


Thanks bro for the insight (in this article) as per my request for a reply to my entry.

Just to clarify that my article did not contain any insult to Islam.

I will post a follow up to your article.

Keep on writing. That is good.