22 August, 2007

5 varsities are keen to study ethnic ties...UiTM is not amongst them.

Mono-ethnic varsity can be said not interested to study and promote better ethnic ties. How can I draw up such a conclusion? Simply by reading this report from the NST.

Many would not be surprised why such an establishment is not in the list. Is it deliberately done that the mono-ethnic varsity is to be left out? Or is it simply that the mono-ethnic varsity is not interested in studying ethnic ties together with other varsities?

With the exclusion from the list, it is enough for the public to assume that this varsity only cares for one race alone and could care less about the rest out there. What negative impact if the VC does not quickly assemble a team and push to participate in the study. It's not only for the knowledge but for a political strategy to silence the sceptics.

By not doing and insisting so will more solidify reasons why it should receive a bashing from other races. Even more reason for the pressure as it seems there is a couldn't care less, snobbish, and selfish attitude.

Datuk Seri VC~! I bet you do read this. I suggest that you remedy the situation now to save the face of the institution that you so lovingly uphold. Prove it that there is more than simply protecting the social agreement. Prove it without a doubt that money is spent on research and not blown up for posters, billboards and newspaper ads. Prove that your institution is concerned about ethnic ties and is contributing to the society irrespective of creed, breed or colour.

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