31 August, 2007

Forgetful Bush makes an ass of himself.

President Bush of the USA (do I need to say where is he from?) if a bumbling mess. As he was referring to Pak Lah and Malaysia as its 10 largest export market he seems to have forgotten that he did "know" that Pak Lah got married again and he did wish him.

Thank god, at least for the last 50 years of Merdeka we do not have a leader like any of the American presidents especially one like Bush. Sorry Mr. Bush of all the shit you have done I am not amused with your antiques. I hope Americans can make a better choice to choose a better man for the next president. I am confident that 99% of them are smarter than you any day.

30 August, 2007

Ehhh...suddenly all agree to shut up and do work.

Malaysian politicians are such jokers. After the many months of cerekarama suddenly when DPM say must stop all also agree. Looks like some ass licking to me. I do not need to say much but let paste excerpts from the report in NST today.

Umno Youth deputy chief Khairy Jamaluddin said Najib’s call for diplomacy was a timely reminder for the people to focus on the common aspirations that all Malaysians had for the country, instead of deliberately raising issues that may be offensive to fellow Malaysians.

"As a young politician, I heed his advice and hope to be able to follow his lead in pursuing national unity through shared aspirations."

Democratic Action Party secretary-general Lim Guan Eng said that Najib’s call should be heeded by all politicians, saying that they should practise what they preach.

Perhaps someone woke up on the right side of the bed for once.

To be Malay, Malaysian and Malaysia

I like shocking titles. I find that it depends on interpretation it can mean a lot of things. But for it to mean one way and not the other someone has to shut up and listen and understand. That is how something subjective can be narrowed down to objectives. Besides, if I were to be allowed to have a brain than I might as well think right?

Understanding that our dear country is filled with so many kinds of people and with a million and one attitude and sensitivities, is there a fine thin line in it at all? If it were to be translated to just numbers then it would be just so simple. But fact is, it is not and sadly all of us are in the thick of it all.

The title is suppose to reflect as an example. Now, it is exactly the way we think. We think of ourselves first that is why I put a race in front than we think of interest groups or society which comes under the Nationality than it is the name of the country to depict a stance and personality to the rest of the world.

Now what is this whole thing about which newspaper actually supports which wing or tail? Practicing democracy is not that simple. Has any of the politicians know that? There are questions of who's interest is more thought off more than others. There are those who question on the legitimacy and logic of certain actions by the government and there are those who actually does nothing but be content. There is so many mixtures within it that we do get confused sometimes.

Aren't we all trying to do what is best in our judgment? Your judgment and mine are different. It could not be the same. Like Tun Mahathir wanted to build a developed nation and so does Pak Lah but their understanding is totally different. But does anyone think of that? No, instead there is much more work for the courts and lawyers and even more bickering and name calling.

I diss my own race because every other ethnic has specifically no right to form such opinions and make them public. I know a lot of people who really do not care about the social contract that they are born with and some that bloody hell are so sensitive and they still do not know what was the story behind it all. Imagine cows being led by the ring pierced to it's nose to get the picture.

Now, whichever wing, heads or tails that you want to follow do go at it as you wish. But do remember that even your own blood relatives may not be in the same train of thoughts as you are. Their opinions maybe entirely different and you still can sit at one table and have a decent dinner together, as long as the sensitivities are not brought up and debated to the point of ignorant bliss.

But why when there is a debate it usually ends up in ignorant bliss? Simple, it is because of our so called principles are so high up our asses that makes introducing a new concept utterly disturbing the peace of that piece of principle that is firmly and comfortably lodged in the anal crevice. In simpler words arrogance. Now, I do hope after 50 years and 1 day of celebrating Merdeka to be, we are less pinched by the fact that there are actually ideas that are better than our own. There are other people from other ethnics that actually talk great common sense and we ourselves sometimes are so screwed up too. That way it should make each an every one of us ignore the first part of the title which is race and instead make it easier for us to be "Malaysians from Malaysia".

29 August, 2007

Market closes flat....really flat.

Updated after the post I did this morning. Looks like a flat line to me (-17.11 at 4:50pm).... 2 more days Merdeka and our stock market looks like our beaten national football team. Shoulders slumped and head hanging low. Sigh~

Popo cut Cue~! Baka~!

Cakap tak serupa bikin. Have you seen the TV ad about cutting cue? Well looks like this popo here didn't watch it. Mind you he does not appear to be in a rush and even if he was he could have just used his blinking lights and blaring siren. Owh, this picture was taken like just 2 hours ago.

Market opens and dips 30 points~!

Want a snapshot of this morning's opening market index? HERE you go~!
10 minutes and it drops 30 points~!

We can't publicly make fun of our leaders.

...But the Americans surely can...and it is hilarious too~!

28 August, 2007

Testicles stuck in pipe? How the hell did that happen?

Tell me, how on earth could this have happened? I mean it sounds like a random story from Europe or something. But really, poor boy from Bukit Mertajam...I bet he will be traumatised for life. Hope his member is fine for future purposes.

Full report on NST

Finally~! After all these god damn years~!

From NST

PUTRAJAYA: After starting the process of revamping the school system, the government is embarking on a radical move to improve tertiary education.

Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi spelled out three measures to help public universities achieve world-class standard.

This is also expected to serve as a catalyst to turn Malaysia into one of the world’s education hubs.

Abdullah said with immediate effect, all public universities would be given autonomy to decide on certain matters and apex universities — to be identified from the existing 23 public universities — would even be allowed to recruit their own faculty and students. Only the best students will be admitted into the apex universities.

Also, audit assessment committees — comprising experts — will be established to evaluate and rate academic achievements in higher institutions of learning.
Abdullah made the announcement when launching the "Strategic Plan For Higher Education: Laying The Foundation Beyond 2020" at the Putrajaya International Convention Centre yesterday. It was attended by more than 3,000 people, including Higher Education Minister Datuk Mustapa Mohamed, Education Minister Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Hussein and Chief Secretary to the Government Tan Sri Mohd Sidek Hassan.

Abdullah said: "The government hopes that by being given greater autonomy, the universities can act faster to grab the opportunities brought about by changes taking place in academic, economic, social and other areas."

Abdullah wants to see the universities’ governing bodies using their new power to bring about major changes.

"For instance, I hope they will adopt innovative funding mechanisms to expand their financial resources and not rely solely on the government. It is also my hope that collaborations between public universities and industries will further bolster research activities, leading to commercialisation of research products."

He reminded them that the autonomy came with responsibility and accountability.

"I want to stress that quality and academic excellence must remain the guiding principles of every decision made by a university’s governing body."

Abdullah said the second move entailed the establishment of an audit assessment committee to evaluate academic achievements in higher institutes of learning.

"The ministry (Higher Education) will implement this system to ensure that education quality remains at a satisfactory level and is never compromised.

"For integrity and transparency, committee members will comprise experts and not ministry officials."

The government will use findings of the evaluation for rating of universities and institutions.

"I hope everybody can accept this step as a constructive move to push our universities to achieve world-class standard."

The third move, he said, was to identify apex universities to serve as models of how public universities should be.

"We will identify these apex universities — the best of the best among our local universities.

"At these universities, academic quality, management, teaching and research will be given emphasis.

"A competitive academic situation will be created.

"In terms of administration, the management will be given wider autonomous power compared with other universities. Its governing body can choose to appoint its own administrators, faculty deans and students based on certain criteria to be laid down by the ministry.

"For example, only the best students will be chosen to enter this university and the selection will be from all races. The enrolment must reflect our plural society. Twenty per cent of the enrolment will be made up of foreign students."

Abdullah added that only individuals, including foreigners, who had been recognised as experts in their own fields, would be appointed as apex university administrators, lecturers or deans.

"The ministry has given its commitment that an apex university could be set up within 12 months," Abdullah said, turning to look at Mustapa. "Can this be done?" he asked. Mustapa nodded in agreement.

Abdullah went on to express the hope that at least one apex university could be set up by 2011.

The prime minister said: "Self-governance, teaching, learning and research are critical aspects that must always be looked into to ensure the foundation which we will lay down can result in the development of quality human capital and workforce for the nation.

"We want to see the best academics or thought leaders helming the institutions or universities. In a nation where meritocracy and performance is the priority, we want quality graduates so that they can secure jobs easily, even in international companies."

Mustapa said the strategic plan would complement and complete the national education blueprint launched by Abdullah a few months ago.

The seven thrusts of the plan encompass wider access to higher education, improving teaching and learning methods, strengthening of research and innovation, strengthening of institutions of higher education, enhancing internationalisation to turn Malaysia into a leading education hub, promotion of lifelong learning and strengthening of the ministry’s delivery system.

There are more than 800,000 students in public and private universities in the country.

IS this a renewed vigour? Is this the dawn of a new beginning? I hope it is because after a long time (since Tun Razak) the PM is taking a more active role when it comes to the country's higher education system. May I say it as a just in time thing?

We do remember there was a student protest last Sunday at Masjid Negara right? May I remind that AUKU has been very much debated? May I also say that student intake were not entirely based on meritocracy as how it was promised to be? So now can we get on with it? Enough bullshit and start steering the brain resources that we have to build a better nation than what our fore fathers left us with?

I am asking too much questions right? Ok, fine......I demand that the whole plan as Pak Lah states it should be made available to the public as how the report for the annual budget is. Everyone has the right to know right? I would love to keep check and balance of the whole thing.

ps: Apex universities to set example to others? I bet UiTM will never be one of them simply because its for only for a certain ethnic chemistry. Hahahaha~!! Booohooo~!!!! Yeah...prove me wrong please.

Truly inspirational help

Some days passes really slow. Somehow you don't feel like it. You do everything that you usually do and you still feel like crap. No body you can talk to because sometimes it is just that hard to explain. Yeah, I know....even if you could explain some still wont understand thus rendering you even more depressed.

Why not spare everyone else and yourself from the frustration and visit Karl's blog. Full of inspirational and motivational quotes by Karl Moore.

I find it helpful sometimes when there is simply no one around to really talk to. I say you should give it a shot. Perhaps the rest of your day will be very uplifting instead.

27 August, 2007

Tainted Vegetables: Are the results dependable?

From the NST:

DIFFERENT agencies seem to have different results for the pesticide contamination levels.
"When I asked the Department of Agriculture about pesticide contamination, they said it’s only 10 per cent," said Gurmit Singh, the executive director of the Centre for Environment, Technology and Development Malaysia.

"When I called the Ministry of Health, they told me it’s 30 per cent. If the contamination for farm level is low, how come the retail level is high?

"This raises the question of whether the sampling methods are comparable."

Gurmit said both agencies should adopt a common sampling method and publish the results in annual reports or on their websites.
"We can’t depend on research seminars and scare stories to emerge to get information.

"The agencies have more duty to the public than retailers. They are supposed to make sure the public is not poisoned."

Gurmit, however, said not all nice-looking vegetables contained pesticide residues.

"Organic vegetables are fresh and don’t have holes. And vegetables with holes don’t mean they are not chemically treated.

"Maybe the pesticide level is not high enough or the pests have become resistant.

"And when they are resistant, farmers will use a cocktail of pesticides. This will pose more risks to public health."

The Ministry of Health could not be reached for comments.

From the report above there is a big question. Is the sampling methods same across different agencies? If it is why are the results from farms and in the market differs by a big margin? Public awareness needs a 2 way approach. First is that the public needs to be aware of the methods to get the information and second the government agencies must make public on their findings efficiently. However, this seem to be not the case.

Being still an agricultural driven country in many ways this should serve as a major impact to international confidence when it comes to export produce. At least this is the way I see it. Our fruits are exported to all over the world and smack on the front page in the news today is a report on tainted produce found in the local markets.

This is very alarming. First and foremost it is obvious that someone has not being doing their job well enough. Because if constant vigil is held for monitoring the quality of produce is kept, tainted vegetables won't be reported at all today. Second, I bet there are some irresponsible farmers who "taint" their produce just before shipping to the markets to ensure that it stays "fresh" during the journey and throughout trading day.

So as usual, the question is how now brown cow? Is the public going to munch on strains of cancerous pesticides while a probe is being done? Will the government ensure that what is reported today will be solved tomorrow? It is vegetables, we eat it every day. So for the public joe I guess we have to live on imported oats and cereals as well as multivitamins supplements till the problem is solved.

My short online conversation with a friend who is a PTD officer.

This was a conversation with a friend of mine who is a Diplomatic Administration Officer or more commonly known as Pegawai Tadbir Diplomat (PTD). I thought that I should share this of what civil servants actually think of politicians.

A:blog aje la ko ni

me:baca le, tak susah kan?

A:boring la topik ni zainuddin maidin kan dulu x-journalist std la dia buat mcmtu

me:baca habis tak?

A:once a not-so-professional smpi bebila pun mcmtu buat bodo je

me:baca ler sampai habis

A:dah aku rasa ko betul n dia pun betul masing2 pertahankan hak masing2 ni democracy n ko nye ayat kena quote

me:precisely out from nowhere hehehe

A:isu ni takde begitu penting pun kat dewan rakyat or dewan negara ignore je kan dh nak pilihanraya std la tu..


A:this is wat we call as propaganda satu isu yg aku as a ptd akan persetankan 100% sbb aku tau yg kena jd balaci pun nnt aku dan rakan2ptd gak so baik buat bodo je sbb memperbodohkan org lain this is wat we call as propaganda

me:so you as a civil servant personally do not really like this kind of bullshit? Tapi ko kan PTD. Ramai ke yg berfikiran mcm ko nih?

A:satu perkara PENTING bloggers mcm ko kena tau govt is govt

me:ko tak payah bg tau itu...dah lama dah aku tau

A:govt alone ada 2 jenis konsep 1-sepenuhnya merujuk kepada politik dan politician

me:but you know the heads are politicians anyway

A:2-yg digunapakai only refers to govt officers n staff WHICH doesnt got athg to do with politician except menjadi balaci kepada mereka
NO my ketua IS not politician,mind u ketua aku KSN aku report kat dia..dia accountable ke atas aku bukan politician PM pun bukan

me:yeah i get your point but they the politicians do not seem to understand this

A:govt staff n politicians r like ice cream n cone..

me:especially the menteris bile depa kata they say government that is always the tune ko tak sedar ke?

A:nak makan kalu nak makan sedap kena ada cone..tp lain ingredient lain functions..tp kena bersama lama dh cuba ko tanye mana2 ptd..

me:secara tak langsung korang pun kena maki hamun...tak patut betul la kan

A:ada tak satu pun kerja kitaorg ni diagung2kan kalu berjalan baik? yg tak jadi je, kitaorg pun tak kisah
as wat i said..ko nak gado dgn diaorg pun buat pe...bcos kitaorg sume tau..kitaorg ni lg bagus

Now that is eye opening wasn't it? I guess even some civil servants do not agree as to what the ministers say or do.

Social Contract: Relook

I wonder do I still have a tinge of confidence when every time this matter is raised. In fact every time the term "Social Contract" is mentioned I would roll my eyes and ask "Yeah? What's with that?". This is because time and again "people" would say the same things. The old will say it is what saved us. The pro-Malays or extremist Malays says "Bagus lah, lantak ler kaum lain. Ini kan tanah kita". So much bad blood about this social contract. But we all know that some take this as an advantage to earn more, to cause suffer to others and really not care what other ethnics become from it.

I know, yeah sure...I am breaching really sensitive issues here. But give me a break, if every time this issue is skirted and all of us start talking in a hush hush...tell me what will exactly happen from doing that? Would it make this country fair in governance? Would it make discrimination go away? Can we see kids today get along as well as they are now and be certain that they won't kill each other tomorrow?

Now UMNO club overseas are taking one step ahead and lead the head of their pack. Discussions are told to be underway to determine if does the social contract is applicable in the future. Umno vice-president Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin lamented "We need to face reality. The majority of the young people today feel that they are not bound by the social contract or don’t understand it. They think they should not be part of the historical baggage," he said in his speech at the alumni’s 8th Annual General Meeting and Round table on Education here yesterday.

For some reason YES. I do not see the need that I be part of any historical baggage. In fact that is an understatement. I'll rephrase that to "I do not need to be part of any RACIAL or ETHNIC FAVOURITISM baggage". So what if our forefathers thought of it to save their children which is us now. I bet they did not meant it should last a million generations. They did what they had to do at that specific point of time. So now we just have to live with that and sit on our lazy bums and say "It's alright, my daddy did it all for me already when he was alive. Now I do not even need to lift a finger." Such an indespicable attitude.

YEAH, so do discuss and table whatever motion there is to be tabled. But if it just something to talk over lots of coffee, tea and scones about how we here are drinking teh tarik, nasi lemak and roti canai. You better think again. Because all talk and no walk makes you gain an ugly pot belly.

Happy Monday and 50th Merdeka.

Students protest. They cry for FREDOM.

I was not made aware of such a gathering or protest in front of Masjid Negara today. Perhaps it is because I was given the boot and this kind of information are only made known to students who are currently enrolled. However from Present Point of Power's coverage of the event, I must say from the images shown I could see no other than Malay Muslim students.

Where exactly these students come from was not made known but it was reported from all over the country. Honestly I admire their courage. I admire and support their cause and bravery to put a face to the name. If only I know in total of all those students which university are they from than we know who is at the toes of the government suckling obliviously and could care less when it comes to a coalition of students.

To Student leader Mohd Shaari Abdul Rahman (Secretary to the National Malaysian Muslim Association (Gamis) and Sheikh Mohd Ali (President of the Malaysian Graduates Solidarity (SMM) I express great admiration for your efforts. Although the event has been reported without disturbing incidences, I believe there will be repercussions. Just be warned that some will try to bank into your efforts to pinch glamour for their own gain.

Suhakam should not just say it that they will take action but instead should really take action. I would like to wait and see what is Suhakam's say in this and exactly what will they do. I also implore that the government and various political parties take note that we do not really have dormant kids in universities. They have minds that find interest in all sorts of fields. This includes socio-politics too~ So do not deny them this right.

What I suggest is to nurture these minds and hearts while coaching them towards the right path. DO NOT infiltrate their minds and poison their souls with ill intentions of supremacy, name calling, finger pointing, lust for power and wealth, corruption, cronyism and threats. IT is KNOWLEDGE they seek and FAIRNESS to live with so that one day all those in power today can be replaced by them tomorrow for a better future of all races and creed irrespective of what banner they fly above them.


26 August, 2007

Blog authors~! Hide your IPs now.

Do you know from wherever on earth you are and you access the net anyone can pn point you to an IP address? Now do you know that k\just from that IP address they can also know your personal details? I bet you didn't know that. Identity theft is becoming more common everyday. People loose money, get into further trouble just by people stealing their identity.

So why allow others to destroy your lives with just a string of numbers? Now you can hide your IP address. Hide IP address is pretty simple. When it is activated your access will re-routed through many secure servers in Hide My IP Adress network. This way your IP address will be near impossible to be traced to you.

So you still want your information available in broad daylight? I bet you don't especially when the government is snooping around like they own the net. I got my ass covered. I think you should too.

How to roll your own cigarette

Warning: Smoking is for those aged 18 and above only. The author does not condone and will not be held responsible for minors who start to smoke after reading this article. Thank you.

I get stares sometimes when I whip out my tin box and start rolling my own cigarettes. One of my mates was even told to do a demo before Friday prayers. Which to his delight he had an audience of a round 4 middle aged men for his "class". So on this lovely Sunday I thought that I might as well put up a tutorial on how to roll you own. But before you do you will need a few things first that I have written about in a previous article. Now after you have read that we can get on to rolling your own cigarette...

1. Open the tobacco roller as shown.

2.If you have a filter place the filter to one side of the roller.

3. Start filling the roller with tobacco.

4. Spread the tobacco out evenly. Do not over pack the tobacco in the roller, this would make your cigarette hard to smoke later.

5. Close the lid of the roller and start pulling the exposed roller towards you slowly. If the roller wont move, check and pack the tobacco neatly.

6. Now insert the cigarette paper with the glue section on top facing you.

7. Gently roll the exposed roller towards you and make sure also that the paper goes in evenly. Just before the whole piece of paper enters the roller, lick along the edges of glue. Then carefully roll the remaining into the roller a few times.

8. Pop the lid open and you see your 1st roll your own cigarette before you.

9. Take it out from the roller and now can enjoy a good puff.

Brainwashing experience - I came out unscathed. (Part 2)

What is in part 2 you ask? Well this is about a specific experience during my orientation week in UiTM. More cordially known as Minggu Wawasan Siswa. It is not at all that terrible. The activities are fun really. But it's the countless seminars or actually lectures that they organize to trim and prime new students towards the Malay ideals. I wonder what that is really.

The activities span from the morning exercise, random spot checks for cigarettes, some sports in between and loads of "team and character building". All of this is pretty harmless and like I have said FUN. But when it comes to the officials of the University and their long speeches and forums it gets kinda irritating because you know it is brainwashing.

One most common point is that we as student's have to simply be so great full to the present government because if not for them Malays will not get a higher education. Urmm...like duh, how do we know for sure since forever it has been one party ruling the country anyways. So the yadda-yadda continues.... sometimes just to prove a point, the content of these speeches and forums will be inserted with personal anecdotes out of what is actually written. So obviously some personal sentiments will spill over and a stab or two about other ethnics simply can't be helped.

I'll take one of the TNC for instance. He went on and on and on how great malays are and how that we have to make sure for all time only those truly are malays gets into UiTM and forever is for only the Malays that can rule this country and not any other ethnic minority. Hmmm...well said if he is truly a pure Malay. But is there really a pure Malay? I shall not go into some blood analysis. That is not my field of study.

Over the due course of the forum I got sick and ever sicker of what that has been said. There is too much pride over too little substance. These people make it sound as if that all moral degradation and social epidemics are from other ethnics. Of course if a probe would be done now on my allegations all of it will be denied as usual. But what really goes on is as good as anyones guess.

Other ethnics are made to sound like illegal immigrants. All the stories from those ancestors comes out of the closet and tell how the Chinese and Indians come from their lands in China or India and they were brought in by the British to be plantation workers or miners. Until to this day the same image is painted over and over again. Owh come on~! It is the 21st century for god's, sake move on and live with it that there is tougher competition now~!

Bear in mind a higher education institution should not be spreading this sort of things and by any reason that this can't be called seditious do give me some other phrase. Because degrading and instilling superiority of one ethnic against another is pretty seditious if you ask me. So when it was time to the questions I raised my hand and stood up "I said I am not proud being a Malay for all the crap that is going on about them (I was actually referring to the TNC directly), I would rather be proud of the one drop of Chinese blood in me rather than all the Malay blood that runs through my veins any day". The old man gawked in horror, I guess because he could not rebut what I said. Shortly I left the hall.

I was hated no doubt after that. I had few friends during my diploma years too. But those that I have a really good ones that I know I can count on in the thickest of times. Never I thought that growing up telling all I am a Malay feels so disgusting now. Yes, that is how I feel. Because I am associated with the likes of people who loves PHD (perasaan hasad dengki).

Brainwashing experience - I came out unscathed. (Part 1)